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Video News: Memphis International Paper Money Show Market Report and Commentary

By David Lisot  – CoinTelevision

The 34th Memphis International Paper Money Show Convention is now under new management. Currency dealer and paper money enthusiast Lyn Knight purchased the show and has instituted some changes to keep this annual gathering as the premier paper money show.

[iframe 544px 395px]

See and learn what Lyn plans to do running the show as well as hear from some of the attendees what they think about the show, the market and the town of Memphis.

[iframe 544px 395px]

Lyn Knight, Doug Davis, Tom Conklin, Michael Findlay, Pierre Fricke, Lowell Horwedel, Harry Jones, Donald Kelly, Debbie Knight, Morland Fischer, Mike Moczalla, Gilman Parsons, Vern Potter, Jeremy Steinberg, Peter Treglia, and Crutch Williams provide commentary.