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Wizard Coin Supply Chosen by Verdi-Chem™ as Exclusive Distributor

Verdi-Chem has chosen Wizard Coin Supply as the exclusive distributor for its VERDI-CARE™ with ReAcT2™ coin conservation fluid product, a revolutionary coin care offering.

Verdi-Chem™ is proud to announce that it has selected Wizard Coin Supply, a global provider of coin collecting supplies, as the exclusive distributor of VERDI-CARE™ with ReAcT2™, a revolutionary new coin conservation fluid and protectant that is already changing the way coin collectors care for and protect their coins. Developed by professional chemists in conjunction with Verdi-Chem™, VERDI-CARE™ is a safe and water soluble coin conservation product that can be applied to all types of coinage, including gold, silver, nickel, copper, brass and more. VERDI-CARE™ contains no harsh chemicals and is designed to ensure that valuable coins are protected while maintaining and preserving surface integrity.

VERDI-CARE™ with ReAcT2™ is easy to use and can be almost entirely removed with water, if so desired. “This product was designed specifically for numismatists who understand the importance of protecting and preserving valuable coins,” noted Thad J. Meszaras, Verdi-Chem™ President. “VERDI-CARE™ is not a coin cleaning product and its gentle ingredients will effectively condition and preserve the natural subtleties of a coin’s surface.”

“VERDI-CARE™ with ReAcT2™ is an important breakthrough in coin conservation technology and we are very excited to offer it to our customers,” said Wayne Herndon, President of Wizard Coin Supply. “We believe VERDI-CARE™ is a major step forward for numismatics and we are happy to offer this product among the thousands of coin collecting supplies and accessories that are currently available at”

ReAcT2™ is a state of the art chemical compound that adheres to all metals, forming a transparent, anti-corrosive protective lower layer on the surface of valuable coins. It consists of the same chemical technology employed by the US Mint in protecting its coins. In addition to the lower layer of protection, a second, water soluble, polymeric layer is created that actively repels contaminants. Experienced numismatists will quickly realize just how effective VERDI-CARE™ with ReAcT2™ can be for conserving and rejuvenating the natural features of collectible coins.

VERDI-CARE™ with ReAcT2™ is recommended for coin collectors who have experience handling coin conservation and protective agents as well as various types of coin cleaning supplies. VERDI-CARE™ performs best when coins are properly prepared for application and when specific instructions are followed for drying and storage of coins. Although this product is completely non-toxic and contains no harsh chemicals, it is always recommended that users wear gloves and eye protection as a safety precaution.

About Verdi-Chem™:
Verdi-Chem™ is based in Cincinnati Ohio and is run by chemist and numismatist Thad J. Meszaras. The company is dedicated to the advancement of coin conservation science. Verdi-Chem™ uses the latest discoveries in chemical technology to develop its products.

About Wizard Coin Supply:
Wizard Coin Supply is a global provider of coin collection supplies and coin collection accessories, based in Chantilly, Virginia. Wizard is dedicated to providing its customers with the largest possible selection of coin supplies at deeply discounted prices and to promoting the hobby and enjoyment of numismatics.

HobbySoft Coin Collecting Software Closing It’s Business

The following is an announcement posted on the Compu-Quote web site by Marvin Mallon, President of HobbySoft.

“Thank you for your interest in HobbySoft programs for coin, stamp and currency collectors. Our business was founded in 1982 and over the last 27 years we have enjoyed distributing our software to thousands of serious customers such as you.

It is with much regret that we are closing our business at this time. The present state of the economy, the dwindling number of young people entering the hobby and the advanced age of others and myself here at Compu-Quote are the responsible reasons for this action. We can no longer accept new orders or requests for our annual update disks.

We will endeavor to honor our commitment of technical support to those who own our programs. We can, and will, do so by email communication for as long as we are reasonably able to provide that service. Your inquiries and comments will be answered if they are directed to

Vendors Supporting Compu-Quote Customers
Arrangements have been made with two of the leading competitors who, like ourselves, have sold thousands of copies of their coin, currency and stamp applications. They will be pleased to offer their services by providing a means for your personal records to be transferred into their programs that, I believe, they will offer to you at a discount. This will provide you with the means for continuing with the inventorying and evaluation of your collection.


Selecting A Coin Album

Wizard Coin SupplyThere are five major brands of coin albums that feature a large selection of titles. These album lines are Intercept Shield, Dansco, Whitman, US Mint and Littleton. While similar in many respects, each brand has some unique qualities that can impact a collector’s decision on which to select. In addition, there are numerous other brands with a more limited selection of titles (often limited to popular series like the State Quarters and Presidential Dollars). We provide a comparison of the major brands and more popular of the secondary brands below.

Intercept Shield

Intercept Shield Coin Albums
Our favorite line of albums is the Intercept Shield series. Thirty titles covering most of the major series from the late 1800s to date are currently available in this gradually expanding series. In addition, Intercept manufacturers a Type album that, in our opinion, is a better layout and mix of coins than that of any other manufacturer. As strong preservation proponents we are sold on the protective qualities of the Intercept Shield line. Intercept Shield albums go beyond just being constructed from archival quality materials. Each album is lined with Corrosion Intercept which traps and neutralizes corrosive gases before they reach the coins inside. The albums are sold with a matching slipcase that is also lined with Intercept Shield providing a second layer of protection. State Quarter and Presidential Dollar albums are available in multiple formats (Date Set, P&D, and P, D and S-proof). However, the other modern series are available in only in the with proofs format. We’d like to see Intercept continue to grow the number of titles available and offer a range of blank albums and pages so collectors could build their own custom albums so any collection could be protected in matching albums. (more…)

Autograph Festival by Wizard Coin Supply at Baltimore ANA

Wizard Coin SupplyWizard Coin Supply is the official supply dealer for the American Numismatic Association’s World Fair of Money taking place in Baltimore from July 30th to August 3rd. Wizard plans a number of events during these five days to engage show attendees in the books and supplies side of numismatics. One such event is the Autograph Festival. Three separate programs will make up the Autograph Festival with the goal of connecting as many authors to as many readers for book autographs as possible. Wizard is sponsoring the Festival at no cost to authors or readers and the books need not be bought from Wizard to participate.

Program 1-Autograph Sessions at the Wizard booth. Wizard will organize and promote autograph sessions at our booth for authors willing to join us for a session (or two) during the course of the show. Authors can reserve their preferred half hour or hour time slot(s) with Wizard. Wizard will include the session in our promotional materials and dedicate space at the booth for authors to meet the public, sign autographs and chat with fellow numismatists.

Program 2-Autographs at Author’s Booths. We recognize that many authors will be otherwise involved at the show and may prefer to autograph books at their own booths (either instead of or in addition to a session at the Wizard booth). For authors that advise us of their availability and willingness to participate in this manner, Wizard will include the author’s name and booth number in Autograph Festival publicity.

Program 3-Drop Off Program. Wizard will also accept drop-off books for autographing by the author and then return them to their owners later in the show or via mail after the show. This program is ideal both for authors who would like to participate but prefer not to or unable to have an autograph session and also for authors who participate in Program 1 and want to have an option available for customers who are unable to be present for the session (due to auction or seminar attendance, not present at the show that day, etc.). (more…)

Wizard Coin Supply Partners with Seneca Mill Press to Distribute Coinage Books

Wizard Coin Supply and Seneca Mill Press LLC proudly announce the appointment of Wizard Coin Supply as the exclusive distributor for the Renaissance of American Coinage books by Roger W. Burdette.

Wizard Coin SupplyChantilly, Virginia (PRWEB) July 2, 2008 — Wizard Coin Supply and Seneca Mill Press LLC proudly announce the appointment of Wizard Coin Supply as the exclusive distributor for the Renaissance of American Coinage books by Roger W. Burdette. All three deluxe, hard cover research books have been the recipients of acclaim from numismatic professionals and collectors nationwide. The Renaissance of American Coinage series consists of: Renaissance of American Coinage 1905-1908 (Saint-Gaudens/Theodore Roosevelt collaboration and new gold coinage designs); Renaissance of American Coinage 1909-1915 (Lincoln Cent, Buffalo Nickel and Panama Pacific commemoratives); and, Renaissance of American Coinage 1916-1921(Mercury Dime, Standing Liberty Quarter, Walking Liberty Half Dollar and Peace dollar).

Renaissance of American Coinage 1909-1915Currently boasting one of the largest selections of coin books and coin collection supplies in the numismatics industry, Wizard Coin Supply adds to its already impeccable reputation with the addition of the Renaissance series.

“This is an important advance in the distribution of these ground breaking research books,” commented author Roger Burdette. “Wizard Coin Supply brings a wealth of talent and distribution access to the numismatic community that will increase the availability of these works to collectors.”

The Renaissance series, printed in the United States, is recognized by savvy collectors as a landmark compilation of numismatic research. The 1916-1921 and 1905-1908 volumes in the series were awarded with Numismatic Literary Guild Book of the Year Awards in 2006 and 2007 respectively, while the 1909-1915 volume will be considered for the same accolade later this summer. The early twentieth century coin era explored in the books is generally considered to be one of the most exciting in the history of United States coinage. (more…)

Wizard Coin Supply Launches Book Advisory

Wizard Coin SupplyWizard Coin Supply, a global provider of coin supplies and coin collecting accessories, is proud to announce the launch of its New Book Advisory. The Advisory is a free service where subscribers are made aware through periodic email notices of newly released coin books as they are added to Wizard’s inventory. The Advisory is available as an option as a seamless part of the user registration process on Wizard’s website.

“At Wizard, we are determined to be the number one retailer of current release numismatic books,” says Lady Karin Herndon (Wizard eschews traditional titles in favor of thematic ones). “Our new Advisory service, along with our broad selection and deeply discounted price structure, make Wizard the best choice for buyers of coin, currency and related hobby books.”

“The Advisory is the perfect response to feedback we’ve received from our customers looking for an effortless way to keep track of the many new books that are released each year,” adds Wizard’s Fair Maiden Traci Poole. “There are no membership cards to return and no minimum number of books to purchase.”

Wizard currently offers nearly 300 coin book titles and is actively seeking to grow this list, giving Wizard the broadest selection of any in-print numismatic book and supply dealer in the industry. “Wizard’s inventory goes beyond the popular, name brand publisher titles carried by our competitors to also include less well known books from smaller publishers and self-publishing authors. While our focus is primarily on bringing our customers in-print books at the best possible price, we also stock out-of-print books when we can obtain mint copies in quantity,” says Sir Wayne Herndon who handles product selection for Wizard. (more…)

Coin boards, folders, albums offer collectors choices

Image courtesy of David W. Lange. The earliest coin boards from Whitman Publishing Co. feature holes into which coins can be placed. Ask Baby Boomer collectors how they got started collecting coins and there’s a strong chance many began by filling holes in blue Whitman coin folders with coins pulled from circulation.

The multiple dates and Mint marks in the holders encouraged many beginning collectors to avidly search their pocket change.

Many of today’s hobbyists, whether neophytes or collectors of long standing, still opt for coin storage boards, whether they are single-board, open space holders; tri-folds; multipage albums with sliding window covers, or something similar.

Coin World’s parent company, Amos Press Inc., through its Amos Advantage program for hobbyists, offers a wide range of coin folders and albums from a number of manufacturers.

Some of these manufacturers, as well as designated distributors, also advertise their products in Coin World.

Advantages, disadvantages

Each coin board, folder or album has its own set of advantages or disadvantages in storage and preservation, depending on the condition and value of the coins that an individual collector may choose to place in them and the composition of the storage medium.


In Coin Collecting Boards of the 1930s and 1940s: A Complete History, Catalog and Value Guide, David W. Lange traces the genesis of coin boards from the first board created in 1934 by J.K. Post, who subsequently contracted for their printing with Whitman Publishing.

Read Full Coin World Article Here

Lighthouse First to Announce Album Page for New 2009 US Quarters

New Lighthouse 2009 State Quarters AlbumHackensack, NJ, … Quickly responding to customer inquiries from across the United States, Lighthouse Publications, Inc. has become the first manufacturer to announce production of a coin album page specifically created for the additional six coins following the United States Mint’s 50 State Quarters® Program. The extension of the program was signed into law by President George W. Bush late last year, and the new coins, to be issued in 2009, will feature the District of Columbia and five U.S. Territories.

The Lighthouse album page is designed to fit the company’s popular Statehood Quarter Album. Available in mid-May, the page will feature two slots per coin – one each for the Philadelphia and Denver mints – and will be embossed with the names and 2009 issue year of the quarters honoring the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the United States Virgin Islands and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

Lighthouse Publications President and CEO Eric Werner said, “Immediately after the legislation was signed, we received many inquiries from collectors asking for this additional page. I am proud that Lighthouse was able to respond as quickly as it did, and delighted to be the first manufacturer to announce these pages to our market.”

The cost of each page is $4.50, and starting mid-May can be purchased through fine supply dealers or directly from Lighthouse Publications, or 888-269-1513.

Coin Collecting Supply Company “Wizard Coin Supply” Launches New Website

Wizard Coin SupplyOakton, VA – Wizard Coin Supply, a global provider of coin collecting supplies, recently launched its new website at Currently offering one of the largest selections of coin supplies and coin collecting accessories on the web, Wizard Coin Supply is poised to service the recent surge in coin collectors around the United States. With the immense popularity of state quarters and presidential dollars, in particular, people have been flocking to the hobby in record numbers in recent years. As a result, there is a growing demand for new coin collecting materials and updated information on collectible coins. Wizard Coin Supply is positioned to fill the void and become the preferred supplier of coin collectors everywhere.

Wizard Coin Supply has emerged as a reliable source for an array of coin collecting supplies at discount prices. Wizard specializes in offering the best brands and products at deeply discounted prices. For example, the full line of Intercept Shield products – the best coin protection on the market – is available at a standing 30% discount. In addition, Wizard carries over 1000 different sizes, shapes and colors of Capital Plastics holders – the industry’s premier coin holder – with the entire selection priced at a 25% discount. (more…)