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Coin News for July 7, 2010

New PCGS Series: Tips from the Grading Room
Welcome to the first installment of a new series we’re calling “Tips from the Grading Room.” Each issue we’ll take a look at a different aspect of grading a particular series, and share a few insights with you. For our first series, we’ll examine exactly what constitutes a “Full Head” Standing Liberty Quarter. Full Head (FH) is the designation that follows the numerical grade of some Standing Liberty quarters that have full detail in the head and cap of Miss Liberty. For coins that grade AU-50 and higher, this designation is assigned when full head and cap detail is present for the three varieties of the two major design types (Type I: 1916, 1917; Type II: 1917–1930).
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The ‘Faceless’ Monroe Dollar Error
Susan Headley
A “Faceless” Monroe Presidential Dollar has been found by coin collector Garrett Reich of Michigan. This extremely rare error type, of which only one previous specimen has ever been confirmed, is a Presidential Dollar that didn’t get struck by the coin dies, leaving it without any obverse or reverse designs. Reich’s coin is a blank planchet with a very important difference from nearly other blank Presidential Dollar coins: it has Presidential Dollar edge lettering on it! Garrett found the coin in a bank box of 1,000 coins wrapped up into 40 rolls on February 13, 2008, the day before the coins officially went on sale at most banks. (Some banks are known to distribute the coins ahead of the official release date.) 
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The Chase Museum, Stack’s, and Young Numismatists
The E-Sylum
The Chase Money Museum was located on 6th Avenue (now the Avenue of the Americas) and 50th Street. It was developed under the great leadership of Vernon Brown. As with most places of interest it was open 6 days a week and visitors from all over came to this midtown location. One of the nearby attractions was its neighbor, Radio City Music Hall. The displays at the museum changed regularly, and were designed to show the history of Money, mostly of the United States, but it also had interesting displays of foreign, ancient and world currency. It showed the relationship of coins and currency to trade and growth in the world. It even had a great exhibit of Odd and Curious Currency.
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Popular U.S. Mint Sets Available in July
U.S. Mint
Two of the United States Mint’s most popular annual sets will be available for purchase in July.  The 2010 United States Mint Uncirculated Set®, priced at $31.95, will be available on July 15; and the 2010 United States Mint Proof Set®, priced at $31.95, will be available on July 22.  Both sets include the first five commemorative quarter-dollar coins in the America the Beautiful QuartersTM Program, honoring Hot Springs National Park (Arkansas), Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming), Yosemite National Park (California), Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona), and Mount Hood National Forest (Oregon).  The sets also include four Presidential $1 Coins, honoring Presidents Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan and Abraham Lincoln; one Native American $1 Coin; one Kennedy half-dollar coin; one Jefferson 5-cetn coin; one Roosevelt dime coin; and one Lincoln one-cent cent.
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Italian Motorists Scramble for 2 Million Euros Scattered in Crash
Mail Online
This was the scene that left bank chiefs short-changed after passing motorists coined it in when a bullion van overturned and spilled its load of 2 million euros (£1.6million). The one and two euro coins were scattered across the busy motorway after the van burst a tyre, hit another car before crashing into a barrier. As they hit the ground, the boxes burst open throwing the coins out and which led to the crazy scene of motorists stopping on the busy motorway to help themselves to at least 10,000 euros. The incident happened near Foggia in southern Italy on the A14 motorway which connects the north of the country with popular holiday hot spots in the south.
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Holographic Technology and Banknote Security
Banknote News
Technology continues to push the boundaries for banknote security holograms. Here, Dr Glenn Wood of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association looks at some of the latest developments. Today, holographic technology remains very much to the fore as part of an array of overt features which make it quick and easy for people to recognise whether or not a banknote is bonafide. But new substrate technology, particularly the introduction of transparent ‘windows’ is being incorporated on banknotes to provide new levels of anti-counterfeiting complexity.
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