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$27 Million Realized in Price Collection and Platinum Night Sessions

Platinum Night at the Baltimore World’s Fair of Money has come and gone, and what a success it was! In total, over $27 million in great coins sold in Thursday’s evening sessions. Overall, this auction is expected to bring in nearly $40 million; sessions continue online through Sunday at

1792 P10C Disme, Judd-10, Pollock-11, High R.6, PR62 Brown NGCThe Ed Price Collection, a fascinating and complete die study of Heraldic Eagle dimes and quarter eagles, led off the night’s festivities, realizing $5.7 million in enthusiastic and aggressive bidding. A copper 1792 Disme pattern, graded PR62 Brown by NGC and probably the second finest known, highlighted this collection, realizing $690,000. An 1804 14 stars dime, graded AU58 and believed to be the finest 1804 dime of either variety, brought $632,500. Other highlights from the Ed Price Collection included:

* 1796 10C MS67 NGC. JR-4, R.3. Sold for: $299,000
* 1797 10C 13 Stars MS65 NGC. JR-2, R.4. Sold for: $402,500
* 1798/97 10C 13 Stars on Reverse MS63 PCGS. CAC. JR-2, R.6. Sold for: $103,500
* 1798 10C Small 8 MS66 NGC. JR-3, R.5. Sold for: $253,000
* 1802 10C MS62 NGC. JR-4, R.4. Sold for: $138,000
* 1803 10C MS64 NGC. JR-3, R.4. Sold for: $322,000
* 1804 10C 13 Stars on Reverse AU55 NGC. JR-1, R.5. Sold for: $149,500
* 1796 $2 1/2 No Stars XF40 PCGS. CAC. BD-1, R.7. Sold for: $207,000
* 1796 $2 1/2 No Stars MS61 PCGS. CAC. BD-2, R.4. Sold for: $276,000
* 1796 $2 1/2 Stars MS62 NGC. BD-3, R.5. Sold for: $207,000
* 1797 $2 1/2 AU55 NGC. BD-1, R.6. Sold for: $103,500
* 1804 $2 1/2 13 Star Reverse AU55 NGC. BD-1, Low R.7. Sold for: $322,000

Platinum Night proper saw over $21.5 million in rare coins change hands, including one of the two known 1825/4 half eagles. Graded AU50 by NGC, this extremely rare piece realized an impressive $690,000. A 1921 double eagle graded MS64, both an absolute and a conditional rarity, brought $474,375. A 1944-S cent struck in steel and graded MS66, one of only two known 1944-S steel cents and by a wide margin the finest 1944 steel cent from any mint, sold for $373,750. And last but not least, lunch with Heritage co-founder Jim Halperin brought $12,650, with all proceeds including the Buyer’s Premium to be donated to the ANA.

Other highlights of Platinum Night included:

# 1796 50C 15 Stars, O-101, R.5 AU58 PCGS. Sold for: $207,000
# 1839-O 50C PR64 NGC. CAC. Sold for: $195,500
# 1889-CC $1 MS65 NGC. Sold for: $287,500
# 1855 $50 Wass Molitor Fifty Dollar MS61 NGC. CAC. Sold for: $207,000
# 1879 $4 PR64 Cameo PCGS. Sold for: $195,500
# 1907 $20 High Relief, Flat Rim MS68 NGC. CAC. Sold for: $322,000
# 1930-S $20 MS66 PCGS. Sold for: $253,000
# 1931-D $20 MS66 PCGS. CAC. Sold for: $253,000
# 1859 Indian Cent, Judd-229a, Snow-PT5, Unique–Dual Obverse Mule–MS62 PCGS. Sold for: $195,500
# Kellogg & Humbert MS Gold Ingot. 126.44 Ounces. Sold for: $253,000

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  1. adrienne foreman | Aug 10, 2008 | Reply

    I have saved a 1959 Indian Head Penny for about 45 years. I noticed there is a special coin with different initials on it such as Judd-229a,Snow-PT5, what do these mean and how can I find out if my coin is worth more than a penny beside the Red Book ?

  2. CoinLink | Aug 10, 2008 | Reply

    The coin you mentioned was a pattern coin and the Judd-229a designation is a reference number identifying this particular pattern, namely a Dual Obverse Mule. The Snow-PT5 is another reference number, this time from Indian Head Cent Specialist Rick Snow who has written an authoritative reference book on the series

    The 1859 Indian Cent was the first year of Indian Head cent production and is also a one year only type coin. Over 36 Million were produced.

    Your coin is certainly worth more than 1 Cent, but value depends upon its condition.

    CoinLink Support

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