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The Greatest World Coin Auction: The Millennia Collection (Part 1)- an Overview & Famous Pieces

by Greg Reynolds for CoinLink
This is Part 1 of my review and analysis of the auction of the Millennia collection of world coins.
The Millennia Collection review - Part One

On May 26, Memorial Day, the firm of Ira & Larry Goldberg sold the “Millennia Collection” of world coins from ancient times to the 20th Century including coins from a large number of nations and all continents. This one collection realized over $20 million, astonishing !

Even people who do not know anything about coins could easily appreciate a Spanish gold coin, minted in Segovia around 1500, that depicts Ferdinand & Isabella. Indeed, a newcomer to coins will see that it has almost zero scratches and contact marks, that it is highly detailed, and that it has attractive subdued luster. It is not necessary to know its grade in order to be stunned by its incredible condition. A grading expert would know that it is a special uncirculated coin and would probably conclude that it merits its certified grade of MS-63, which is an amazingly high grade for a coin minted circa 1500.

Jim Elmen, a long-time, world recognized expert in European coins, estimates that “less than fifty” such King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella gold coins of this issue are known. He adds, “it is an excellent coin” overall. It sold for $48,300 at the auction, a high price for a gold coin from Spain, but perhaps a reasonable price for an important piece of history. Ferdinand & Isabella significantly changed the course of world events. They unified Spain, defeated foreign forces, terribly expelled groups of innocent people from their societies, and are best known for sponsoring the voyages of Christopher Columbus. In many ways, the Millennia collection relates to important events and trends in world history.

While the Millennia collection will be forever remembered for its breadth, and for showcasing historically important coins, its primary characteristic is quality. A substantial number of Millennia collection coins are in the condition rankings for their respective dates and, more importantly, for entire types!

On May 26, ancient coins, mostly Roman, and Anglo-Saxon pennies were auctioned from around 10:00 AM until the early afternoon. Next, European coins were auctioned for the remainder of the afternoon and in the early evening. At night, coins from the rest of the World were sold. In the category of Latin American Crowns, the Millennia collection may be the all-time best to be publicly auctioned. This collection also includes a substantial range of large gold coins, especially of Great Britain and Latin America (more…)

Trio of Roman Gold Shines at Millennia

Roman Gold Highlights from the Millennia SaleThe Millennia Sale presented by Ira and larry Goldberg got underway yesterday in California and the preliminary results are starting to flow in.

This sale will result in an series of reports due to both its importance and breadth. In addition CoinLink will be posting a detailed auction analysis by Greg Reynolds latter this week.

However our first installment will be limited to a short summary of the “Ancients” and a trio of Roman Gold coins that lite up the room, far exceeding their pre-sale estimates.

We expect to see records being set for virtually all of the major rarities in the Millennia sale, continuing the strong pattern where fresh, high quality and truly rare coins continue to bring multiples of what many experts and conventional estimates might dictate. When high quality coins cross the auction block, you can throw out the price guides.

Lot 75 Imperatorial Rome. Marcus Junius Brutus, d. 42 BC. Gold Aureus (8.07 g) – Realized $575,000

One of the most historic of Roman issues, gold or silver! Excessively rare. Probably the finest of only 8 recorded specimens. NGC graded Choice About Uncirculated.

After Julius Caesar, the second most recognizable name of the imperatorial era is Marcus Junius Brutus. Was he the last guardian of the Republican age or only an infamous and most vile assassin of Caesar? Born about 85 BC, Brutus was thrust into the political realm and early became a follower of Cato, a staunch Republican. Later, Brutus built a fortune by lending money at usurious rates and eventually became a Roman senator.

There grew a great friendship between Caesar and Brutus, but during the Civil War it was clear that Caesar would never return to the former Republican government. Instead, Caesar was swayed by his many victories and public adulation, ultimately accepting the title “dictator for life.” Caesar’s portrait graced many coin issues, and his likeness was the first of a living person to be depicted upon the specie we now revere. It is ironic to also find the portrayal of Brutus on Coinage. (more…)

Goldberg Pre-Long Beach Auction Sale To feature The Millennia Collection

Goldberg Auctions Pre Long Beach Sale May 2008Ira and Larry Goldberg coins and collectibles are preparing for what is to be the most important auction in their over 50 years of numismatic experience. The Pre-Long Beach Auction, May 25-28, 2008 will feature The Millennia Collection, a world-class collection of ancient and world coins, on May 26th. This auction is generating intense world-wide interest, with extremely high-end, sought-after rarities in all categories of world and ancient coins, as well as in United States gold coins.

The Millennia Collection, Monday, May 26th, 2008

The Millennia Collection reflects not only over a thousand years of the world’s history, but also the Goldberg’s passion and knowledge of half a decade of numismatic experience. “We’ve never before handled a collection of this magnitude,” says Larry Goldberg. Working dedicatedly with a private collector for over five years, the Goldbergs have carefully sought and selected over a thousand coins, choosing each for its beauty and historical significance.

These magnificent coins were the basis of the recently NLG-Awarded Whitman book Money of the World – Coins That Made History. Many rarities, pedigrees, and finest-known specimens abound in this collection, with the overall quality unmatched anywhere else. The selection of coins ranges from Ancient Rome to the New World, from coins minted for the 87th Olympiad to the first dollars of the orient and the New World.

Top lots of interest include an extremely rare 42 BC About Uncirculated Gold Aureus of Brutus (possibly the finest of 8 known) a 223 AD About Uncirculated Gold Aureus depicting the Coliseum (perhaps the finer of 2 known), an NGC MS-61 AR penny of Analf V (the only specimen of the only coin known under this king, c.1029 ) a rare 1703 “VIGO” Anne 5 Guineas of Great Britain in MS-61 (perhaps the finest known of this extremely sought-after coin), a Russian 1705 Peter I Gold Ruble in NGW MS-63 (one of 2 known), a 1645 Crown of the East Indies (the first round dollar of the Orient and the finest of 6 known ), and the (1535-5) Carlos & Johanna Mexico 8 Reales, the “Discovery Dollar” of the New World (struck by Francisco del Rincon, one of only 3 known).

Serious collectors of all aspects of ancient and world coins are expected to attend. The auction of this collection is a truly special, exciting, and historic numismatic event. (more…)

Queen of British Gold is a Star of The Millennia

by Greg Reynolds for CoinLink

Queen Anne, 1702-1714 On May 26, Memorial Day, the firm of Ira & Larry Goldberg will auction an amazing collection of world coins, the Millennia collection. It will be forever remembered for both depth and quality, though particularly the latter. All Continents are represented, and a large number of nations. The coins in this collection span periods from ancient times until the 20th century. One important highlight is a large English gold coin featuring Queen Anne, who ruled from 1702 to 1714.

This Queen Anne Five Guineas is dated 1703, and it is the only Five Guineas issue with the word “Vigo” below Queen Anne’s Bust. Along with the Triple Unite of Charles I, which was minted in 1643 and ’44, the Queen Anne Five Guineas is the most famous of English gold coins, and the 1703 date is a Great Rarity.

Queen Anne, at the time of her marriage - Scottish National Portrait GalleryThe gold coins of Queen Anne were minted, between 1702 and 1714, in denominations of Five Guineas, Two Guineas, One Guinea and Half Guinea. A Guinea weighs more than eight grams, and a Five Guineas piece weighs more than forty-one grams, about 1.4 ounces, and is more than 37 mm in diameter, nearly an inch and a half! So, a Five Guineas coin is more than 20% heavier and around 10% wider than a typical U.S. Double Eagle ($20 gold coin).

Five Guineas coins were first minted in 1688 and last minted in 1753. The ‘Guineas’ term was unofficial, and came about because some of the gold used to produce such English coins literally came from Guinea, in West Africa. Originally, a Guinea was equivalent to twenty shillings or one Pound (£1). In the 1600s, at least for a while, the coins that are in retrospect referred to as “Five Guineas” coins were called “Five Pounds” coins by the people who spent them. Over time, though, a Guinea came to be worth twenty-one shillings and thus more than a Pound, because the relative price of gold bullion in silver shillings changed. By the 1700s, a Five Guineas gold coin was worth 105 shillings, which was the same as five Pounds and five shillings. (more…)

The Millennia Collection Catalogue Now Live on Goldberg Site

Millennia CollectionThe world-class Millennia Collection of Ancient and World coins to be auctioned in Beverly Hills, California on May 24-28, 2008 by Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles is now available online for viewing.  Many dealers and collectors suggest that the Millennia Collection will become the most valuable collection of world coins ever sold.

The collection formed the basis for the book Money of the World: Coins That Made History, a full-color coffee table book co-edited by Ira and Larry Goldberg. The book received the National Literary Guild award for “Best World Coin Book” for 2007.

NGC has had a portion of the collection posted on its website for the last couple of months and had the following to say about the collection.

The goal of the Millennia Collection was to demonstrate the organic nature of money and the circumstances that shape it. Each coin collected had to meet a certain criteria:

1. It must have been struck for commerce
2. It had to capture the beauty and the art of its period
3. Only the largest circulating size or denomination of a coin would be collected
4. It must be of superb quality, not just “finest known” or “finest available.”
5. Above all, the coin had to have a story to tell

The endeavor was an aggressive five-year collaboration between the Goldbergs and their customer. Of the experience, they relate “For us, this was both a dream come true and an unparalleled adventure. There is nothing more invigorating than competing in the international arena for that special prize. In finding and collecting these treasures, we experienced the pride of true collectors… for this, we thank our special client, who encouraged us to carry out this important project.”

Goldberg Coins Joins WorthPoint

Goldberg Coins & Collectibles partners with WorthPoint, a social network and search engine for collectors

Irqa and Larry Goldberg Coins & CollectiblesReston, VA — WorthPoint Corporation, the premier website for art, antiques, and collectibles, announced today that Ira and Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles, Inc. has selected WorthPoint as a data publishing partner. Under the new agreement, Goldberg will provide WorthPoint with upcoming and historical auction data to be published on the WorthPoint web site. With information provided by Goldberg Coins & Collectibles, WorthPoint is now able to provide more comprehensive data than ever.

“We are extremely pleased to begin our partnership with Ira and Larry Goldberg,” said Will Seippel, CEO and Chairman of WorthPoint. “With this new relationship, we add the sales of United States currency, world gold and silver coinage, and antiquities to our database, from experts in the field of numismatics. No one is more knowledgeable on the subject of numismatic and philatelic collections than Ira and Larry Goldberg are, and WorthPoint is proud to include the Goldbergs’ records in its data collection.”

WorthPoint is a collector’s social network and search engine rolled into one. The website is changing the process of assessing worth for collectibles by providing a vast database of sales records wherein an individual can assess the worth of their own collection. Through WorthPoint, collectors connect with experts to learn more about authenticity and value in art, antiques, and vintage items. Through the WorthPoint online community, members can contact other collectors interested in buying, selling, or swapping stories, and they can share their insight and knowledge through the forums and wikis.

The Millennia Collection – NGC Gallery Preview

The Millennia CollectionThis world-class collection of Ancient and World coins will be auctioned by Ira and Larry Goldberg on May 24-28, 2008 at the Crowne Plaza Beverly Hills and on Ebay Live.

Catalogues prices will be $15 US each, $30 International, or $40 US, $60 Int. for the entire set of 3. Catalogues: Ancient Coins, European Coins, and New World Coins (including Africa, Asia, and Oceana). Tentative date for catalogue availability is April 1, 2008. Call 1-800-978-2646 to place your order. (Subscriptions will include this catalogue.)

Millennia CollectionBecause of the intense worldwide interest in this collection, we strongly suggest you make your hotel arrangements and bidding arrangements as soon as possible.

The Millennia Collection is now a featured gallery on the NGC website. Click here to view the gallery.

This gallery presents just a small sampling of the variety and extraordinary rarities that are included. Many predictions suggest that when the Millennia Collection sells, it will become the most valuable collection of world coins ever sold.

Selected examples from the collection formed the raison d’etre for Whitman’s recent award winning Money of the World: Coins That Made History, a gorgeous, full-color coffee table book co-edited by Ira and Larry Goldberg. The National Literary Guild awarded “Best World Coin Book” for 2007. This book presents coins as objects of purpose and importance, as well as having a fascinating history attached to them. The entire Millennia Collection far exceeds the hundred or so coins presented within this book, however; it is with nearly a century’s worth of cumulative collecting effort and skill that this astonishing array of over a thousand numismatic treasures have come to light.