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Collector Coins Offer Enjoyment and Profit

The numismatic marketplace is a diverse landscape of collectibles and investment opportunities that offers both opportunity and enjoyment to those who venture into some of the less publicized areas.

At CoinLink we tend to focus on classic rarities, major rarities and coins that have both a historical and pedigreed back-story. We love to find unusual items to present to our readers along with “important coins” that stand out in numismatic history and give us a better insight into how and why our coinage was conceived, developed and collected.

However this is just one arena in which collectors pursue their interest in the hobby. Many are drawn to specialties such as Bust Half dollars or Seated coinage, some focus on classic commemoratives or rare date gold. And many concentrate on Modern coins and new mint issues including high grade bullion coins or one of the many commemorative coins produced each year by the US mint.

One area where scant attention has been paid is to the World Collector Coin market. These are generally Silver coins, based around a particular theme and produced by several national mints under the authority of small far away counties such as Tuvalu and The Cook Islands.

The Perth Mint has been a prolific producer of such coins covering Nature, Military History and Famous People to Maritime and Aviation themes.

All these coins are visually striking and most incorporate innovative manufacturing techniques to add Holograms, colorized backgrounds and even revolutionary new design concepts such as the ‘orbital’ coin where the coin rotates around a fixed center.

Mintages for these coins is almost always limited, often to as few as 5000 coins, and are generally Sold out within a very short time after they are introduced.

Cory Maita of Gainesville Coins remarked that they can’t seem to keep these coin in stock. ” The demand is amazing and the collector coins just fly out the door”

Gainesville Coins is a major seller of collector coins and because of their special relationship with many of the mints and suppliers, they often are the first company to have new issues in stock and ready to ship.

The New 2010 Warrior Series has been very incredibly popular. The coin’s reverse portrays a Roman legionary in colour. Tough, courageous and highly-disciplined infantry soldiers, professional legionaries formed the backbone of the Roman army, a formidable fighting force that conquered and controlled Rome’s vast Empire.

The legionary is dressed in a galea, a metal helmet with cheek guards, and a cuirass, body armour comprising overlapping iron plates. The legionary is also wearing an apron of leather strips featuring metal plates hanging from his belt, and caligae, leather sandals with iron hobnails.

This Four coin set will also include the Viking, Knight and Samurai.

Because of the limited number being produced, there is an active aftermarket in Collector coins, especially for select series. Designs covering Wildlife, Naval Ships, Great Battles and other similar themes are bought and sold on venues such as eBay on a regular basis, and many bring multiples of their original offering price. They appeal to many collectors who are looking for visually interesting coins that reflect other interests in their lives, and the cost to acquire and collect these coin is not prohibitive.

“We have customers who regularly purchase dozens of the new issues upon release. They then wait until the coin is sold out and then sell their duplicates in the aftermarket for a tidy little profit” said Maita.

So if you are looking for a low cost area of coin collecting to have a bit of fun, and possibly even make a few dollars at the same time, take a look at the collector Coin market and visit Gainesville Coins to see what’s hot and what’s new.

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  1. Challenge Coins | Jul 16, 2010 | Reply

    There are some incredible looking coins here. I had never heard of The Perth Mint before finding your blog, looks like an outstanding Australian resource.

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