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Stacks April Coin Galleries Sale Reaches Over $1.7 Million!

This past week marked the first Coin Galleries auction sale of the year, and it was a resounding success, with over $1.7 million worth of coins, medals, tokens, and paper money sold.

This immense sale featured nearly 4,000 lots and offered selections from the Estate of Louis E. Eliasberg, Jr., as well as items from other important collections such as the Arturo Collection, the Bob Lyall Collection, the Chester L. Krause Collection, the Estate of Cornelius C. Vermeule, the Estate of Michael K. Ringo, the Jerry Byrne, Sr. Collection, the Lawrence Feinberg Collection, the Sleepy Hollow Collection, and the Standish Collection.

Lot 178 – KINGS OF EGYPT. Ptolemy III Euergetes, 246-222 B.C.
AV Octodrachm. Nearly Extremely Fine.
Ancient coins featured the collections of Cornelius C. Vermeule and Lawrence Feinberg, and offered over 700 lots of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Medieval coins punctuated by amazing pieces like a gold Octadrachm of Arsinöe II in Extremely Fine condition that brought $11,212. Two lots later was a lustrous, nearly EF Ptolemy III Euergetes Octadrachm that sold for $14,030.

Lot 347 – Anonymous, 211-208 B.C. AV 60 Asses.
Second Punic War issue. Extremely Fine.
Roman Provincial coinage comprised 130 lots of this section and led the way into the Republican issues, which boasted significant lots like an anonymous Second Punic War Issue Gold 60 Asses in Extremely Fine that brought $3,852. Rare Denarii included an extremely rare variety of a Mark and Lucius Antony issue in Good Very Fine that garnered $2,110 and a Julius Caesar example in the same grade with a superb portrait that sold for $3,392. Roman Imperial coinage featured a lovely pair of Sestertii, the first a pleasing Eastern mint example of Titus graded Extremely Fine that reached $4,945 and the second a Very Fine Pertinax issue in Very Fine with an excellent portrait that closed for $4,657.

Lot 555 – FRANCE. Carolingian Kings. Pippin III, the Short, 751-768 AR Denier. Good Very Fine.
Byzantine and Medieval coins followed the Imperial coinage, and Medieval French issues took center stage. The extremely rare silver Denier of Pippin the Short was a popular item; this Good Very Fine coin, once part of the Garrett Collection, sold for a strong $8,740. Immediately following this lot was a lovely Denier of Charlemagne, a nicely toned Very Fine example that sold for $6,325.

Lot 747 – BULGARIA. Principality. Pattern 10 Santim, 1887 AB.
Choice Uncirculated.
World Coins were up next, and significant realizations were reported in every category. European issues featured a pair of Bulgarian pattern coins from the Eliasberg Collection that performed extremely well. The first was an 1887 Pattern 10 Santim by Brichaut, a Choice Uncirculated coin that sold for an incredible $7,015, more than 17 times its original estimate! The second was an 1880 Pattern 10 Santim struck by the private firm Oeschger-Mesdach that sold for $6,670, more than 20 times the original estimate! Other Eastern European rarities included a scarce 1934 10 Dukatu of Czechoslovakia in Choice Brilliant Uncirculated that sold for $5,750.

Lot 1063 – ENGLAND. Elizabeth I, 1558-1603. AV Sovereign. Sixth issue. London. Mintmark: escallop, 1584-1586. Good Very Fine.

English and British coinage showcased a pleasing Elizabeth I gold Sovereign, a pretty Very Fine coin that garnered $12,650. Stuart issues highlighted an attractive Charles II gold Unite that brought $4,888, and Hanoverian coins boasted an impressive 1729 EIC 5 Guineas of George II in Extremely Fine that closed for $4,888 as well. Later British issues featured a run of proof sets, and included two gorgeous 1937 George VI sets that sold for $6,325 and $6,900. A large selection of Italian and Italian States coinage returned excellent results with coins like the beautiful Vatican-Papal States 1707 Piastra of Clement XI graded Choice Extremely Fine that reached $3,249 and a Choice AU example of the scarce 1883 R 100 Lire that generated $5,865.

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