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Park Avenue Numismatics Sells Finest Known 1907 $20 St. Gaudens High Relief

pan_ms69_hr_111809(Miami Beach, FL)- November 18 2009, Park Avenue Numismatics has sold the Finest Known example of the 1907 $20 St. Gaudens High Relief Wire Rim graded MS69 PCGS with CAC (Certified Acceptance Corporation) approval for more that $600,000.

“Arguably the most desired of all $20 US gold coins, this Gem was the most incredible High Relief I’ve ever seen in my 25 years as a rare coin dealer ” said Bob Green, President of Park Avenue Numismatics.” It holds a place in numismatic history with a Pedigree to the famous Ed Trompeter collection. We are pleased to have been part of that history” stated Green.

Park Avenue Numismatics has bought and sold many of the rarest $20 St. Gaudens Double Eagles over the last two decades and was awarded recognition by PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) for assembling the Finest Know complete set of St. Gaudens, including the scarce 1927-D in 2005.

1907 $20 High Relief, Wire Rim MS69 PCGS. This issue was a revision of Saint-Gaudens’ Ultra High Relief double eagle, as the latter proved impractical for circulation strikes because it required seven blows from a 150-ton medal press to fully articulate the design. The “High Relief” could be struck after just three blows of the medal press. Over 12,000 High Relief twenties were struck by the end of December, 1907.

A so called “Wire Rim” protruded around the outer extremity in the coins, which resulted from excessive metal flow between the die face and collar during the striking process. Unlike today’s collectors who consider the Wire Rim to be a highly collectible variety, Mint officials considered it to be a striking deficiency. This “flaw” in the striking process was corrected around mid-December, and subsequent High Relief double eagles possessed what became known as a “Flat Rim.”

Bonhams to Hold First Coin Auction on December 3rd in New York

Collectors are eagerly awaiting the first sale of rare and exceptional Coins and Banknotes to be presented by Bonhams New York. Taking place on December 3rd, the sale consists of over 400 lots ranging from 1692 to the early 21st Century.

bonhams_120309_saleAmongst the most coveted lots will be an exceptionally rare 1796 $10 AU50 NGC . Bright green-gold with warm honey and orange highlights, the coin’s intense mint bloom glows broadly in the fields and within the protected design areas. The obverse is of the Turban Head type with stars to both sides. The reverse motif, also used on the contemporary half eagle, depicts the national bird solidly perched on a branch of palm, holding aloft a victory wreath without any olives or berries. The die work is excellent being BD-1, Breen-6832, Bass-3174, Taraszka-6, R.4, the only known die pairing for the year. From the earliest years of the regularly issued coinage of the United States which started in 1796, this highly important and elusive issue is estimated at $65,000-75,000.

Another lot certain to lure collectors is a 1915-S $50 Panama-Pacific Round. Considered one of the most desirable of Classic Era commemorative coins, it was originally issued to be sold at the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition held in San Francisco. Due to the fact that most people could not or did not want to spend $50 for a collectible coin during the WWI period, many remained unsold. However, by the 1920s demand for the $50 pieces increased and has continued to grow. Featuring the helmeted head of Minerva on the obverse and an owl on the reverse, both sides are bathed in shimmering velvet bloom. Close examination of the surfaces yields the presence of an amazingly limited number of defects. This is the largest official coin produced by the United States Mint, and its rarity is a great accident of fate, as most of the unsold pieces were melted down. Estimated at $50,000-60,000 the rarity and importance of this issue, as well as the beautiful quality, make it an extraordinary collecting opportunity.