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Coin Dealer Julian Leidman Victim of Vehicle Burglary. Reward Grows to $156,000

Updated 10/19/2009 – The Township of Montville, New Jersey police department is investigating the October 11, 2009 auto burglary of coin dealer Julian Leidman. Mr. Leidman was en route home after participating in Coinfest Coin Show held in Stamford Connecticut. The suspect or suspects entered Leidman’s vehicle by smashing out a side window during a stop in Pine Brook, New Jersey. Virtually his entire inventory was taken ; over 1,000 coins including about 300 certified, encapsulated items as well as currency ranging from Colonial era to small size notes. Fortunately, Mr. Leidman was unhurt in the incident.

coin_crime_alertMr Leidman stated some of the significant coins included; ” several scarce Saints, 1920-s, 1921, 1925-s, 1927-s, & 1932. There is a 1794 dollar that is flawed. There are several Gem Busties, including 1806 O-123, prime; 1807 O-113, 1826, 1829, 1832. There is currency from colonial thru small size; some foreign coins from minor thru gold, probably numbering a few hundred coins. The most identifiable is a 1929 German 5 Mark that is about 25% off center and probably unique.” Other coins taken in the theft include 1873 proof pattern silver Trade dollar (J-1276), graded NGC PF65; 1879 proof silver dollar (J-1617), NGC PF65; and an 1892-O proof Morgan dollar described as very choice.

leidman_79_pattern_dollarThe response from both the collector and dealer community was a mixture of shock, concern and resolve. Immediately after the burglary was announced the message boards started to inquire as to Mr. Leidman’s safety, which then spun into requests for lists of the coins taken and a number of emails sent to surrounding coin shops warning them to be on the lookout for any unusual offerings of coins.

Coinfest owners Jon Lerner and Laura Sperber each immediately offered a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual or individuals responsible for this robbery. This was followed up by The Professional Numismatist Guild contributing an additional $2,500 to the reward, and dealer William Dominick is contributing an additional $10,000. This was followed by others dealers contributions; John Albanese $10,000, Kenny Duncan $10,000, Kevin Lipton $10,000, Bob Higgins has added another $1000 as did James Long, and Wayne Herndon also added $2,500 to the reward fund.

Since this story was first posted additional contributions to the reward fund have come in; Matt Lerner $1,000, Joseph O’Connor $5,000, John Feigenbaum $ 2,500,James Sego $1,000, Larry Shapiro $1,000, Ray Hinkelman + Phil Hinkelman $1,000, Tom Crabtree $ 5,000, Dave Wnuck & John Agre $ 2,500, Dave Albanese $1,000, Rob Lehman $1,000, Bill Panitch $ 500, Cary Moomijian $ 1,000,Ron Chiasson $ 500, Ken Goldman $ 2,000, John Abbott $ 1,000, Michael Casper $ 1,000, Elliott Durann – $ 500, Dave Schweitz – $ 2,500, Chris McCawley – $ 1,000, John Pasciuti $1,000, Shawn Bergan $ 250, Steve Gerhinger $2,500, David Weygant $ 1,000, Jan Olav Aamlid $ 1,000, Ed Milas $ 1,000, Harry Jones $1000, Paul Montgomery $ 1,000, Harry Laibstain $ 1,000, Fred Weinberg $ 1,000, Matthew DeRoma $ 1,000, Jack Lee $ 1,000, Heritage $10000, John Maben $5000, Paul Nugget- Greg Roberts- Andrew Glassman- Bobby Avena $3500, Don Kagin $1000, Sheridan Downey $2500, Andy Lustig $1000, Jason Carter $2500, Allan Rowe $1000, Tom Bush $ 1,000, Sam Lopresto $1000, Dustin Massie $1000, Whitman Publ. $2500, Stack’s $2500, Andrew Kimmel $1000, Dana Samuelson $1000, David Hall $10000, PCGS $5000, Sil DiGenova $2000, $1000, Rocky Mountain Coin $500, Lee Minshull $5000

Presently the reward has grown to $122,500.

We urge Any Dealer or Collector to contact Detective Christopher M. Keezer of the Montville NJ Police Department at 973-257-4113 ([email protected])or Julian Leidman at 301-585-8467 if they have any information about this crime, or think that any of the coins listed below are being offered for sale either online or in person. This is especially true for those attending flea markets, local auction houses, online auctions and “Brick and Mortar” coin shops on the East Coast.

Below is a partial list of the items stolen.
Julian Leidman US Coinage Inventory

Note about descriptions: I much prefer adjectival descriptions, rather than numerical. For uncirculated grades of coins, uncirculated would correspond to MS 60, choice would correspond to MS 63, very choice to MS 64, gem to MS 65, GEM to MS 66, superb gem to MS 67, spectacular or nearly perfect to MS 68 or MS 69. Perfect, of course is a 70 grade. These would correspondingly apply to Proofs, as well.

Half Cents

· Several available including an 1800 from the Whaling City Collection.

Large Cents

· 1794 S-30, Almost Uncirculated-A beautiful brown early copper with virtually no wear, but….. there are some areas of corrosion on both the obverse and reverse. Let me know if you would like to look at this one, on approval, which is what I would suggest. $19950.

· 1816 N-7a, Gem Proof-like Brown Uncirculated-Ex. R. E. Naftzger, Jack Collins, and probably Louis Helfenstein, graded MS-65, by Mr. Naftzger, and I wholeheartedly agree. This coin is proof-like, as well. A beautiful brown coin, which is listed in the new Condition Census book as #1!! $12500.

· 1854 Very Choice Uncirculated, N-8-Ex. Holmes, Norweb, not a rare variety, but nearly full red on the obverse, reverse more mellowed to red and brown. $995. This coin may not have been stolen.

Small Cents

· 1860 Brilliant Gem Proof-A lovely copper-nickel proof. $3950.

Three-Cent Silver

· 1862 PCGS MS64, Gem Uncirculated-Toned. $995.

Three-Cent Nickel (Trickel)

· 1871 PCGS MS64, Gem Brilliant Uncirculated-A very scarce date in this gorgeous condition, nearly fully struck, lustrous. $995.

· 1884 Gem Proof-like Brilliant Uncirculated-This date appears to be the most difficult one to obtain, as a business strike, rare. $22500.

Half Dimes

· 1797 V-4, PCGS MS65, Gem Uncirculated, possibly finest known-Sixteen stars, gorgeous, toned, gem uncirculated. The finest specimen that I can remember seeing, very possibly the finest known. $140000.

· 1797 Thirteen stars, never used-This coin has a slightly rough surface, but in my opinion was never used in commerce. An extremely scarce coin. $75000.

· 1829 V-2 Gem Proof-like Uncirculated-Toned, blues, red, green, proof-like, Gem uncirculated. $3750.

· Another, V-3, GEM-Brilliant white, streak on the reverse, extremely sharp. $3750.

· Another, V-7, this one a very choice Proof-Toned light brown. $9950.

· Another, V-7, Gem Brilliant Uncirculated-$2975.

· Another, this one, V-13, Gem Uncirculated-Blue green toning, brighter in the centers. $3750.

· Another, V-14, Brilliant Gem Uncirculated-Mostly brilliant, with peripheral toning. $3750.

· 1830 V-4, Gem Brilliant Uncirculated-Blue, green, Gem Uncirculated. $2975.

· 1832 V-1, Gem Brilliant Uncirculated-Gem Brilliant Uncirculated, Ex. Robert Marks, American Auction Association, lot 206. $2975.

· Another, V-12, Gem Brilliant Uncirculated-$2750.

· 1833 V-1, Gem Uncirculated-Gem toned uncirculated, Ex. John Jay Pittman, lot 441. $2950.

· 1837 No Stars PCGS MS65, Superb Gem, DMPL, toned Uncirculated-A spectacularly mostly deep blue toned superb gem deep mirror prooflike uncirculated coin worthy of the finest type set, PCGS MS 65, I’m certain that it is far, far better, you be the judge. $29750.

· Another, gem-Toned uncirculated. $3750.

· Another, very choice-Toned, mostly Blue-grey, fully proof-like, near gem. $2950.

· 1862 Superb GEM Uncirculated-Spectacular, gorgeous multicolor toning, superb Gem Uncirculated. $3750.

· 1864 NGC MS64, Gem Uncirculated-Definitely nicer, a rare Civil War issue. $3495.


· 1913-D, T. 1, GEM Brilliant Uncirculated-Gorgeous, gold and blue patina. $995.

· 1919-D PCGS MS64, Gem Brilliant Uncirculated-Very well struck, lightly toned. $7450.


· 1805 JR 2 NGC MS63, Very Choice Uncirculated-Frosty & original, lightly toned, near Gem, this is a beautiful early dime, but underappreciated by my colleagues there. $27500.

· 1829 NGC MS65, Gem Toned Uncirculated-Multi-colored, deeply toned Gem, very sharply struck. $8475.

· 1833 JR 6, Superb GEM Uncirculated-Mostly white, with some light peripheral toning. $14750.

· 1835 JR 1, Gem Uncirculated-Ex. Eliasberg, lightly toned, fully struck, lustrous. $8450.

· 1837 No Stars, Very Choice Uncirculated-Near Gem, beautifully toned. $3950.

· 1855 Arrows, Gem Uncirculated-Brilliant, with light brown at edges. $5450.

· 1864 GEM Uncirculated-Mostly brilliant, with light peripheral toning, well struck with light clashing. Quite scarce Civil War date. $4995.

· 1874 PCGS MS63, Nearly Gem Brilliant Uncirculated-White, with some light brown at the rims, nearly a gem, but for a couple of ticks. Gorgeous, arrows at date design. $2750.

· 1892-O Very Choice Deep Mirror Proof-like Uncirculated-This coin really looks like a Proof that was struck with the “O” mintmark. Very choice Uncirculated, mostly brilliant with light toning here and there. $3950.

· 1893 Superb Gem Uncirculated-Deeply toned, with blues, oranges and gold. $3495.

· 1893-S PCGS MS64, Very Choice Uncirculated, Triple “S”-Very Choice Uncirculated, Triple “S” mintmark, quite scarce. $6250.

· 1894-O Gem Uncirculated-Fully struck gem, charcoal blue green toning with bright centers. Very rare. $13950.

· 1895 PCGS MS63, Gem Uncirculated-Mostly white obverse, toning on reverse, scarce. $2995.

· 1897-O Gem Uncirculated-White, very scarce. $4750.

· 1901 ANACS MS63, Very Choice Uncirculated-Mostly white. $295.

· 1946-S Roosevelt, Deep Mirror Proof-like Gem Uncirculated-This is the first Roosevelt Dime that I have ever listed, and although I own thousands of Roosevelts, this one is truly outstanding because it is a deep mirror proof-like. I spoke with an expert in branch mint proof-likes, Bill Paul, of Philadelphia, and was told that some other “S” dimes come proof-like, but this date is much rarer. Not the most valuable coin, but one of the most unusual. $995.

Twenty Cents

· 1875 Gem Proof-like BU-A stunning white, proof-like and very attractive. $8500.

· 1875-CC PCGS MS64, GEM Uncirculated-Fully struck, quite scarce, as such. Beautifully toned original GEM uncirculated, which PCGS has graded MS 64, inappropriately, IMHO. $19995.


· 1815 PCGS MS63, Gem Uncirculated-Razor sharp, brilliant uncirculated Gem, light gold at the rims, PCGS MS 63, but another case of a differing opinion. You make up your own mind, please. $34950.

· 1825/4/3 PCGS MS64, Gem Brilliant Uncirculated-White, glittering gem. $32750.

· 1838 NGC MS64, Capped Bust Gem Uncirculated-Mostly brilliant, with peripheral blue-gray. $27950.

I am now marketing the final group of the Nevada seated liberty quarter collection. Consisting of over fifty coins, a couple of highlights include an EF/AU 1870-CC and the finest known 1867-S. Contact me for more specifics!

· 1861 PCGS MS64, Gem Uncirculated-The easiest obtainable Civil War date. Fully struck, lightly clashed, lightly toned. $3995.

· 1864 Gem Uncirculated-Lightly toned, low mintage Civil War date. $4995.

· 1877-S Gem Uncirculated-Brilliant, creamy white. $2250.

· 1881 Gem Proof-Peripherally toned, gem proof, beautiful. $2995.

· 1885 Gem Uncirculated-Mostly brilliant with some obverse peripheral toning, another low mintage date. $2450.

· 1887 Gem Uncirculated-Toned with weak strike on the stars. $1950.

· 1917-S T. 1, Superb Full Head Gem Uncirculated-Blazing white, essentially perfect frosty GEM! $8950.

· 1918-S PCGS MS64FH, Gem Full Head Uncirculated-Lightly toned. $18450.

Half Dollars

· 1806 O-123′ Gem Proof-like Uncirculated-My client has owned this piece for at least thirty years, having purchased it from Ed Milas of Rarcoa in Chicago. It is a very well struck example of O-123 without any die breaks and is far scarcer than a normal 123 that has die breaks and a weakly struck reverse center. The coin is wholly proof-like and naturally toned Gem Uncirculated specimen, clearly the finest of the die marriage and possibly of the entire date. It is my client’s favorite coin and will probably be at least one of your favorites, as well. $125,000.

· 1807 O-113 PCGS MS65, GEM Uncirculated, Small Stars-This coin is a spectacularly toned GEM Uncirculated, prooflike, and the finest known 1807 half, period. Ex. lot #296 Lester Merkin’s sale of 3/15/67, an incredible offering of early halves following his landmark offering of the Helfenstein Large cents and dimes in his 4/66 auction, Lester raved about this coin. It was then included in a collection offered by Merkin in 2/12/72, lot #133 and purchased there by Bernard Kalmanson, an advanced NYC collector of gorgeous coins. His collection was sold by Stack’s in the 1970’s, where Jim Pryor purchased the coin. Jim, an advanced collector of quality halves, who really loved his coins, was an extremely appreciative owner and his collection was sold by Bowers & Merena in 1996, after his passing two years prior. I am selling it for the current owner, a collector of first year of issue gem prooflike coins. PCGS MS-65, but I believe a current examination would yield a higher numerical grade. It really doesn’t make any difference what # is on the holder, as this is the BEST one. An interesting note: I was personally in attendance at three and maybe all of the auction sales mentioned. I have an initialed copy of the 1967 sale, but am not 100% sure that I was there. $140,000.

· 1822 O-108a, Gem Uncirculated-Toned obverse, mostly brilliant reverse. $8495.

· 1826 O-118 PCGS MS64, Superb Gem Uncirculated-Fully struck, toned blues and greys. The finest quality early half in my inventory. $42500.

· 1829 GEM Uncirculated-Fully struck, white, with slight peripheral toning. $10950.

· 1832 O-102, Gem Uncirculated-Fully struck, except for stars 7-9 and correspondingly on reverse. Lightly toned on obverse and multi-colored on reverse. A gorgeous coin. $7500.

· 1832 O-118, Choice Proof-Another class 2. This one is brilliant with deep mirrors, but has some frosty areas. $14950.

· 1879 NGC PF67CAM, Superb Gem Proof-Gorgeous champagne and blue toning, simply stunning. $12500.

· 1901 Gem Brilliant Uncirculated-A white frosty gem. $4450.

· 1902 Gem Brilliant Uncirculated-White. Ex James Bennett Pryor. $4450.

· 1906-D PCGS MS64, GEM Uncirculated-Brilliant white with slight peripheral toning. $4450.

· 1911-D Gem Uncirculated-Grey, brown toned, ex-John Pittman. $2950.

· 1918-D Very Choice Brilliant Uncirculated-Weak centers and head, otherwise Gem. $9450.

· 1920 PCGS MS64, Gem Brilliant Uncirculated-Brilliant white, fully struck Gem. $5450.

· 1920-D Very Choice Uncirculated-Mostly brilliant, with some very light toning. $5750.

· 1929-D PCGS MS63, Very Choice Brilliant Uncirculated-Well struck, white, very choice Brilliant Uncirculated. $1495.

· 1934-S PCGS MS64, Nearly gem Brilliant Uncirculated-Some light toning, mostly brilliant. Your collection will be the first that this coin has ever been in because it was saved by the family of a San Francisco merchant for 65 years. $3450.

Early Silver Dollars

· 1795 Flowing Hair, Three Leaves, B-7 extremely fine-Original & natural, but with a chip out of edge that appears to a planchet flaw. $12750.

Seated Liberty Silver Dollars

· 1853 NGC MS63, Choice Uncirculated-Blue grey toned, very well struck. $8250.

· 1859 NGC PF65CAM, Brilliant Gem Proof-Quite scarce. $19950.

· 1859 NGC MS62, Very Choice Uncirculated-Brilliant white with a few very light reverse hairlines, NGC MS 62, incorrectly IMHO. $15950.

· 1862 Choice Uncirculated-Key, civil war date, rare, very sharp, toned. $4950.

· 1863 NGC MS64, Very Choice Brilliant Uncirculated-A very scarce Civil War issue, very choice brilliant uncirculated. $14950.

· 1868 ANACS PR64CAM, Gem Proof-A gorgeous coin, peripherally toned dark brown, brilliant centers. $12500.

Morgan Dollars

· 1878 8 Feather Proof PCGS PR61CAM, Very Choice Proof, near Gem-Fully brilliant with just a few very light hairlines. My colleagues at PCGS totally missed this one, listing it as PR-61CAM. $4950.

· 1878 8 Feather Vam 23, Choice Uncirculated-White, proof-like and very popular as one of the “Top 100”. $895.

· 1880-O ANACS MS64, Gem Brilliant Uncirculated-Well struck, very few marks, fully lustrous, with light brown peripheral toning, ANACS MS 64. $19500.

· 1882-O/S PCGS MS63, Very Choice Brilliant Uncirculated-Very clean, brilliant, PCGS MS 63, but very choice BU in my estimation. $4495.

· 1883-S PCGS MS62, Very Choice Brilliant Uncirculated-Old PCGS MS 62, but seemingly absurd. Brilliant white, very choice BU. $4995.

· 1883-CC PCGS MS67, Nearly Perfect Brilliant Uncirculated-Fully struck, blazing white brilliant uncirculated. Essentially perfect. I cannot say any more. $44950.

· 1885-S Gem Brilliant Uncirculated-Blazing white, proof-like (Obverse only) Gem. $4750.

· 1886-S/S ANACS MS63DMPL, Very Choice Deep Mirror Proof-like Brilliant Uncirculated-White, DMPL, the Vam-2, S/S variety, scarce. $5475.

· 1887/6 PCGS MS65, Gem Brilliant Uncirculated, nearly Deep Mirror Proof-like-This first generation PCGS MS 65 is proof-like for sure, nearly DMPL. Rare. $9950.

· 1890-O PCGS MS64PL, Very Choice toned Deep Mirror Proof-like Brilliant Uncirculated-A beautifully toned deep mirror proof-like, quite scarce, PCGS MS 64PL mis-categorized. $1995.

· 1890-S Gem Uncirculated-Fully struck, mostly white with some light brown toning. $995.

· 1892-O Very Choice Brilliant Proof-Recently discovered, this coin is unquestionably not a commercial striking, although my colleagues at PCGS declined the opportunity to encapsulate it as a proof, because of a lack of documentation or reason for it to be struck. Deep proof surface, not 100% struck up, but far better than the vast majority of the date. Ask to see it, on approval, or at a show in the near future. Please note that I discovered the Bruce Todd 1893-CC proof dollar and the Herb Bergen 1883-O proof dollar, so I do happen to know what I am talking about!! This may very well be a truly unique opportunity! $99750.

· 1893 Gem Brilliant Uncirculated, Doubled Date-Gem Brilliant white uncirculated, this one is the very interesting doubled, most noticeable on the 3. $6950.

· 1893-O Very Choice Proof-like Brilliant Uncirculated-Very choice proof-like, slightly weak on the breast feathers. Very rare. $19750.

· 1893-CC PCGS MS62, Choice Proof-like Brilliant Uncirculated-A bright, frosty white proof-like BU coin, weakly struck in the centers, most likely from the Redfield hoard, as it looks quite similar to those coins. Scarce and very popular. $7450.

· 1895-O PCGS MS61, Choice Proof-like Brilliant Uncirculated-This proof-like example is among the very rarest of Morgans and is indeed a choice brilliant uncirculated coin. $59950.

· 1897-O ANACS MS63DMPLChoice, Deep Mirror Proof-like Brilliant Uncirculated-An extremely rare coin, almost certainly less than 5 known of this quality. The 97-O is rare uncirculated, but with the deep mirror surface, out of this world. This coin has full deep mirrors and fully brilliant, is at least Choice BU, and maybe better. I am aware that the Jack Lee specimen of this coin, a PCGS MS 64 DMPL was just sold for well over forty thousand dollars and this is the coin that it replaced in probably what is the next great Morgan collection. An important opportunity for the DMPL collector. $24950.

· 1899-S PCGS MS66PL, GEM Brilliant, Deep Mirror Proof-like, Brilliant Uncirculated-Another first generation PCGS MS 66 PL that is a DMPL, GEM BU. Quite rare and a candidate for finest known, which it was listed at when it was first encapsulated. A prize for an advanced Morgan collection. $29750.

· 1900-O/CC PCGS MS65, GEM Brilliant Uncirculated-Second generation PCGS MS 65, it is certainly GEM. Wide, clear, under mintmark. $7495.

· 1901 Doubled Die Reverse, choice almost uncirculated-A very popular variety of a popular date, this one is a beautiful lustrous almost uncirculated specimen. $5950.

· 1902-S NGC MS66, GEM Uncirculated-Very clean, dark champagne toned. NGC MS 66, Very pretty. $9975.

· 1904-O GEM Brilliant Uncirculated-Fully Deep Mirror Proof-like, possibly a proof, but I can’t find any documentation of this. Incredible! $1500.

· 1921-D Gem Toned Uncirculated, the 12th coin released-This is the 12th Silver Dollar released from the first 100 coins struck in Denver. The first two coins were presented to two Colorado institutions, one being the School of Mines, were not engraved. Neither of these coins is currently known. The 3rd coin thru the 12th are engraved as follows:
“– dollar released from 1st 100
ever coined at Denver Mint
Thomas A. Annear Supt.”
I believe that all of the 10 engraved coins are known today. The other 88 coins were not engraved and are not traceable. There is a wealth of documentation and research that comes with this coin. The coin is toned and is a Gem. $19750.

· Complete set of Peace Dollars-This set was put together by a client’s father nearly 40 years ago and is mostly Choice BU. There may be some that are less and there are a few gems, as well. A very well matched set and is housed in 2 deluxe trays. Very pretty. $19995.

· 1922-D PCGS MS65, GEM Brilliant Uncirculated-White GEM!! $1995.

· 1928 Gem Brilliant Uncirculated-Blazing white, nearly perfect Gem Brilliant Uncirculated. $4950.

· 1928-S PCGS MS64, Gem Brilliant Uncirculated-Lightly toned, fully lustrous, very scarce, PCGS MS 64, but IMHO a Gem. $24950.

· 1934-S NGC MS65, Gem Brilliant Uncirculated-A white, near gem, frosty BU specimen of a key date in this series, NGC MS-65. $8750.

Trade Dollars

· 1873 GEM BU-Frosty, white, well struck. $18750.

· 1874-CC Very Choice BU-White. Very popular mint-mark. $8500.

· 1875-S Gem Uncirculated-Toned brown and blue, fully struck. $8750.

Quarter Eagles

· 1848-D Choice Brilliant Uncirculated-Boldly struck, virtually no marks, slightly dull, quite scarce in this condition. $33750.

· 1861 Choice Brilliant Uncirculated, Doubled Date, Breen 6258-Very, very rare, the first that I can remember seeing. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated, first year of the civil war. Has a lot going for it. $1995.

· 1894 PCGS MS62, Brilliant Uncirculated-A low mintage date, PCGS MS-62, semi-prooflike, nearly choice brilliant uncirculated. $1950.

· 1902 Very Choice Brilliant Uncirculated-Full blazing luster, nearly Gem. $995.

Three Dollars

· 1875 J-1437 NGC PF65CAM-This is a gilt aluminum specimen of the extremely rare and coveted key to the $3 collection. This coin is actually rarer than its gold counterpart. One of only three examples known, this specimen has been in my client’s collection for nearly twenty years. $99750.

Half Eagles

· 1851-O Almost Uncirculated-A very scarce New Orleans date, somewhat unappreciated. $3650.

· 1856-D PCGS MS61, Choice Brilliant Uncirculated-Fully frosty, choice brilliant uncirculated specimen from a small hoard that was discovered in the last quarter century. Most of these have reached the market. This one has been under-graded by PCGS as MS-61. A really gorgeous coin. $34500.


· 1854-O Choice Almost Uncirculated-Rare in this condition, lustrous, choice almost uncirculated. $2495.

· 1860-S Choice Almost Uncirculated-A very rare coin, probably among the finest known of the date. $19750.

Double Eagles

· 1878 PCGS MS62, Choice Brilliant Uncirculated-Quite unusual in this condition, certainly among the very finest known of the date. Satiny, light orange overtones, choice BU, PCGS MS 62. $7450.

· 1889-S Choice Uncirculated-Full mint luster and a few bag marks. $5750.

· 1892-CC PCGS MS61, Brilliant Uncirculated, proof-like-Quite scarce, this coin is proof-like and nearly choice, a few stray bag marks, PCGS MS 61. $14950.

· 1903-S PCGS MS64, Very Choice Brilliant Uncirculated-An uncommon twentieth century Liberty double eagle, fully frosty and lustrous, PCGS MS 64. $3750.


· Columbian Exposition Proof Set-We have the distinct privilege to offer for possibly the first time ever, as a unit, a set of the three Columbian Exposition Commemorative Proof Coins. The Isabella quarter and 1892 half dollar are occasionally offered, but in concert with the 1893 half, makes this a unique opportunity. All three are guaranteed proofs, are toned similarly with deep mirrors and are all at least choice. Consider this for the most advanced of collections. $95000.

Half Dollars

· 1892 Columbian-Inserted into a Wells, Fargo & Company heavy cardboard card, together with an outside envelope with seals. Coin is a gorgeous multi-colored proof-like gem. $3950.

· 1920 Maine NGC MS65, Gem Uncirculated-Lightly toned and lustrous. $595.

· 1922 Grant NGC MS65, Gem Uncirculated-Lustrous, toned. $895.

Pattern Cents

· 1859 J-228, P-272 Gem Brilliant Uncirculated-Gem, with a slight discoloration on the Indian’s jaw. Full luster. This has the reverse of 1860. $2975. Also have a slightly less attractive coin, as well.

Pattern Three Cents

· 1865 J-411, P-482 PCGS PR63BN, Choice Proof-Regular die obverse, larger wreath on reverse, Choice Proof. $3950.

· 1865 J-413, P-484 PCGS PR63BN-Re-punched date, unlisted, Choice Proof. Not mentioned in either Judd or Pollack, this coin has a distinctly re-punched date, consequently probably quite rare, just two known to me, Choice Proof. $4950.

· 1868 J-615, P-680 PCGS PR64, Very Choice Proof-One of the commoner patterns, but this one has a 180 degree rotated reverse. Very Choice Proof. $2450.

· 1868 J-616, P-682 PCGS PR64RB, Very Choice Proof-The same common design, but this one much, much rarer, struck in copper, Very Choice Proof. $4950.

· 1868 J-618, P-687 PCGS PR64, Gem Proof-Another of the commoner patterns, Gem Proof. $2750.

· 1869 J-676, P-753 PCGS PR64, Very Choice Proof-Another of the commoner patterns. I have two of these in different generation PCGS PR 64 holders, both Very Choice Proof. $2450.ea

Pattern Nickels

· 1866 J-461, P-535 Proof-Washington obverse, this one is slightly dull. $2450.

· 1866 J-472, P-563 PCGS PR61BN-Proof R-7. $3895.

Pattern Dimes

· 1870 J-831, P-921 Very Choice Brilliant Proof-Nearly Gem, white with slight toning. Barber’s seated design, quite scarce. $3450.

· 1870 J-850, P-957 PCGS PR64, Very Choice Brilliant Proof-R7, light toning, beautiful proof. $2495.

· 1870 J-868, P-964 PCGS PR63, Choice Proof-Lightly toned, R-7. $2495.

· 1871 J-1080, P-1216 PCGS PR63, Choice Proof-Longacre’s very popular seated liberty obverse with the stars, R7. $4950.

· Also available, J-1081, PCGS PR60RB-Copper example of the same coin, R7. $3950.

Pattern Quarter

· 1869 J-728, P-809 GEM Proof-Gorgeous GEM, lightly toned, with some areas of speckled toning, R-7. $3975.

Pattern Half

· 1859 J-239, P-295 Proof-Previously PCGS PF 62, with insert. Light grey with some iridescence at rims. Currently inexpensive. $2250.

Pattern Three Dollars

· 1875 J-1437 NGC PF65CAM-This is a gilt aluminum specimen of the extremely rare and coveted key to the $3 collection. This coin is actually rarer than its gold counterpart. One of only three examples known, this specimen has been in my client’s collection for nearly twenty years. $99750.

Please go to: to see full inventory.

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  1. Jonathan K Kern | Oct 19, 2009 | Reply

    I am really sorry that Julian made a very expensive mistake like this, and left his coins unattended in vehicle (I believe overnight if I am reading the stories correctly.) I consider Julian a great numismatist and a friend, but he chose a course of action which we coin dealers KNOW has severe risks.

    Just recently Claude Burgan of Paris, France was robbed by gunmen. Holding his wife hostage at his home, the robbers forced Claude to go to his shop or office and get the coins. Fortunately, after being satisfied with the loot, they left Claude and his wife apparently unharmed. But there is still no comparison between these two robberies.

    I will make a $5000. USdollar contribution to the IAPN for additional reward money to help catch and convicts the perpetrators of this crime in France.

    Julian has my sympathy but I feel no obligation to finance his carelessness.

  2. J Wallace Clinton | Sep 27, 2011 | Reply

    Very well said, Jonathan.

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