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Inside a Chinese Coin Counterfeiting Ring

Chinese Counterfeit Morgan Dollars - Photo courtesy of Jinghua SheiHave you ever wondered what an illegal coin minting operation looks like? Are you curious about how the Chinese are making all of those fake coins we have been seeing recently? If so, the Chinese Coin Counterfeiting photo gallery will interest you. There are photos of the coin presses they use, the fake coin dies they make, and the actual coins they strike. I have added some commentary where I was able to get information about the processes, but as you can probably imagine, my sources aren’t exactly being forthcoming about this information.

Counterfeit Dies- Photo courtesy of Jinghua SheiSome of the photos in this gallery surfaced in coin collecting discussion forums earlier this year. I would like to acknowledge the anonymous owner of the Web site for leading me to these photos, and for providing information that got me started tracking them all the way down to their Chinese sources. It is obvious that this Chinese counterfeiting operation is a large scale endeavor that is flooding thousands of fake coins into our coin collecting marketplace every month. As the photos will reveal, these fakes are dangerous, high-quality specimens that will fool all but the most observant collectors. Read full article by Susan on

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