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Wizard Coin Supply Chosen by Verdi-Chem™ as Exclusive Distributor

Verdi-Chem has chosen Wizard Coin Supply as the exclusive distributor for its VERDI-CARE™ with ReAcT2™ coin conservation fluid product, a revolutionary coin care offering.

Verdi-Chem™ is proud to announce that it has selected Wizard Coin Supply, a global provider of coin collecting supplies, as the exclusive distributor of VERDI-CARE™ with ReAcT2™, a revolutionary new coin conservation fluid and protectant that is already changing the way coin collectors care for and protect their coins. Developed by professional chemists in conjunction with Verdi-Chem™, VERDI-CARE™ is a safe and water soluble coin conservation product that can be applied to all types of coinage, including gold, silver, nickel, copper, brass and more. VERDI-CARE™ contains no harsh chemicals and is designed to ensure that valuable coins are protected while maintaining and preserving surface integrity.

VERDI-CARE™ with ReAcT2™ is easy to use and can be almost entirely removed with water, if so desired. “This product was designed specifically for numismatists who understand the importance of protecting and preserving valuable coins,” noted Thad J. Meszaras, Verdi-Chem™ President. “VERDI-CARE™ is not a coin cleaning product and its gentle ingredients will effectively condition and preserve the natural subtleties of a coin’s surface.”

“VERDI-CARE™ with ReAcT2™ is an important breakthrough in coin conservation technology and we are very excited to offer it to our customers,” said Wayne Herndon, President of Wizard Coin Supply. “We believe VERDI-CARE™ is a major step forward for numismatics and we are happy to offer this product among the thousands of coin collecting supplies and accessories that are currently available at”

ReAcT2™ is a state of the art chemical compound that adheres to all metals, forming a transparent, anti-corrosive protective lower layer on the surface of valuable coins. It consists of the same chemical technology employed by the US Mint in protecting its coins. In addition to the lower layer of protection, a second, water soluble, polymeric layer is created that actively repels contaminants. Experienced numismatists will quickly realize just how effective VERDI-CARE™ with ReAcT2™ can be for conserving and rejuvenating the natural features of collectible coins.

VERDI-CARE™ with ReAcT2™ is recommended for coin collectors who have experience handling coin conservation and protective agents as well as various types of coin cleaning supplies. VERDI-CARE™ performs best when coins are properly prepared for application and when specific instructions are followed for drying and storage of coins. Although this product is completely non-toxic and contains no harsh chemicals, it is always recommended that users wear gloves and eye protection as a safety precaution.

About Verdi-Chem™:
Verdi-Chem™ is based in Cincinnati Ohio and is run by chemist and numismatist Thad J. Meszaras. The company is dedicated to the advancement of coin conservation science. Verdi-Chem™ uses the latest discoveries in chemical technology to develop its products.

About Wizard Coin Supply:
Wizard Coin Supply is a global provider of coin collection supplies and coin collection accessories, based in Chantilly, Virginia. Wizard is dedicated to providing its customers with the largest possible selection of coin supplies at deeply discounted prices and to promoting the hobby and enjoyment of numismatics.

Where Have All the Nice Coins Gone?

By Doug Winter –

This has been one of the “driest” times in the coin market that I can recall in terms of availability. While I have bought and sold some pretty remarkable coins so far in 2009, it has been a source of wonderment to me how few choice, interesting pieces have been available this year. And I don’t see this changing anytime soon. Why is this?

coin_dip_1I’m not certain that there is a “right” answer to this question. Being a serious ruminator, I have thought a bit about this and have some suggestions as to why we are currently experiencing the Great Coin Famine of 2009.

1. Large numbers of coins have been conserved, dipped, processed and generally monkeyed around with in the past few years. In fact, I think the number of coins that have gone from choice and original to bright-n-shiny (or, at the very worst, from decent to ugly) is far greater than anyone realizes. You know how you read the depressing articles in the newspaper where they tell you the number of Sumatran tigers in the wild has suddenly dropped to fewer than 100 because of aggressive deforestation? I think we have seen a similar situation happen with many series of U.S. coins. Really nice coins that were once accepted as being relatively available aren’t as available anymore because most of the “nice coins” aren’t so nice anymore.

2. Good coins are in strong hands and now that the economy seems to be better than it was in September 2008, people aren’t panic sellers anymore. Let me expand this thought. After people’s stock portfolios dropped dramatically in late 2008, you saw some collectors (primarily newer ones) quickly and dramatically sell large portions of their collections. But many of the collectors who had been in the coin market for a longer period of time did not panic and did not sell. (They may not have been actively buying, either, preferring to be in a “hold” position…) A year later, many of these individuals have seen their stocks rise and they are no longer feeling as worried about their investment as before. In my experience, the strong collectors of pre-2008 are more active than they were six months to a year ago and this has taken more nice coins off the market.

3. The market for nice coins is broader than most people imagine. Because of the Internet, there are more people selling more coins to more collectors. That’s not even mentioning the incredible growth of Heritage and Ebay in the last five years; two firms that have the ability to sell a tremendous amount of coins.