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CoinLink and CoinTelevision Have Merged !

In an exclusive partnership, David Lisot of and Scott Purvis of CoinLink have merging to create a new website called

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The NEW site will offer the same great online rare coin news covering all areas of the numismatic hobby, but we will be adding New Video content with industry leaders and prominent collectors featured in VIDEO segments, interviews and articles contributed by numismatic experts.

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Stack’s Sells Millions at 74th Anniversary Coin and Currency Sale in Baltimore!

Last week, Stack’s celebrated its 74th anniversary with a tremendous three-day auction sale of U.S. coins, tokens, and paper money. Significant realizations abounded in every category and the sale realized a total of nearly $5 million!

1937-D_3leg_stacks_112309The auction included selections from the Alan Bleviss Collection, the Jerry Byrne, Sr. Collection, the David Hickson Collection, the Chester L. Krause Collection, the Maryland Historical Society, the Mayflower Collection, the Minot Collection, the Robert A. Vlack Collection and much more.

Session One began with U.S. tokens and, after a nice selection of high quality Hard Times Tokens, presented Part II of the Alan Bleviss Collection of Civil War Tokens. This amazing collection is one of the most extensive holdings ever assembled, and the offering here provided more than 500 tokens from over 20 states. Highlights included the rare P.L. Geissler token from Evansville, Indiana that was overstruck on a McClellan presidential token, an R-9 example in MS-62 (NGC) that sold for $11,500.

The rare Logansport, Indiana token of H.C. Eversole, also an R-9 example in MS-62 (NGC), brought $4,600, and the gem Plainfield, Indiana M. Osborn token, an R-8 in Zinc graded MS-65 by NGC, garnered $5,462.50. U.S. Medals boasted the rare 1799 George Washington Funeral Medal, a gold uniface oval medal in AU condition that sold for $17,250.

U.S. coins offered a modestly sized section of Colonial and Early American Coins that featured several fantastic pieces. One of these items was the rare 1790 Standish Barry threepence. Graded VF-30 by PCGS, this item was formerly part of the collection of the Maryland Historical Society, and sold for a hearty $43,125. Another impressive piece was the remarkable 1797 Theatre at New York token, one of just 15 collectable pieces available today. This extraordinary item was graded Proof-64 RB (PCGS) and sold for $28,750. (more…)

Kellogg & Humbert 43-Ounce Gold Ingot

(1855-57) Kellogg & Humbert 43-Ounce Gold Ingot. Recovered From the S.S. Central America. 97 mm x 42 mm x 17 mm. CAGB-534. From the obverse or top and reading downward in vertical orientation, NO (number abbreviation in typical style) 701 followed by the rectangular, bordered incuse imprint of KELLOGG / & / HUMBERT / ASSAYERS. Below are 43.39 OZ / .911 FINE / $817.12. After a medallic turn, the serial number 701 is repeated on the back.

Q. David Bowers, in Appendix IV of the enormous A California Gold Rush History, enumerates all of the ingots recovered from the S.S. Central America, both by assayer and serial number as marked on the ingots, and by assayer and weight. The assayers represented include:

Blake & Co. Opened in 1855, based in Sacramento, California. Only 34 ingots from this company were recovered. The company’s ingots have beveled edges and may have seen limited circulation in California.

Harris, Marchand & Co. Operated two offices, one in Sacramento (founded 1855) and a second in Marysville, California (opened in 1856). All of their bars have a circular coin-shaped counterstamp on the front. One unique bar is known from the Marysville office. Total bars recovered: 37.

Henry Hentsch. Hentsch, a native of Switzerland with many business connections, opened his assay office in February 1856 next door to his bank. The Guide Book speculates that many of his ingots were likely exported to Europe. Ingots recovered: 33.

Justh & Hunter. Opened San Francisco assay office in 1855 and Marysville office in 1856, remaining in business through 1858. Ingots recovered: 86 (60 in the 4,000 series ascribed to San Francisco; 26 in the 9,000 series attributed to Marysville).

Kellogg & Humbert The most well-known names in the coinage of California gold coins–and ingots, after the S.S. Central America recovery. That they escaped the scandals exposed by James King of William for underweight coinage gave their products currency and credibility, and as expected, their ingots constituted the majority found aboard the ship. Ingots recovered: 346, ranging in gross weight from less than 6 ounces to 934 ounces. (more…)

Coin News Daily December 4, 2008

Royal Canadian Mint puts a shine on Montreal Canadiens Centennial Plaza opening
CNW Group
Today the Royal Canadian Mint joined the Montreal Canadiens hockey club at the unveiling of the Centennial Plaza at the Bell Centre in Montreal. Four special gold coins to be permanently displayed at the foot of monuments honouring team legends Howie Morenz, Maurice Richard, Jean Béliveau and Guy Lafleur were also unveiled.
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China to issue commemorative coins for 30th anniversary of reform
The People’s Bank of China, the central bank, said on Thursday it would issue a set of gold and silver coins on Dec. 10 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up drive. The set includes two varieties of gold coins — one weighing a quarter ounce while the other weighing five ounces — and one type of one-ounce silver coin, it said.
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PCGS Launches ‘’
Professional Coin Grading Service introduces CoinFacts Wiki, a public encyclopedia of U.S. and World coins located at The “wiki” concept allows users to create and edit virtually all pages on the website, subject to oversight by system administrators. This capability allows large volumes of up-to-date information and images to be added to the website in a short period of time, creating a massive database of information that is useful to buyers, sellers, researchers and anyone else interested in numismatics.
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Van Buren Edge Errors Reported
By Ken Potter, Numismatic News
Collectors looking for Martin Van Buren dollar error coins have been rewarded. I have a report of a 2008-P Van Buren dollar with a shifted edge inscription and other Van Buren error dollars. This continues a series of errors that began with the Washington coins. In the July 29 issue of Numismatic News I reported on a shifted edge inscription error found on a George Washington Presidential dollar. I reported upon the error type again in the Aug. 26 issue for the John Adams and James Monroe dollars and then again in the Sept. 23 issue for the Andrew Jackson dollar.
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U.S. Mint Director Rumors
Susan Headley
The rumors have been flying fast and furious ever since Election Day: Who will be the next Director of the United States Mint? The U.S. Mint Director’s job is a political appointment, and most such positions traditionally change hands when a new president is elected. There has been some confusion among the members of the coin collecting community about whether the current U.S. Mint Director, Ed Moy, would have to automatically tender his resignation effective Jan. 20, 2009 (Inauguration Day).
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2008-W Platinum Eagles Gone, Order Cancellations Mount
Mint News Blog
Today, the last of the 2008-W Uncirculated Platinum Eagle offerings available from the US Mint went dark. The last to go was the one ounce coin priced at $1,069.95. Yesterday, I mentioned that this coin was listed as back ordered and might soon officially sell out. However, even if you did place an order before your the coins went off sale, you still might be out of luck.
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Cache of Celtic Coins Uncovered in Dutch Cornfield

From Fox News

Gold Celtic CoinsAMSTERDAM, Netherlands — A hobbyist with a metal detector struck both gold and silver when he uncovered an important cache of ancient Celtic coins in a cornfield in the southern Dutch city of Maastricht. “It’s exciting, like a little boy’s dream,” Paul Curfs, 47, said Thursday after the spectacular find was made public.

Archaeologists say the trove of 39 gold and 70 silver coins was minted in the middle of the first century B.C. as the future Roman ruler Julius Caesar led a campaign against Celtic tribes in the area.

Curfs said he was walking with his detector this spring and was about to go home when he suddenly got a strong signal on his earphones and uncovered the first coin. “It was golden and had a little horse on it — I had no idea what I had found,” he said. After posting a photo of the coin on a Web forum, he was told it was a rare find. The following day he went back and found another coin.

“It looked totally different — silver, and saucer-shaped,” he said. Curfs notified the city of his find, and he and several other hobbyists helped in locating the rest of the coins, in cooperation with archaeologists.

Nico Roymans, the archaeologist who led the academic investigation of the find, believes the gold coins in the cache were minted by a tribe called the Eburones that Caesar claimed to have wiped out in 53 B.C. after they conspired with other groups in an attack that killed 6,000 Roman soldiers. The Eburones “put up strong resistance to Caesar’s journeys of conquest,” Roymans said. The silver coins were made by tribes further to the north — possible evidence of cooperation against Caesar, he said. Both coin types have triple spirals on the front, a common Celtic symbol. (more…)

Antarctic Explorer Proof Coins Issued to Celebrate International Polar Year

Antarctic Explorer Proof CoinsThe Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland today (3 September) issued its 2008 €5 silver proof coin and the €100 gold proof coin to celebrate International Polar Year. The coins feature two famous Irish born Antarctic explorers Ernest Shackleton and Tom Crean. Their stricken vessel ‘The Endurance’ is also pictured in the distance on the coins trapped in the packed ice of Antarctica.

This is the first time the Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland has issued a half troy ounce (15.55 grams in weight) gold coin denominated in Euro, with a legal tender denomination of €100.

In keeping with tradition, the national side of the coin depicts the 14 string Irish harp modelled on the ‘Brian Boru’ harp in Trinity College, Dublin. As an addition to the national side of the coin, a laurel wreath, a traditional symbol of excellence and integrity, surrounds the harp. The coins have been designed by renowned Irish artist, designer and medallist Thomas Ryan, RHA.

The coins are available individually in sterling silver which costs €50 and fine gold which costs €395 or as a special two-coin set which costs €440. A limited edition of 5,000 individual silver coins and 2,000 individual gold coins will be issued and there will also be a limited edition of 1,000 two-coin sets issued. An official order form for the coins is available from the Central Bank by phoning 1890 307 607 or from the website, (more…)

The Market that’s Hot and one that’s Not

By Jim Fehr – North American Certified Trading

What's Hot in the MarketWhich are the best markets today? With all the touting that goes on, it’s important to always keep in mind that no one knows which coins will perform best. Based on the history of the certified rare coin market, however, some areas appear more promising than others.

You probably already know which coins have been doing exceptionally well over the past five to ten years but lets take a look at them again.These are series that are widely collected by date or have such a strong collector or numismatic appeal that they have risen repeatedly over the past decade and still seem to be a good value today.

1. Key Date Coins; XF to MS65.

The best performing area of the rare coin market for the past nine years running. Think maybe they are topping out? Prices seem a bit silly relative to other coins? Acquisition cost relative to bids are too high? Well it doesn’t matter. These coins are the best, rarest, most known and most sought after, and they are being bought up by coin buyers with the deepest of deep pockets. They are desirable, rare, and not often seen for years at a time.They rarely go down and if they do it’s proportionally less to the rest of the market. This all translates to plenty of upside.

2. Early Walking Liberty Halves, MS64 and higher.

Rare date Walkers prior to 1929 have seen modest price increases over the last three years, but have done very well over the last ten. Rare dates from 1916 to 1928-S in gradesMS64 and higher are constantly in demand and are always on dealers want lists. Among the earlier dates, 1917-D , 1917-S , 1918-S, 1919-D, 1919-S, 1920-D, 1920-S, 1921-P, D and S, 1923-S and 1928-S are dates that inMS63 and higher grades have seen the strongest demand and the biggest price jumps in the series over the last nine years. A 1921-D in MS65 now trades for two half times more than it did in 2002 (more…)

PCGS January 2008 History of Grading Video Now Available

History of Coin Grading Video by PCGSMore than 130 collectors and dealers from around the country attended the Professional Coin Grading Service luncheon at the Florida United Numismatists convention in Orlando, January 11, 2008. Collectors Universe, Inc. President and PCGS co-founder, David Hall, and PCGS President, Ron Guth, discussed the history of coin grading, the possible future of grading, and answered questions from the audience.

Hall emphasized to the audience composed of members of the PCGS Set Registry, PCGS Collectors Club and PCGS authorized dealers, “We seek your input. We seek your help. It’s your grading service.”
Among the topics addressed by Guth and his comments:

• Computerized Grading: “Maybe someday, down the road.”
• Coin Recognition Software: “We are building a digital image database of rare coins.”
• Fractional grades: “MS-61.5? I’m not sure how possible that is.”
• 100-Point Grading Scale: “The 70-point grading system is so entrenched and big, it would be difficult and confusing to convert (to 100 points). It could wreck the market.” (more…)

Special Instructions for Submitting Platinum 10th Anniversary Eagles to NGC

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Platinum American Eagle Bullion Program, the US Mint is issuing a special commemorative set. The Mint will be selling a limited edition two-coin platinum set. This set includes a proof 2007 W $50 Platinum American Eagle and, for the first time in the history of the program, a reverse proof 2007 W $50 Platinum American Eagle.

Coins from these sets will be pedigreed as EAGLE 10TH ANNIVERSARY. A special NGC commemorative label will also be available. Because the regular proof version of this coin is available individually from the US Mint, special instructions must be followed in order for coins to qualify for this pedigree. Coins must remain in the sealed shipping boxes used by the US Mint, and the entire unopened package must be forwarded on to NGC for certification. NGC must open these boxes in order for the coins to qualify for the EAGLE 10TH ANNIVERSARY. The reverse proof version does not require this special handling, and will be eligible for the EAGLE 10TH ANNIVERSARY label and pedigree even if submitted without its original packaging.

US Mint coin boxes and certificates will be returned to the submitters. Note that the Mint’s shipping boxes are not returned.

Additionally, these coins must be submitted using the Modern Special Tier or higher level service, and submitters requesting this designation and special label must submit these coins on their own submission invoice. The five coin minimum for Modern Special Tier will be waived for submissions of Platinum 10th Anniversary Eagles, and the 10th Anniversary coins cannot be mixed with other coins to qualify for this pedigree. (more…)