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Ponterio & Associates Kicks-Off 2011 with the January N.Y.I.N.C. Auction

Sale features outstanding selection of Mexican and ancient coinage and Italian banknotes

Ponterio & Associates, a division of Bowers and Merena Auctions, is pleased to present the January 2011 N.Y.I.N.C. Auction at the Waldorf Astoria in New York on Jan. 7-8. The auction will feature 2,558 lots including Part I of the Len Novotny Collection of Mexican Coinage, the Michael Demling Collection of Ancient Coinage, David Ian Wright Collection of Italian Banknotes and a superb selection of Fussli specimens.

“After wrapping up our December Hong Kong auction with the Wa She Wong Collection, we are excited to offer another extremely diverse selection of ancient and world coins and paper money,” said Rick Ponterio, executive vice president of Bowers and Merena. “Sure to be the center of attention, the 1854 Guatemala 8 Reales, lot 1036 and graded AU-55 by NGC, is perhaps the rarest crown-sized type coin for all of Latin America.”

Shortly after the production of this coin, the Republic of Guatemala adopted the decimal system and began producing coinage in Pesos and Centavo-equivalent denominations. This marks the coin as the first, last and only 8 Reales produced by the Republic of Guatemala.

Another anchor of the sale is lot 827, an extremely rare and important 1897 Anhwei Pattern Dollar, graded MS-62 by PCGS. “This particular specimen is clearly intended for special presentation purposes as it exhibits a bold, full-bodied strike with all special characters and sharp details,” said Ponterio.

Furthering the significance of the piece, the short-lived Anhwei mint only produced silver coinage for approximately two years before operations ceased and the mint was dismantled.

Additional coin and paper money highlights of the auction include:

· Lot 116, 1784/3 Mexico 8 Escudos, Key Charles III Proper Portrait, Choice Extremely Fine

· Lot 131, 1823 Mexico 8 Escudos, Hookneck Eagle, AU-55 (NGC)

· Lot 258, 1835 Belgium 40 Francs, MS-64 (NGC)

· Lot 357, 1850 Costa Rica ½ Onza, SP-61 (NGC), (Ex: Fredrick Mayer Collection)

· Lot 464, 1883 Honduras 10 Pesos, , AU-50 (NGC)

· Lot 549, 1926 Italy 50 Lire, MS-64 (NGC)

· Lot 550, 1926-R Italy 20 Lire, MS-65 (PCGS)

· Lot 2031, 264 B.C. Siculo-Punic Silver Dekadrachm, Time of First Punic War, Sicilian Mint, Choice Very Fine

· Lot 2536, 1892 Bank of Greece 100 Drachmai, P-45

· Lot 2611, 1913 Imperial Bank of Persia 2 Tomans, P-2, About Uncirculated, Consecutive pair

· Lot 2613, 1890-1923 Imperial Bank of Persia 1,000 Tomans Specimen, P-10s, Choice Uncirculated

The first day of the two-day auction will feature Part I of the Len Novontny Collection of Mexican Coinage and an array of world gold coins, world crowns and minors. The second day will host the Michael Demling Collection of Ancient Coinage, David Ian Wright Collection of Italian Banknotes, and ancient and world paper money including Fussli specimens. Lot viewing will be conducted before the sale at the Waldorf Astoria in the Morgan Suite, floor 18, Jan. 5-8. (more…)

Ponterio & Associates to Auction the Wa She Wong Collection of Chinese and other Asian Coins

Ponterio & Associates, a division of Bowers and Merena Auctions, is pleased to present the Wa She Wong Collection of Chinese and Asian coins as well as other fine properties in its December Hong Kong Auction held Dec. 3-4, 2010 at the Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel and Towers. The Wa She Wong collection represents one of the most important offerings of Chinese and Asian coins to ever be held.

“The Wa She Wong Collection contains rarities that are an honor to view, let alone bid upon,” said Rick Ponterio, executive vice president of Bowers and Merena. “We are extremely proud to have been entrusted with its sale as it is one of the most memorable collections I have had the pleasure of preparing for auction. Bidders from around the world have begun to make reservations to attend the highly anticipated Hong Kong Auction in December for a chance to bid on the lots firsthand.”

The Wa She Wong collection is a masterfully gathered assortment of rare coins of China, including many rarities which are coveted by the most important collectors of Chinese numismatics as well as many scarce pattern coins, which are coins of proposed designs and strikes of that were never released into the general circulation. An extremely unique coin in the collection is the Szechuan 30 Cash Struck in Copper, 1904, HSU-289, CCC-Unlisted. Considered one of the 100 greatest Chinese coins, there was believed to have been only three known in existence until the fourth was unearthed in the Wa She Wong Collection after being hidden away for 30 years.

“It is not frequent that a rarity, like the ‘Flying Dragon’ Szechuan 30 Cash Struck in Copper, is unearthed such as the case with the Wa She Wong Collection,” Sun Hao, Chinese coinage expert and author. “This specific example features a profile or ‘Flying Dragon’, while the others depict a frontal view or ‘Facing Dragon’. The opportunity to bid on this coin is a chance of a lifetime.”

The fine Wa She Wong collection features coinage that has rarely appeared on public markets and others that are missing from most major collections. Some other highlights of the auction include:

· Kwangtung Specimen set, 1890 (5 coins). K-21/25. ($1, 50¢, 20¢, 10¢, 5¢)
· Shensi Specimen Set, 1898 (4 coins). K-53,54,56,&57 (50¢, 20¢, 10¢, 5¢)
· Kiangnan. Pattern dollar, 1897. Plain edge Proof. K-66.
· Kwangtung Specimen set, 1890 (5 coins). K-16/20. ($1, 50¢, 20¢, 10¢, 5¢)
· Pattern dollar, 1911. L&M-29. (Ex: Kann Collection)

The auction is further bolstered by Asian coins and bank notes from other consignors and is highlighted by an 1868 Hong Kong Five Piece Silver Proof Set. (more…)

Ponterio & Associates Realizes $1.6 Million in Baltimore Auction

Extremely Rare Kublai Khan Sells for $64,900

[CoinLink News] – Ponterio & Associates, a division of Bowers and Merena Auctions, realized $1,608,082 as the Official Auctioneer of the June 2010 Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Expo. The three-session sale, occurring June 17-19, featured ancient and foreign coins and paper money. Bowers and Merena added an additional $6,438,778 in sales with its five-session auction.

“Ponterio & Associates’ Official June 2010 Baltimore Auction resulted in strong bidder competition and equally strong prices realized for ancient and foreign coins and foreign paper currency,” said Rick Ponterio, executive vice president of Ponterio & Associates. “Iranian bank notes proved particularly popular in this auction, as did Chinese coinage and world gold coins in general.”

The most notable sale was lot 8278, an extremely rare Kublai Khan, the fifth Great Khan and grandson of Genghis Khan, 50 Tael Sycee Ingot. Issued in Year 14 (A.D. 1273) of China’s Yuan Dynasty, the piece realized $64,900. Leading the way among foreign bank note offerings, lot 7409, an Iranian First Series Toman, 1.6.1920, P-1b, Choice Uncirculated, sold for $17,700.

Additional ancient and foreign coin and paper currency highlights in the Ponterio & Associates June 2010 Baltimore Auction include:

* Lot 6037, Greece, 10 Lepta, 1831, cf.KM-12, cf.Geo-13, Chase-411-F.e, missing first “H” in “KYBEPNHTHE,” Very Fine, realized $8,850
* Lot 6089, Mexico, Charles II (1665-1700), Escudo, 1879 (J), Fr-5, KM-50, Very Fine, realized $8,850 (the first dated gold coin of Mexico)
* Lot 6551, Great Britain, William III (1694-1702), 5 Guineas, 1701, Fr-310, S-3456, KM-508, NGC XF-45, realized $10,325
* Lot 6601, India, Travancore, Sovereign, ME1057/1881, Fr-1403, KM-32, NGC MS-63, realized $9,853
* Lot 6750, Transylvania, 10 Ducats, 1605, Fr-305, KM-18, Resch-2a, NGC VF-30, realized $16,520
* Lot 7410, Iran, 1 Toman, 12.2.1924, P-1b, Extremely Fine, realized $9,440
* Lot 7420, Iran, 5 Tomans, 30.3.1925, P-13, Choice Very Fine, realized $9,440
* Lot 7422, Iran, 10 Tomans, 11.10.1927, P-14, Very Fine, realized $11,800
* Lot 8086, Ptolemaic Egypt, Ptolemy II (285-246 B.C.), AV Octadrachm, Alexandria Mint, after 265 B.C., Choice Very Fine, realized $10,030
* Lot 8286, China, Kiangnan, Dollar, 1898, L&M-215, Y-145a.18, “WU HSU” reversed, PCGS XF-45, realized $9,440
* Lot 8719, Venezuela, 5 Bolivares, 1888, Y-24.1, NGC MS-62, realized $20,650. (more…)

Ponterio Baltimore Auction to Offer Diverse Selection of Ancient and World Coins, Plus Currency

Ponterio & Associates, Inc., the world and ancients auction division of Bowers and Merena Auctions, will conduct its Baltimore Auction of World and Ancient Coins and Paper Money as part of Bowers and Merena’s Official Auction of the June 2010 Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Expo.

The two-session sale will be conducted June 18 and 19 at the Baltimore Convention Center. More than 2,300 lots will be offered, including approximately 1,500 lots of Ancient and foreign coins and 825 lots of world paper money.

Executive vice president, Rick Ponterio states, “Our June 2010 Baltimore Auction is sure to see strong bidder participation—and competition—among specialists in many areas of foreign coins and paper money. Featured among the coin offerings in this sale are important rarities from many periods of history, ranging from Ancient Greece to the modern era.”

Continued Ponterio: “An example of the diversity in this sale can be found in two of the more important highlights. The first is a very rare Zeugitana, Carthage AV Trihemistater, or 1 ½ Shekel, that dates to the early period of the First Punic War (ca. 264-260 BC). The coin is attributed alternatively as Jenkins & Lewis Group IX Pl.18#392 (same dies) and Muller-Pg.86#66, and has been certified by NGC as AU, Strike: 5/5, Surface: 3/5.”

“We will also present a Yuan Dynasty Zhi Yuan 50 Tael Sycee Ingot that is extremely rare and historically significant,” Ponterio added. “It is dated the 14th year of the Zhìyuán era (1273 A.D.), inscribed with the denomination at upper left and the ruler’s name and date at lower center, Khubilai Khan, the fifth Great Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan (1260-94). It is among the earliest known Chinese 50 Tael Sycee ingot.”


“We have received a wide array of important world paper money consignments for this sale,” stated Bowers and Merena’s director of currency auctions, Matthew Quinn. “A splendid selection of Iranian notes from the 1920s and 1930s figure prominently among the highlights in this auction, and they include a stunning Choice Uncirculated 1 Toman note dated 1.6.1920 and attributed as P-1b. Also of note is a China, Republic, 5 Yuan dated 4.10.1914 and attributed as P-34. The note grades Very Fine and is significant because examples of this type are usually seen only in remainder form without signatures and perforated ‘canceled,’ which is a fate this note escaped. We anticipate strong bidder competition for these and other important world paper money lots in this sale.” (more…)

Bowers and Merena and Ponterio Realize More than $8.5 Million at Rare Coin and Currency Auctions in Baltimore

Bowers & Merena U.S. Coin and Currency Sales Exceed $7 Million

Record-setting Sale of 1901-S Barber Quarter

Bowers and Merena Auctions, America’s leading rare coin and currency auction house, continues its long-standing and successful partnership with the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Expo. As Official Auctioneer of the March 2010 expo, Bowers and Merena realized more than $8.5 million in U.S. and foreign, coin and currency sales. Prices realized for U.S. coins exceeded $5.5 million while U.S. currency accounted for a further $1.3 million of the total, for a combined U.S. prices realized of more than $7 million.

“We conducted a highly successful auction in Baltimore with strong bidder participation in all sessions,” concluded Bowers and Merena president Steve Deeds. “A trio of fresh, original rarities led the way by bringing particularly strong prices. Offered as lot 737, the finest PCGS-certified 1901-S Barber Quarter in MS-68 went to the winning bidder at a record-setting $327,750. Part of the same consignment, a very rare proof striking of the 1879-O Morgan Dollar (lot 3104, PCGS Proof-64, OGH–First Generation) sold for $184,000 and a beautiful, premium-quality 1915-S Pan-Pac $50 Round in PCGS MS-66 traded for $281,750. The Pan-Pac $50 is a pop 1/0 coin and was featured as lot 3473 in our catalog.”

Continued Deeds: “The Cuyahoga Collection of Charlotte and Dahlonega Mint Gold also performed very well in our March Baltimore Auction. Important rarities from this high-ranked NGC Registry Set include lot 3739, an 1839-C Liberty Half Eagle in NGC MS-63 that realized $126,500 and lot 3609, an 1849-C Liberty Quarter Eagle certified MS-65 by NGC that changed hands at $103,500.”

“Bowers and Merena’s sale of U.S. currency at the March 2010 Baltimore Expo was also impressive,” noted director of currency auctions Matthew Quinn. “Noteworthy prices were realized by lot 1379, a Fr. 282* 1923 $5 Silver Certificate Star Note graded Superb Gem Uncirculated 67 EPQ by PMG that went for $41,688 and lot 1982, a spectacular ‘$15’ double-denomination error on a Fr. 1960-D 1934D $5 Federal Reserve Note certified Very Choice New 64 PPQ by PCGS that traded hands for $21,850.”

Additional highlights from the Bowers and Merena March 2010 Baltimore Auction include:

Ponterio & Associates Realizes $2.5 million+ at Official N.Y.I.N.C. Auction

Ponterio & Associates, Inc., the world and ancients auction division of Bowers and Merena Auctions, conducted its Official Auction of the January 2010 New York International Numismatic Convention (N.Y.I.N.C.) and realized more than $2.5 million. The sale was conducted in two sessions January 8-9, 2010, and offered more than 2,300 lots of important Ancient coins, International coins, paper money, orders and decorations.

ponterio_ny10_russian37.5“Bidding activity was very strong in our January 2010 N.Y.I.N.C. Auction,” observed Rick Ponterio, executive vice president of Bowers and Merena Auctions, “with many coins and notes selling for noteworthy prices. Particularly impressive results were achieved through our offering of the Chester Skotak Collection of Central American Coinage as well as in the section of the sale dedicated to Russian, Annamese and Argentine Sun Face coinage.”

Continued Ponterio: “We offered the Prize of Russian Numismatics–a 1902 37 1/2 Rubles–as lot 7389. This important coin, attributed as Fr-170, Y-B65, Bitkin-309 and Sev-578 and graded AU, realized $69,000, more than double our pre-sale estimate. Also of note is lot 7139, a very rare 1826 Great Britain 5 Pounds with a mintage of just 150 pieces. An original, unimpaired piece certified Proof-63 Deep Cameo by PCGS, the coin went to the winning bidder at $19,550.”

Additional highlights of the Ponterio & Associates January 2010 N.Y.I.N.C. Auction include:

o Lot 5041, Belize, 10 Dollars, 1.1.1974, P-36a, Superb Gem Uncirculated 67EPQ (PMG), realized $3,278
o Lot 5153, Taiwan, 50 Yen, 1921, P-1924, Very Fine, realized $2,818
o Lot 5448, India, 2 Rupees – 8 Annas, Undated (1917), P-2, Uncirculated, realized $7,705
o Lot 5457, India, 1 Rupee, Undated (circa 1928-1935), P-14b, About Uncirculated-Uncirculated, realized $8,625
o Lot 5832, Macedonia, Mende, AR Tetradrachm, circa 425 B.C., AU (NGC), realized $10,350
o Lot 5921, Rome, AE Aes Grave As, circa 280-269 B.C., Choice Extremely Fine, realized $17,250
o Lot 5942, Rome, Antonia, AV Aureus, posthumous struck circa 41-42 under Claudius, Very Fine, realized $10,350
o Lot 5959, Rome, Diocletian, AV Aureus, Nicomedia Mint, 294-295, Choice AU (NGC), realized $10,638
o Lot 7134, Great Britain, Broad of 20 Shillings, 1656, Fr-273, S-3225, KM-Pn25, AU-55 (NGC), realized $25,300
o Lot 7296, Mexico, Iturbide, Gold Medal, 1821, Grove-5 (unlisted in gold), AU-55 (NGC), realized $14,950
o Lot 7316, Peru, 8 Escudos, 1710-H, Fr-7, KM-38.2, Choice EF, realized $18,400
o Lot 7332, Romania, 20 Lei, 1868, Fr-1, KM-5, AU Details–Reverse Scratched (NGC), realized $37,375
o Lot 7356, Russia, Platinum 6 Rubles, 1830, Fr-159, C-178, Bitkin-56, Sev-599, MS-64 (NGC), realized $26,450
o Lot 7561, China, Pattern Dollar, Tientsin Mint, Undated (1907), L&M-20, K-212, MS-63 (NGC), realized $10,350 (more…)

Ponterio & Associates to Conduct January 2010 N.Y.I.N.C. World Coin Auction

Russian, Annam and Argentine Sun Face Coinage Loom Large Among Highlights

Ponterio & Associates, Inc., the world and ancients auction division of Bowers and Merena Auctions, will commence its 2010 auction schedule as an Official Auctioneer of the New York International Numismatic Convention (N.Y.I.N.C.).

ponterio_ny10_russian37.5 The auction will be conducted January 8-9, 2010, in New York’s prestigious Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Pre-sale lot viewing will take place in the same location beginning January 6, with additional lot viewing opportunities available at the Bowers and Merena world headquarters in Irvine, California, December 21-31, 2009 (by appointment only; closed December 24-27).

“Our 2010 N.Y.I.N.C. Auction will feature more than 2,300 lots of ancient coins, world coins, paper money, and orders and decorations,” stated Rick Ponterio, executive vice president of Bowers and Merena and founder of Ponterio & Associates. “Leading the way among important consignments is the second installment of the Chester Skotak Collection of Central American Coinage. We sold the first part of this fabulous collection through our Official November 2009 Baltimore Auction, and we anticipate equally impressive results when the second portion of Mr. Skotak’s holdings comes up for auction at the N.Y.I.N.C. We also have significant consignments of Russian and Annamese coinage, as well as a noteworthy array of Argentine Sun Face Coinage.”

Continued Ponterio: “One of the most prominent coins in our upcoming N.Y.I.N.C. Auction is a 1902 Russian 37 ½ Rubles—the Prize of Russian Numismatics. Attributed alternately as Fr-170, Y-B65, Bitkin-309 and Sev-578, this is a very rare type with a mintage of only 225 pieces. A special issue that was used by the Czar for gifts on special occasions, this is the largest Russian gold coin struck in the modern era. We grade the piece attractive AU and are offering it as lot 7389.” (more…)

Ponterio & Associates Nets $2.1 Million in Official November Baltimore Auction

Offerings from Several Countries, Including China and Venezuela, Surpass Expectations

ponterio_balt_results_1109Ponterio & Associates, Inc., the world and ancients auction division of Bowers and Merena Auctions, dazzled bidders with an extensive selection of coins and paper money from around the world as part of Bowers and Merena’s Official Auction of the November 2009 Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Expo. The combined auction realized more than $8 million, with Ponterio & Associates contributing an impressive $2.1 million to the total through sale of world coins and currency.

“We conducted a fabulous auction at the Baltimore Expo this November,” stated Rick Ponterio, executive vice president of Bowers and Merena Auctions. “World coin and paper money consignments were many and diverse, and they resulted in spirited bidding from collectors who were keenly aware of the fleeting buying opportunities that many of the lots represented. Offerings from several countries still amaze me with regard to the final prices realized. In particular, pieces from China, El Salvador, Norway, Russia and Venezuela greatly exceeded our pre-sale estimates, proving that there are active communities of highly specialized bidders who are not afraid to chase down the coins and/or notes that they need to complete their collections.”

“One particular coin whose performance impressed me is the Costa Rican 1828-CRF 8 Escudos,” continued Ponterio. “Certified NGC MS-62 and cataloged as a ‘RARE type and exceptional condition,’ this piece is also pedigreed to the renowned Eliasberg Collection. We estimated the coin at $25,000-$35,000 and offered it as lot 8392. The final realized price surpassed our expectations at $37,375.” (more…)

Ponterio & Associates Offers Extensive Selection of World Banknotes Auction This November in Baltimore

Ponterio & Associates, a division of Bowers and Merena Auctions, will bring 1,250 lots of world paper money to Baltimore, Md., as part Bowers and Merena’s Official Auction of the Whitman Coin and Collectibles Baltimore Expo scheduled for November 10-14, 2009. The auction will take place at the Baltimore Convention Center and includes an impressive world catalog presented in four sessions.

bm_bank_persiaCurrency highlights include more notes from the popular “East Bay Collection” set to cross the auction block. One of the notable countries with an impressive variety is Iran, which will be illustrated by many Imperial Bank of Persia issues, always sure to garner considerable attention. One of the highlights of the Iranian notes is a 20 Tomans 1925 Pick-15 in a strikingly original Very Fine grade.

More impressive notes will be displayed from countries of the British Commonwealth with a lovely selection of Straits Settlements highlighted by a Pick 12a Fifty Dollar note in an attractive Fine grade. Other countries of interest offering a pleasing assortment of scarce to rare notes includes Brazil, Canada, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Danzig, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Russia, and Scotland. In addition, several other scarce to rare notes will be offered which include many stunning issued and specimen pieces from tough locations and issuing authorities.