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Coin News for May 18, 2010

New Book on Coins Featuring the Portrait of Edward VIII
Coins Weekly
This publication, which is the most comprehensive listing ever published of Currency Coins and Paper Money, Medals, Patterns, Trials Pieces and Badges of Edward VIII, is the result of 25 passionate years of collecting, research and writing by the author, Joseph Giordano Jnr., a native of New York. This work is truly comprehensive in its coverage, dealing with Investiture, Coronation, Jubilee, Abdication, Royal visits and Prize medals along with many others including retrospective pieces. Contemporary currency of the UK and Dominions including patterns and trials are covered together with paper money, badges and fantasy pieces.
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Federal Law on Reproducing U.S. Currency Images
The New York Times
Federal laws don’t ban reproducing images of United States currency, but they do restrict how you can legally display those reproductions. According to the Counterfeit Detection Act of 1992, Public Law 102-550, Section 411 of Title 31 of the Code of Federal Regulations, you can make and display color reproductions of bills as long as the illustration is one-sided and “less than three-fourths” the size of the original — or 150 percent larger than the original. You also have to destroy the files after their final use.
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U.S. Mint Announces Launch Date of Yellowstone Quarters
U.S. Mint
The United States Mint today announced that the launch ceremony for the Yellowstone National Park Quarter will take place on June 3, at 10:30 a.m. Mountain Time (MT), behind the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park.  The ceremony will also be broadcast live on the Web at: After the ceremony, the public can exchange their paper currency for $10 rolls of the Yellowstone National Park quarters at face value.  Children 18 years old and younger will receive a new Yellowstone National park quarter to commemorate the event. The Yellowstone National Park quarter is the second release in the United States Mint America the America the Beautiful QuartersTM Program. 
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Mintage Is Not the Whole Story for the 1946-D Half Dollar
Mintages are one part of the assorted factors that can indicate whether a specific date is likely to be available today in large numbers or elusive. They are not, however, the only factor and the 1946-D Walking Liberty half dollar is a good example of that fact. The 1946-D came at a time when, frankly, there was no need for half dollar production. During World War II the United States had seen what were record half dollar mintages. That was especially true from Philadelphia where the 1943 had a mintage of over 53 million. The 1942 had been over 42 million.
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Children and Creativity Collector Coin
Mint of Finland
The Children and creativity collector coin is the first official Finnish collector coin to be selected by public vote. Visitors to the Mint of Finland website can vote for their favourite among 11 potential coin designs until June 18. The artworks that voters will be selecting were done by students at high schools of the visual arts. Mint of Finland will use the winner to mint the next collector coin to be issued at Heureka on October 20. All visitors to the Mint of Finland website may participate in the vote. All voters will participate in a raffle for a Children and creativity collector coin and jewellery made by Mint of Finland.
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Chicago Tribune Poll: Don’t Replace Grant on the $50
Chicago Tribune
Rep. Patrick McHenry, a North Carolina Republican, wants Ronald Reagan to replace Ulysses Grant on the $50 bill. Almost 8 in 10 Americans oppose the idea, a new poll shows. Reagan, a Republican, was the “last great president of the 20th century” who “rallied the nation and won the Cold War,” McHenry said in an interview. McHenry proposed a bill March 2 seeking to redesign the $50 bill and substitute the 40th president’s image for the likeness of the 18th, a Civil War hero. McHenry’s bill is widely opposed, according to a Marist College poll. Seventy-nine percent said the suggestion is a bad idea, compared with 12 percent who supported the plan. Nine percent said they are unsure.
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