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Category: Theft Notice

PNG Members Recover Coins from 2001 Theft

The only known Walking Liberty half dollar mistakenly struck on a five-cent denomination planchet was among the 12 stolen error coins recovered by PNG member-dealers. (Photos courtesy of Fred Weinberg, Inc.)

off_metal_walker_recoveredA dozen of the 44 U.S. error coins stolen from an Indiana motel room in 2001 have been recovered and returned to their delighted owner through the joint efforts of three Professional Numismatists Guild members. At the time of the theft eight years ago these coins were to be the foundation of a planned book about off-metal errors.

The recovered coins belong to collector and researcher Mark Lighterman of Sanford, Florida. They include what is believed to be the only known Walking Liberty half dollar struck on a planchet intended for five-cent pieces; one of three known Standing Liberty quarter dollars struck on a one-cent planchet; a unique 1858 Flying Eagle cent on a silver half-dime planchet; and a double denomination Indian cent on a previously-struck Barber dime. There is also a transitional error 1944-dated Washington quarter on a zinc planchet intended for 1943 cents.

The coins were stolen along with a camera, laptop computer and a collection of over 1,000 casino gaming chips from Lighterman’s motel room in Southport, Indiana when he was traveling to the Central States Numismatic Society convention in Indianapolis in April 2001.

The recovery was made by PNG member Paul Nugget of Spectrum East in East Meadow, New York; PNG associate member Andrew Glassman, President of Spectrum Numismatics International in Irvine, California; and PNG Board Member and former PNG President Fred Weinberg of Fred Weinberg, Inc. in Encino, California.

Reward Offered in Beverly Hills Coins Theft

The Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) and PNG member-dealer, Kevin Lipton, are jointly offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of rare coins and paper money stolen from Lipton’s Beverly Hills, California offices. The unknown thief or thieves took more than a quarter-million dollars worth of numismatic items during a break-in on Sunday, October 19, 2008.

“Anyone with information that can help solve this crime is urged to contact Detective Max Subin of the Beverly Hills Police Department at (310) 285-2158, or call the PNG at (760) 728-1300,” said PNG Executive Director Robert Brueggeman.

Among the items stolen is an uncut sheet of six $10 notes from The First National Bank of Branchville, New Jersey that is believed to be unique.

Seven MS-66 Saint Gaudens Double Eagles, graded by PCGS or NGC and each with a CAC sticker were taken: 1924 PCGS serial numbers #50241932, #06607136 and #50251605; 1926 PCGS #50135319; 1927 PCGS #21671348 and NGC #56810901; and 1928 NGC #65499304.

Other third-party certified coins taken in the burglary are 1904 $10 NGC MS-62; $20 gold pieces dated1907 $20 NGC MS-63; 1911-D NGC MS-65, 1922 NGC MS-64, 1924 NGC MS-66 and 1928 NGC MS-64; and between 600 and 800 certified First Strike-designated American Silver Eagles: 1991 PCGS MS-69; 1994 NGC MS-68; and 1999 PCGS MS-69.

The following “raw” U.S. coins were taken: (more…)