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Opinion: Laura Sperber’s Hot Topics – SO WHATS (NOT) NEW?

By Laura Sperber – Hot Topics


NOT! I can not believe how lethargic and pathetic the leadership of the coin business has become. PCGS launched their lawsuit back in May. Other than scaring the greedy bastards into slowing their dirty deeds-NOT MUCH ELSE HAS HAPPENED. No hobby groups have stood up what so ever and done anything about the situation. The attitude among dealers still seems to that the grading services are there to be abused.

I think its a crime that the best the PNG could do is announce they have a definition of coin doctoring. Whuppie! Did they do anything? Apparently not a damn thing. They are hiding behind the lamest of lame excuses (they are a reactionary, not proactive group). The perpetrators named in the suit got caught (by their own stupidity) still trying to ruin coins yet again recently (the evidence was even posted in Coin World). Even better, at the ANA Show this past summer one of the parties in the suit set up and proudly displayed his PNG banner at his table! What a slap in the face to those of us who do care. I know the PNG’s time has come and gone. They do nothing and are nothing for this coin biz-in MY opinion. Their PNG Days prior to major shows not only have become a show case for the parts of their membership they refuse to punish, they are a complete joke anyway (one must be invited for admission-how arrogant and stupid). I hope the PNG tries to prove me wrong about their total waste and ineffectiveness.

My head hurts from shaking so much after seeing what they are NOT doing! Besides, we all know its not the entire group of PNG dealers who are bad-so where are the innocent ones? You telling me they have little to no powers on these critical issues? Just more of a point about the bad dudes who apparently control that organization. if they wanted too, they could chase after and maybe even prevent coin doctoring-btye clearly choose not too. Looks like I will never have to pay $1,000.00 I promised for anyone the PNG catches and expels for coin doctoring. Yeah PNG, I am grandstanding for attention (NOT)! -at least I am not sitting on the sidelines with rose colored glasses doing nothing about all this!

Its not just them. I have only seen a handful of smaller dealers-the ones who get screwed by the coin docs perpetually stand up and make statements. Where are all the other big shot retailers? Why I am the lone wolf speaking out? But then I guess when you have a coin doc who sits behind your table and who sells you a lot of coins cheap your not going to complain about them. This doesn’t rock the boat culture has to change. Its for the good of the hobby for the long term.


Many people ask me why I do not like so many other dealers. It has nothing to do with them being competition. It has to do with them not caring or worse, they are phonies. One of the problems in today’s coin market place-many of the “newer” dealers just can not grade. That’s right, give them a raw coin out of the holder and they are clueless. Sadly, they have the best web sites and act like they are kings and hook the public. They are just one more means keep to the coin doctors longevity going. These unqualified dealers certainly are not going to be involved in stopping the coin docs. But we can make them change since they are too dumb to know what to do. Yet again, I call for more public scrutiny of dealers.

Like it or not, CAC coins are helping close the coin doctoring issue. Before all the chat room chimps start how this is nothing but a pro cac ad or lecture in disguise-I say shut up and go buy your puttied, cloroxed, and doctored coins and then lose 60% when you sell. Your opinions through out the years have been non constructive and just gossipy oriented. If you all haven’t noticed (I’m sorry, refuse to notice), CAC has become firmly entrenched and is more than widely accepted in the marketplace. I can state for a fact that the submissions to CAC right now are at record levels. In fact, I do not know of many bigger buyers who will buy a coin that won’t CAC anymore.

I know the grading services dislike CAC-but they need to grow up. CAC is NOT there to hurt them, Its there to help and has. CAC also has more than proven it is NOT out to make money off the grading/doctoring problems. The ONLY reason some dealers like to still slam CAC is just because they are afraid their days of free wheeling destruction are now numbered.

The more people who demand CAC coins, the LESS the coin doctors will be successful. The grading services can not stop the coin doctors on their own. CAC is forcing the marketplace to stop them by keeping money away from bad coins. So why does not every retail dealer believe in CAC? Because they deal with coin doctors or they go out to dinner with them and consider them friends. I dunno, if my friend was polluting where I live intentionally and refused to stop, they wouldn’t be my friend much longer. I think its a disgrace if you sell coins to the public and you do not care what you sell.

Maybe you won’t always agree with a sticker on a coin, but one thing CAC does assure you of-you will NOT buy a doctored coin. As I said before, the CAC marketplace is huge, if your dealer isn’t willing to handle CAC now, you need to make them fess up to their real motives. If they do not want to speak up against their buddies, then why are aren’t they selling coins that have been double checked to you-its a less confrontational way out??

The public should NOT deal with people who just do not care. In my opinion, if your dealer does not believe in CAC to some degree-they are a problem. It clear that CAC is and will continue to be a major warrior with the grading services in the fight against con doctors.


I predict the next 2-3 years will be extraordinarily painful to the core of coin business-the dealer community. But, its our own fault. We took our eyes off the most important thing: the coins themselves. Now its payback time to clean the mess up. And I do firmly believe the mess if fixable-but there has to be a bigger swell of support to make it happen (or happen faster). And many dealers (and dealer organizations) have to change dramatically. Their mindsets are truly disgusting.

What about all the bad coins? Someone will have to eat them. Eventually they will end up in genuine holders and be valued correctly by the market. That’s not horrible. In fact, its much safer and makes for a far more healthier and efficient marketplace.

I am just disgusted over this whole mess and how dealers (especially) have reacted. I know the public and its pocket book can have far more influence than a PNG whimpering to its members not to doctor coins. Its painfully evident that change won’t come from the majority of my fellow retail dealers either. Some how, there needs to be far more support from them to make the bad guys stop. I believe more than ever the public has to use its dollars and voice to do it. It really is time everyone starts getting spanked who does not care.

The public needs to keep the pressure on. I know everyday I do whatever I can to make the coin market a safer and stronger place. None of us who care can afford to rest.

FINAL NOTE: I went to the dictionary to look up the spelling of irrelevant-and I was surprised the #1 definition was the PNG!!!! Yeh, I am fed up!

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