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Stack’s 74th Anniversary Rare Coin and Currency Auction to be Held In Baltimore

Stack’s eagerly invites you to take part in our 74th Anniversary Sale, held this year in Baltimore, MD November 9-11, 2009. Stack’s is proud to celebrate our 74th year in the auction business by holding a star-studded auction event, replete with dazzling rarities at every turn. This auction will include U.S. coins, tokens, medals, and paper money, and includes selections from the Alan Bleviss Collection, the Jerry Byrne, Sr. Collection, the David Hickson Collection, the Chester L. Krause Collection, the Maryland Historical Society, the Mayflower Collection, the Minot Collection, the Robert A. Vlack Collection and much more!


Lot 119. Illinois, Alton. Walter & Smith 10¢ Storecard. Fuld 10A-1b. Rarity-8. MS-63 (NGC).

Session One begins at 2:00pm on Monday, November 9th and leads off with U.S. tokens and medals, including over 500 lots from the Alan Bleviss Collection of Civil War Tokens. This incredibly diverse collection boasts tokens from all over the map, offering something for just about anyone. The group for sale here represents Part II of this magnificent collection, and covers over 20 states, including both Sutler tokens and Civil War store cards. Highlights include the rare brass Alton, Illinois Walter & Smith 10¢ store card, a Rarity-8 in MS-63 (NGC), and the Chicago, Illinois Robin’s Garden brass 5¢ token, one of just three known examples. Other rarities include the Logansport, Indiana H.C. Eversole token in MS-62 (NGC) and the Nashville, Tennessee Gold Pen Depot token, a Rarity-9 in the exceptional condition of AU-55 (NGC).

Lot 622. 1799 George Washington Funeral Medal. About Uncirculated.

U.S. medals offer a selection that is modest in size only. The famed Libertas Americana medal makes an appearance here; in AU-55 BN (NGC), this ex Ford piece is certainly an item to watch. Two lots later appears the gold 1799 George Washington oval funeral medal in About Uncirculated condition, a very rare type that would make a fine addition to any advanced Washingtoniana collection.

Lot 689. 1767-A French Colonies Sou. Proof or Specimen.

U.S. coins comprise roughly the second half of this session, and provide a truly wonderful array of Colonial and Early American issues, many of which hail from the Maryland Historical Society. The pleasing Lord Baltimore sixpence is one of these, and is an attractive example in a Genuine (PCGS) holder with the details of a VF specimen. French colonial pieces offer a spectacular 1767-A sou, a magnificent piece that is either a Proof or Specimen despite being certified as an impressive MS-67 BN by PCGS.

Lot 711. 1790 Standish Barry Threepence. VF-30 (PCGS).

Also offered in this section is a remarkable run of Chalmers coinage that includes two shillings, the rare and important sixpence graded conservatively Fine-15 (PCGS), and an attractive threepence in VF-35 (PCGS). Other Maryland Historical Society treats include a 1790 Standish Barry threepence, a formidable rarity with desirability to match. The only silver portrait piece of the 18th century, the only issue by Standish Barry, and the only early American coin to show a precise date, this coin will be a tremendous asset to whichever cabinet it joins! Two lots later appears the superb 1797 Theatre at New York token, a fabulously rare token in Proof-64 RB (PCGS) with lovely eye appeal; fewer than fifteen of these tokens are available to collect today.

Lot 794. 1861 Confederate States of America cent. Choice Proof. Genuine (ANACS).

Federal issues hold their own among these exceptional colonial pieces, and lead off with a wonderful 1793 C-3 half cent graded AU-55 (PCGS), immediately followed by desirable C-4 example in VF-20 (PCGS). Large cents offer a 1794 specimen in MS-63 BN (NGC), which is among the ten finest examples of this date certified in the BN category. Sandwiched between the large and small cents is a fabulous example of the 1861 Confederate States of America cent, an original in copper-nickel. This coin, graded Choice Proof by our experts and in a Genuine (ANACS) holder, hails from the Boyd, Ford, and Bowers collections and is surely one of the greatest treasures of American numismatics. Small cents through nickels finish out the session, with lovely runs of Proof cents and nice quality Buffalo nickels capping it off.

Lot 1037. 1796 10¢ JR-1. Rarity-3. MS-64 (NGC).

Session Two begins at 2:00pm on Tuesday, November 10th and covers half dimes through double eagles, patterns, and gold commemoratives and offers exceptional pieces in every category, as well as fine runs of early examples in most denominations. Half dimes lead the way with an extensive selection of early pieces, typified by the 1794 Flowing Hair example in AU-58 (NGC). Dimes offer a choice 1796 JR-1 example graded MS-64 (NGC) and a pleasing 1855 Arrows example in Proof-64 (PCGS), one of the finest Proofs graded by that service. Later dates boast the classic 1916-D Mercury dime—a lovely coin graded MS-63 FB (NGC). Twenty cent pieces are highlighted by the MS-67 (NGC) 1875 specimen, tied for finest certified by NGC.

Lot 1351. 1797 50¢ O-101a. Rarity-4+. EF-40 (PCGS).

U.S. quarters are out in full force, with 230 lots to peruse! Heading up the category is the classic 1796 B-2 example in MS-64 (NGC), a lovely toned and somewhat prooflike coin. Later issues boast a Mint State 1896-S, a popular key date graded MS-62 by PCGS, and the always-popular 1916 Standing Liberty rarity graded an impressive MS-65 FH (PCGS) (CAC). Half dollars do not disappoint either, and deliver lots like the important 1797 O-101a rarity in EF-40 (PCGS) and the extraordinary 1904-S in MS-64 (PCGS).

Lot 1528. 1839 Gobrecht $1. Judd-104. Rarity-4. Restrike. Proof-65 (NGC).

Silver dollars are up next, with thirty early issues. Favorites here are the 1796 Small Eagle Draped Bust in AU-50 (PCGS) and a 1799 BB-165, Rarity-3 example graded MS-60 by NGC. Five Gobrecht dollars are offered in this section, including a Gem Proof 1839 Judd-104 Restrike example. This Proof-65 (NGC) coin was struck using Die Alignment III, and it is estimated that there are only 13 to 30 known of this variety.

Lot 1687. 1922 $1 High Relief. Satin Proof-60 (NGC).

Later silver dollars boast a gorgeous 1883-S Morgan dollar, a coin found easily in lower grades but quite scarce in Uncirculated, particularly at this MS-65 (NGC) level. The section of Peace dollars puts the icing on the cake, with a recently discovered 1922 High Relief Satin Proof example! Extensive research has demonstrated that this coin is one of the few known survivors of an experimental group of 1922 Peace dollars. The coin is graded Proof-60 by NGC and represents an opportunity to own a fantastic rarity and a wonderful piece of numismatic history.

Lot 1715. 1877-CC Trade $1. MS-64 (NGC).

U.S. Trade dollars follow and offer many exciting items to consider. The popular 1875-S/CC I/I is graded MS-64 (NGC) and is guaranteed to please, and the exceptional 1877-CC in MS-64 (NGC) is one of the finest examples seen by NGC.

Lot 1742. 1871 pattern $3. Judd-1168. Rarity-8. Aluminum. Proof-64 (PCGS).

Pattern coins provide another arena for the specialty collector in our Anniversary Sale. More than twenty lots are offered featuring coins like the annular format 1852 pattern gold dollar. This Rarity-8 pattern is housed in a Genuine (PCGS) holder, and graded Proof-60 by our staff. Other exciting patterns include the exceedingly rare 1871 Judd-1168 $3 aluminum die trial. This is another Rarity-8 coin that is graded Proof-64 by PCGS and is one of only two documented examples.

Lot 1756. Undated Kellogg & Humbert Gold Ingot. From the S.S. Central America.

From pattern coinage, we move into Private and Territorial gold, where the first lot up is an outstanding Bechtler $5 graded AU-55 (PCGS) (CAC), a Rarity-7 coin near the top of the census. Other exciting examples include the 1850 Mormon $5, a K-5, Rarity-5+ example in AU-58 (NGC). All of this leads up to an exciting Kellogg & Humbert gold ingot, a 103.96-ounce bar of .896 fine gold that was recovered from the S.S. Central America! This full gold ingot, not a faceplate or cut down portion, is serial number 806 and comes in a custom wood box.

Lot 1778. 1858 Gold $1. Proof-67 Ultra Cameo (NGC).

Federal gold coins finish off Session Two in fine style, with a hefty array of fabulous coins studded with top-notch Proof examples. Gold dollars begin with an 1849 No L, Open Wreath example in MS-68* (NGC), a strong candidate for the finest known of this date regardless of the variety. A few lots later appears the astounding 1858 Proof-67 Ultra Cameo (NGC) example, a coin that represents the pinnacle of both grade and quality.

Lot 1786. 1808 $2.50 BD-1. Rarity-4. MS-61 (PCGS).

Quarter eagles offer the rare single year type coin, the 1808 example, in MS-61 (PCGS). Later examples include the classic 1839-D in MS-61 (NGC) and the gorgeous 1892 Proof-66 Ultra Cameo (NGC). Three dollar gold coins serve up an impressive 1878 graded MS-65 by NGC. The $4 gold Stella makes an appearance in this sale as well, in the form of an 1879 Flowing Hair example. This J-1365 example is housed in an NCS holder as a result of having been repaired and whizzed and, while it does have the aforementioned shortcomings, it is an opportunity to acquire a much more affordable example of an extremely desirable coin.

Lot 1936. 1909 $10 Proof-67 (NGC). Roman Finish.

Among half eagles is a pretty 1846 Capped Bust example in MS-64 (NGC) as well as a virtually pristine 1912 Sandblast Proof example graded Proof-66 (PCGS) (CAC). Eagles boast a choice 1801 BD-2 example graded MS-63 by NGC and a wonderful trio of Roman Finish Proofs of the Indian Head design. The first is a 1909 example graded Proof-67 by NGC, the second is a 1909 in Proof-66 (NGC), and the third is a 1910 graded Proof-66 (NGC), a gorgeous piece that is at least twice as rare as the 1909 issues and that closely rivals the finest certified examples of the date.

Lot 1983. MCMVII (1907) $20. Extremely High Relief. Sans Serif Edge of 1906. Proof-58 (NGC).

Double eagles also boast several extraordinary highlights, but  none more exciting thatn the MCMVII (1907) Extremely High Relief example. Discovered in the early 1990s, this amazing piece is graded Proof-58 by NGC and was one of the first extremely high reliefs ever struck. The Judd-1907 is one of just two known examples and therefore represents an opportunity to own one of the greatest American rarites.

Lots 2048 and 2050. 1915-S Panama-Pacific Round and Octagonal $50 gold pieces. Both are MS-65 (PCGS).

Gold commemoratives close out the session with Round and Octagonal examples of the 1915-S Panama-Pacific $50 “slugs,” both MS-65 (PCGS).

Lot 3025. 1922 Grant 50¢. With Star. MS-67 (NGC).

Session Three will commence on Wednesday, November 11 at 11:00am and will begin with silver commemorative coins, showcasing a lovely 1922 Grant with Star in MS-67 (NGC), the finest graded by NGC, and an impressive 1928 Hawaiian in MS-65 (NGC). From here, we move through modern commemoratives, bullion issues, Proof and mint sets, and miscellaneous U.S. coins to the section of United States Currency.

Lot 3371. $100. Fr.1215. Gold Certificate. 1922. Gem Uncirculated-65 (PCGS).

U.S. Currency encompasses large and small size Federal Currency, National Bank Notes, Continental and Colonial Currency, Obsolete Currency, Sutler Paper Currency, and the Robert Vlack Collection of Advertising Notes. Highlights among the large size federal currency include a bright 1896 $5 Educational note in Gem Uncirculated-66 (CGA), an outstanding 1891 $10 Treasury Note graded Superb Gem Uncirculated-67 PPQ (PCGS), and a very rare 1922 $100 Gold Certificate in Gem Uncirculated-65 (PCGS). National bank notes provide about 30 lots and include a desirable 1882 $10 from Kemmerer, Wyoming in Choice VF.

Lot 3535. South Carolina. February 8, 1779 Ordinance. Forty Dollars. Choice About New-58 PPQ (PCGS). Engraved by Thomas Coram.

Early American currency delivers an excellent assortment of high quality Continental notes, like the January 14, 1779 Three Dollars that features a gorgeous orange snake emblem and exceptional paper quality; this note is graded Gem Uncirculated-66 EPQ (PMG). Colonial notes also have much to offer, like the classic Maryland allegorical Eight Dollars type in Very Good-10 (PCGS) that displays the quintessential patriotic symbolism. Other colonials include the gem Province of Pennsylvania Three Pence note with the Franklin imprint in Gem Uncirculated-66 EPQ (PMG) condition, and the beautiful South Carolina 1779 Forty Dollars Coram note graded Choice About New-58 PPQ (PCGS).

Lot 3611. Fruin the Hatter, Brooklyn, New York. Baseball advertising note. Season of 1893 in Burgundy. Very Fine.

Finishing out our 74th Anniversary Sale is the Robert A. Vlack Collection of Advertising Notes, comprising over 150 lots. Highlights from this important collection include baseball notes like the 1893 National League All Stars Issue advertising Fruin the Hatter in Brooklyn. In the category of the 1861 Demand Note look-alikes is the Washington Territory “3” ad note for George J. Turrell, Shoe Dealer, a Rarity-7 note in Fine to Very Fine condition.

If you cannot attend in person, be sure to send us your bids by U.S. mail or fax, or place your bids on our website, either before the sale or by bidding online during the sessions. If you have yet to do so, take a moment to familiarize yourself with our new Stack’s at Home™ program, an improved online bidding experience which allows bidders to watch and participate in the auction in real time through live audio and video feed. You can find us at 123 W 57th Street, New York, NY 10019 or at Box 1804, Wolfeboro, NH 03894. To contact us by phone, please use 800-566-2580 (NY) or 866-811-1804 (NH), or email us.

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