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U.K.’s Royal Mint Doubles Production of Gold Coins
The U.K.’s Royal Mint, established in the 13th century, more than doubled gold-coin production last year as investors sought to diversify their assets and hedge against a weaker dollar and accelerating inflation.Output rose to 125,469 ounces from 46,315 ounces a year before, according to data obtained by Bloomberg News. Gold averaged $974 (612 pounds) an ounce last year. Fourth-quarter production rose 54 percent to 25,078 ounces, the data show.
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Hallaton Roman coin is ‘oldest found in Britain
A silver coin dug up as part of a hoard is the oldest piece of Roman money found in Britain, experts believe. The coin, which has been dated to 221BC, was found near Hallaton in Leicestershire with 5,000 other coins, a helmet and decorated bowl. Uncovered by archaeologists in 2000, the coin’s significance has just been recognised, the county council said. It said the coin, which has the Goddess Roma on one side, was “something very special”.
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50 State Quarters Program Earned $6.3 Billion in Seigniorage
Coin Update
The United States Mint reflected on the success of their 50 State Quarter Program in their recently issued 2009 Annual Report. The final coin of the series featuring Hawaii was issued on November 3, 2008, within the first quarter of the US Mint’s last fiscal year.
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Coin collector constructs Titanic model
Czech News Agency
Czech collector Marek Satka has built a 1.3m long model of Titanic made of 25,500 old Czech 10-heller, 20-heller and 50-heller coins.
His work on the Titanic lasted 16 months. Satka, aged 28, first collected the coins when they were still valid. Being of little value, people often wanted to get rid of them. He started his new hobby in 2003 when the 10-heller and 20-heller coins stopped to be used.
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Are Unknown Treasures Buried Within Your Old Coins?
Zyrus Press
NEW BOOK -Coming upon money is always financially rewarding. However, inherited coins could unknowingly be more than their face value. With the direction of numismatic expert Jeff Ambio, non-coin collectors can prevent making the heartbreaking mistake of spending a coin potentially worth over a hundred times its face value in a parking meter or to pay for groceries. What to do with Granddaddy’s Coins provides an easy guide to understanding how to assess a coin’s value and how to obtain a maximum profit.
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History of coins, future of hobby interests collector Jim Smalley
Leader Post
The Greek god is looking a bit green around the edges, but the copper coin has held up pretty well considering it’s the oldest in the collection. Back in the days when money might have read “in gods we trust” (long before the Americans coined the phrase), the ancient coin was issued under Ptolemy II Philadelphos, King of Egypt between 285 and 246 B.C.
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Stunning New Coin for Australia Day
Royal Australian Mint
In the lead-up to Australia Day, the Assistant Treasurer, Senator Nick Sherry, today announced the design of the newest coin to go into the hands of Australians. Commemorating and celebrating Australia Day and designed by the Royal Australian Mint in consultation with the National Australia Day Council, this 50 cent coin marks the spirit of this significant national celebration and will soon be available around the country.
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SC $10 Seal Altered
By Peter Huntoon, Bank Note Reporter
In what constitutes one of the most bizarre occurrences involving the paper money issued during World War II, black marketers, or other illicit holders, spuriously altered American $10 Yellow Seal Silver Certificates into Blue Seals. This was done by chemically removing the yellow seal from the notes, and overprinting a new blue seal in its place from a counterfeit die.
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