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US Attorney Says Attempts To Use “Liberty Dollar” As Money Is Domestic Terrorism – Von Nothaus Found Guilty

Liberty Dollar creator and self proclaimed “monetary architect” Bernard Von NotHaus was found guilty in US federal court in North Carolina on Friday of Counterfeiting and Fraud. The Justice Department asserted that Von NotHaus was placing gold, and silver coins, along with precious metals currency into circulation with the purpose of mixing them “into the current money of the United States.”
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The Sacramento ANA Show

Any locale where it takes a change of planes to get to will not draw the major dealers. You can also bet it won’t draw the crowds of buyers either. That’s exactly what happened at Sacramento. The results sadly were as excepted for us (and others): VERY disappointing. For sure a huge segment of dealers elected not to attend. The majority of East Coast dealers also stayed away because the Baltimore Show is 2 weeks away.
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Coin Profile: Proof 1836 50/00 Capped Bust Half Dollar
Writing in the 1989 edition of his encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial proof coins, the late Walter Breen accounts for four die marriages of the proof 1836 Lettered Edge Capped Bust Half Dollar. Of the four varieties, two are of perhaps the greatest interest to advanced Bust Half Dollar enthusiasts: the 1836/1336 O-108, and this coin,the 50/00 O-116 blundered reverse.
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8-Pound California Gold Nugget Sells for $460K at Holabird-Kagin Americana Auction
The LARGEST CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH NUGGET left in existence, the 100 troy ounce gold nugget discovered last year in Nevada County, California, was sold at auction by Holabird-Kagin Americana on March 16th in Sacramento for $460,000.
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BBB Warns Austin-Based Coin Firms Ads May Be Peddling ‘Fool’s Gold’
Consumers nationwide should be on the alert for advertisements from two Texas-based companies that are using newspapers to sell gold bullion coins “completely free of dealer mark-up,” Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns. The companies appear to be using the ads to entice consumers to buy more expensive “collector coins” at prices significantly higher than they could be bought elsewhere.
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Coin Rarities & Related Topics: Changes in Demand for Rare U.S. Coins So Far in 2011

After discussing the motivations and strategies of bidders at coin auctions last week, and the meaning of auction prices in general, I am directing attention to current coin markets overall. I have posed questions to and debated many dealers, some of whom do not wish to be quoted, regarding price changes and demand for rare coins in 2011.
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Coin Rarities & Related Topics: The Fun Has Begun

News and Analysis on scarce coins, coin markets, and the coin collecting community #34

A Weekly Column by Greg Reynolds

While the Summer ANA Convention includes a wide variety of items of interest to collectors of U.S. coins, paper money, tokens and medals, plus some coins of the world, the Winter FUN Convention is the leading event of the year in the field of rare U.S. coins. Today’s discussion will be a little shorter than usual as I am busy in Tampa viewing coins, witnessing events and gathering information during FUN week. Yes, the winter FUN Convention formally begins on Thursday, at the Tampa Convention center. Coin related events, however, have already occurred.

I. B&M Pre-FUN Auction

I attended the Bowers & Merena pre-FUN auction on Tuesday at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, which is near the Tampa Airport. In last week’s column, I discussed the fact that Bowers & Merena and Stack’s are in the process of merging. The new Stack’s-Bowers president, Chris Napolitano, was in attendance. It was made clear that QDB and Chris Karstedt would continue to play roles in Stack’s-Bowers. Brad Karoleff, the longtime auctioneer for B&M, and Melissa Karstedt, an auctioneer at Stack’s, served as auctioneers during Tuesday night. Unfortunately, as this auction did not finish until well into Tuesday night, there was not time for me to thoroughly analyze this event.

On Tuesday, the lot viewing room for the B&M auction was packed. There were, at times, people waiting for seats in a fairly large room on the main floor of a very large hotel. My sources tell me that lot viewing attendance was excellent on Sunday and Monday as well, and that there were many collectors and dealers viewing at Heritage’s lot viewing room at the Tampa Convention center on Monday and Tuesday. So far, there seems to be even more interest in the FUN auctions than there was last year. It is too early, however, to draw a conclusion on the topic of collector interest in FUN week auctions.

In my column of Dec. 8, I raised the topic of FUN auctions, and I then provided explanations as to the general importance of January FUN auctions. My column of Dec. 8 is primarily about Jim O’Neal’s landmark set of Indian Head Half Eagles ($5 gold coins) and I remind readers that I wrote a two part series on O’Neal’s Eagles ($10 gold coins) in 2009. Please also read my article about the Jan. 7, 2010 Platinum Night event. (As usual, clickable links are in blue.)

In my column of Dec. 22, I focused upon the Henry Miller collection, the core of which Heritage will auction on Thursday, during Platinum Night. On Dec. 15, I wrote about the Malibu set of Proof Liberty Seated Quarters. The collector known as ‘Malibu’ also consigned Proof Liberty Seated halves and silver dollars to Tuesday night’s event, plus a few other coins. As I earlier suggested, his set of Proof Liberty Seated Quarters is far more spectacular than his respective sets of halves and dollars. I was delighted to finally have the opportunity to view all of his Liberty Seated Quarters, Half Dollars and Dollars. Continued