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Stacks April Coin Galleries Sale Reaches Over $1.7 Million!

This past week marked the first Coin Galleries auction sale of the year, and it was a resounding success, with over $1.7 million worth of coins, medals, tokens, and paper money sold.

This immense sale featured nearly 4,000 lots and offered selections from the Estate of Louis E. Eliasberg, Jr., as well as items from other important collections such as the Arturo Collection, the Bob Lyall Collection, the Chester L. Krause Collection, the Estate of Cornelius C. Vermeule, the Estate of Michael K. Ringo, the Jerry Byrne, Sr. Collection, the Lawrence Feinberg Collection, the Sleepy Hollow Collection, and the Standish Collection.

Lot 178 – KINGS OF EGYPT. Ptolemy III Euergetes, 246-222 B.C.
AV Octodrachm. Nearly Extremely Fine.
Ancient coins featured the collections of Cornelius C. Vermeule and Lawrence Feinberg, and offered over 700 lots of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Medieval coins punctuated by amazing pieces like a gold Octadrachm of Arsinöe II in Extremely Fine condition that brought $11,212. Two lots later was a lustrous, nearly EF Ptolemy III Euergetes Octadrachm that sold for $14,030.

Lot 347 – Anonymous, 211-208 B.C. AV 60 Asses.
Second Punic War issue. Extremely Fine.
Roman Provincial coinage comprised 130 lots of this section and led the way into the Republican issues, which boasted significant lots like an anonymous Second Punic War Issue Gold 60 Asses in Extremely Fine that brought $3,852. Rare Denarii included an extremely rare variety of a Mark and Lucius Antony issue in Good Very Fine that garnered $2,110 and a Julius Caesar example in the same grade with a superb portrait that sold for $3,392. Roman Imperial coinage featured a lovely pair of Sestertii, the first a pleasing Eastern mint example of Titus graded Extremely Fine that reached $4,945 and the second a Very Fine Pertinax issue in Very Fine with an excellent portrait that closed for $4,657.

Lot 555 – FRANCE. Carolingian Kings. Pippin III, the Short, 751-768 AR Denier. Good Very Fine.
Byzantine and Medieval coins followed the Imperial coinage, and Medieval French issues took center stage. The extremely rare silver Denier of Pippin the Short was a popular item; this Good Very Fine coin, once part of the Garrett Collection, sold for a strong $8,740. Immediately following this lot was a lovely Denier of Charlemagne, a nicely toned Very Fine example that sold for $6,325. (more…)

World Coins – Unique 1928 South Africa 6 Pence Graded by NGC

Certified by NGC is this recently discovered South Africa 6 Pence dated 1928. It is the only known example bearing this date.

The coin was first spotted in an English country auction where it was cataloged with an unusual notation: the coin’s date was not listed in the standard series reference. It was purchased by a dealer who had a strong suspicion about the its origin.

Although he had no doubt about the coin’s authenticity, he sent it first to South Africa, where a number of experts examined the coin, all declaring it genuine. The coin itself, as a unique discovery piece, created a sensation among collectors of South African coins, who marveled that this discovery took over 80 years to occur.

From South Africa, the coin was sent the coin to the United States to be certified and encapsulated by NGC.

The dies for South African coins of this era were manufactured in England and then sent to South Africa for use in coinage production. Mysteriously, six pence dies of this year were not shipped and no pieces dated 1928 were struck in South Africa. Other denominations of coins were produced in that year, however, and it is not certain why the six pence was omitted.

Numismatist believe that the coin was produced in England as a specimen piece.

It has shallow mirrored fields, a crisp strike, as well as squared rims, similar to all South African presentation coinage of this era. It is also struck on a .925 fine silver planchet, while coins struck for circulation in South Africa are only .800 fine. It has a deep amber patina and is remarkably well preserved, evidence that it resided in the possession of a collector since it was struck.

World Record $138,000 Brazilian 100 Reis leads $5.2 million+ Heritage CICF World Coin auction in Chicago

Revamped CICF auction brings more the 3300 bidders; World Coin market continues to excel, see broad demand

DALLAS, TX – There can be no doubt as to the continuing strength and ever-growing interest in the World Coin market after Heritage Auction Galleries April 21-22 Signature® World Coin Auction at the Chicago International Coin Fair (CICF) brought almost 3350 bidders to the table and realized a stunning total of more than $5.2 million.

“Heritage couldn’t be happier with the move of our spring auction to the CICF,” said Cristiano Bierrenbach, Director of International Sales at Heritage. “Anytime we can reach so many high-end world buyers in one place, and subsequently realize more than 94% by value and 97% by lot on an auction, we know we’re in the right spot.”

The auction also marked the beginning of a new CICF partnership between Heritage and Krause Publications, the producers of World Coin News, Numismatic News and Bank Note Reporter, among its many publications. By all accounts, the new union was an unqualified success.

“The addition of Heritage as official CICF auctioneer gave the show a big lift,” said convention chairman and Krause Group Publisher Scott Tappa. “The depth and breadth of the four-session sale attracted a great array of attendees and added to our growing bourse floor. We look forward to Heritage’s continued partnership with CICF and Krause Publications for years to come.”

“Scott Tappa and his crew put together a world class event and we matched it with more than 4700 lots for the Heritage collecting community worldwide,” said Bierrenbach. “When I think the world coin market can’t surprise us anymore, we have an auction like this with results much stronger than we could’ve predicted. It’s a wonderful thing to be a part of.”

Of all the international numismatic treasure up for grabs at the Heritage CICF event, a Brazilian rarity was to be the most coveted, with a Pedro II 100 Reis 1844, KM452, Russo 525, VF35 NGC breaking its own World Price Record of $84,000, set in May of 2008, when it finished at $138,000, more than doubling its base estimate of $60,000. The coin came to auction via the Paulistana Collection.

“This is the finest specimen of only three known,” said Bierrenbach. “In 1834, Brazil, now an independent empire, attempted a new monetary system nicknamed the Cruzado. While it ultimately failed by 1848, the 1844 100 Reis is without a doubt the jewel of the series.” (more…)

Felon Arrested and $95,000 in Rare Chinese Gold Coins Recovered

On April 2, 2010 the Numismatic Crime Information Center and several dealers in the Los Angeles California area were instrumental in assisting the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department in a dramatic arrest and recovery of $95,000 in rare Chinese gold coins.

Det. Lord with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department contacted the Numismatic Crime Information Center at and requested assistance on an individual attempting to pawn six 1921 China Republic $1 gold coins for $20,000 a piece. Doug Davis Founder/President of NCIC contacted Det.Lord by phone and offered the services of the Numismatic Crime Information Center. While on the phone Det.Lord and other officers had the suspect under surveillance and Lord proceeded to explain the circumstances to Davis. Det. Lord advised Davis that they were in the process of taking down the suspect and would need assistance in identifying the coins. The suspect was arrested and the coins confiscated.

Det. Lord forwarded pictures of the coins to Davis which were housed in plastic 2×2’s and had stickers imprinted with a number and the name Sotheby’s on the outside. Concerned about the authenticity of the coins Davis contacted PNG dealer Robert Van Bebber to assist investigators. The coins were taken to Van Bebber and after examination he validated the authenticity of the coins. In addition, contact was made with Sotheby’s who identified the coins as being those sold in a 1986 auction.

Although there had been an arrest and the coins recovered no victim had been identified. Davis contacted several dealers in the southern California area who specialize in world coins to determine the potential identity of the victim. No one could provide any information on the offense. During the course of the investigation an informant advised investigators that the suspect had burglarized several businesses in the Los Angeles area and showed them the locations. Investigators contacted one of the business owner‘s who identified the coins. The victim had bought the coins for $25,000 in a 1986 Sotheby’s auction and did not know they had been stolen.

“This is the first case we have investigated involving coins and the resources provided by the Numismatic Crime Information Center were invaluable in the successful conclusion”, said Det. Lord. The suspect a known felon was charged with several burglaries and faces life in prison. (more…)

Baldwins to Sell The Strickland Neville Rolfe Collection of Ancient, British and World Coins

Baldwin’s is delighted to announce the addition of yet another rare collection to their May 2010 auction, to be held on the 4 th and 5 th May at the CIPFA Conference Centre, Robert Street, London.

The Strickland Neville Rolfe Collection is an amazingly conserved compilation of Ancient, British and World coins, tokens and Commemorative medals that has been untouched and out of circulation since 1852. This numismatic collection has remained in the hands of Rolfe’s descendents since his death and brilliantly represents a snapshot of the tastes and interests of an educated English country gentleman and divine of the Victorian era.

Strickland Charles Edward Neville Rolfe was born in 1789, eldest son of General Neville of the Royal Artillery. He assumed the name and arms of Rolfe by royal warrant in 1837, upon receiving the bequest of the estates at Heacham and Sedgeford, from Edmund Rolfe, a distant relative who had no issue.

Educated at Wadham College, Oxford, BA 1812, MA 1816, he was ordained in 1814. He became domestic chaplain to the Duke of Kent in 1814 and to the Duke of Somerset in 1825. He was appointed vicar of Heacham in Norfolk in 1838. His first wife, Agnes, was the only daughter of Henry Fawcett, MP for Carlisle. They married in 1814 and had five sons and four daughters. In 1833 he married Dorothy, widow of the Rev TT Thomason, Chaplain to the Honourable East India Company.

It is known that he was an enthusiastic collector of both natural and archaeological items, as well as having a keen interest in art. Rolfe had had a number of artists staying for long periods to study artistic endevours at Heacham Hall. It is said that he had a large coach built in which he took these artists on excursions to draw and paint buildings or articles of interest in and around the area.

He was especially interested in the area of Norfolk and part of his collection of portraits of Norfolk celebrities, original drawings, topographical and antiquarian, were sold by Sotheby’s. Some of these pieces were used to extra illustrate ‘Blomefield’s History of the County of Norfolk’ (compiled by Francis Blomefield and published in 1805). Later, in 1929, a number of water-colour drawings from the collection were also used to illustrate a publication compiled by his great grandson, Clement Rolfe-Ingleby, and entitled ‘A supplement to Blomefield’s Norfolk.

Strickland Rolfe died in 1852. Heacham Hall was destroyed by fire in 1941, whilst being occupied by the

The English coins from the collection span three centuries and include some key rarities, such as the pattern “Incorrupta” crown (lot 1405), one of only eighteen known to have been struck, and the “Three Graces” crown, one of the most important and majestic coins of the English series (lot 1406, pictured above). Both the “Incorrupta” and the “Three Graces” crowns were struck by the renowned medallist, William Wyon. (more…)

Daniel Frank Sedwick Treasure and World Coin Auction #7

In three sessions, Wednesday-Friday, April 7-9, 2010

As usual our latest Treasure Auction is full of surprises, but this time we feel it is also very well balanced across many fields, with more general world coins than ever before. Here are some highlights:

In great deference to the Sedwick patriarch, for the first time ever we are offering selections from the Frank Sedwick study collection of 1715-Fleet gold cobs, including plate coins from past editions of the Practical Book of Cobs and other pieces never seen or offered for sale, coins that the pioneering “Dr. Cobs” kept as the best examples among thousands that passed through his hands.

The unique opportunity to own a “Frank Sedwick” specimen will start in this auction with just two 1715-Fleet masterpieces: The finest-known Lima 4 escudos 1711 and one of the best Lima 8 escudos 1712 ever offered.

In the same category of quality as Frank Sedwick’s 1715-Fleet gold cobs is a choice Cuzco cob 2 escudos 1698, a plate coin in Marty Meylach’s classic book Diving to a Flash of Gold.

But perhaps most intriguing in the gold cobs this time is a 1715-Fleet Mexican 1 escudo that was flown aboard Apollo 14 in 1971, the only one of its kind. Before this specially engraved coin came to us, we had no idea that the Apollo astronauts included genuine shipwreck treasure in their “flown” souvenirs on their trips to the moon, but apparently the link between NASA and the Real Eight Co. was more than just geographic. We have come to understand that medallions made of 1715-Fleet silver flown to the moon are very hot with space collectors, who will no doubt go crazy for this genuine coin as well, but perhaps the treasure collectors will win out in the end.

Highlights in shipwreck silver coins include large offerings of lion daalders from the Campen (1627), Potosí cobs from the Consolación (1681) and the Boticaria site of the 1681 Fleet off Panama (first-ever offering, also with some artifacts, with updated history), and hundreds of choice (and some interestingly shaped) 1715-Fleet Mexican cobs from the estate of Karl H. Goodpaster (Real Eight Co. conservator), as well as hundreds of Mexican cobs from the Rooswijk (1739). The Goodpaster collection in particular will be fun to watch, as nothing is hotter today than Fleet silver cobs! (more…)

Paulistana Collection Highlights Brazilian Coins at Chicago World Coin Auction

It’s with tremendous pleasure that Heritage presents the Paulistana Collection of Brazilian coins, the most important and complete collection of Brazilian coins to appear in the world numismatic market for many years, to be offered on April 22, 2010 in Chicago, in conjunction with the Chicago International Coin Fair (CICF). In total there are more than 900 pieces from the first counterstruck coinage up to pieces of the Republic, with no duplication!

“When I had the pleasure of inspecting the collection,” said Cristiano Bierrenbach, Heritage Director of International Sales, “I was impressed by the accomplishment of our consignor, who in a short time was able to assemble a complete cabinet with very few missing pieces. Many of the coins not included in the collection are found only in museums!”

One of the highlights of the collection is the group of counterstruck coins, with more than 30 pieces, many of which are very difficult to find. The collection also includes a complete set of 960 Reis, including very rare varieties, as well as three pieces from Minas Gerais, the three patacoes of the second empire (1832, 1833, and 1834), various Minas counterstamps on rare Hispanic 8 Reales, and a complete collection of Cruzados (!), including the extremely rare 1200 Reis of 1839 and 100 Reis of 1844.

Our Brazilian offerings in this auction do not end with the silver rarities from the Paulistana Collection; we will be offering dozens of gold rarities as well, including two 3200 Reis coins, a 1000 Reis dated 1727-M, an extremely rare 2000 Reis dated 1703-R, and more than 30 pieces of 6400 Reis from Rio and Bahia.

To sum it up, if you are interested in the fascinating coinage of Brazil, this auction has something for you. Just a few of the highlights of this auction will include:

Baldwins 48th Hong Kong Coin Auction Results

The 48th Hong Kong Coin Auction is taking place a little earlier than usual this year, in-line with the Hong Kong International Coin Convention and Antique Watch Fair. As usual the sale will be held at the Holiday Inn Golden Mile, Kowloon, Hong Kong, at 10.00am on the 25 th February, and will feature two sessions (868 lots in total) of predominantly Asian coins and banknotes.

The auction opens with lot 1, a Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) 1-Kuan banknote. The Baldwin’s – Ma Tak Wo auction group sold a similar piece in their last sale for a record breaking US$19,000 and, although this note isn’t in as good condition, they are hopeful that this piece will attract as much attention.

The banknote section continues to show promise with lot 39 a 1908 Hio Lung Kiang Government Bank, Branch Office $5 note in extremely fine condition and leads into an extensive selection of Indian banknotes, the most unique and desirable being lot 227 the 1000 Rupees, first issue note of Hyderabad.

Following the success of the Chinese medals and orders section of the last sale the Hong Kong sale this year offers a smaller but equally as interesting selection. The highlight of the orders is lot 560 – The Order of the Stripped Tiger, First Class Set.

Founded in 1912 by President Yuan Shih-Kai as an award of merit to Chinese Navel and Military Forces, the award cam in nine classes and is no longer awarded. The class is indicated by the number of stars appearing above the tiger’s head and also by the size of the badge itself. Three stars denotes a first class award, two a second class award and one for third class. Lot 560 holds three stars and is in extremely fine condition and estimated at US$12,000 – 15,000. (more…)

A.H Baldwin January Ancient and World Coin New York Auction Results

Held as part of the 38th annual New York International Numismatic Convention, A.H. Baldwins & Sons New York Sale proved to be a welcome move away from the subdued bidding of 2009. The majority of the interesting lots offered during the course of the week were from the Baldwin’s/Dmitry Markov/M&M auction and the high prices achieved reflected the recent trend for buyers paying well above estimate for quality and rarity.

Peter_1_1707_Half_Tymf_baldwin2010In marked contrast to last year’s event the bidders appeared to be out in force. Seth Freeman of Baldwin’s commented that there was a real buzz around this years event, both the convention and the auction and buyers ‘seemed to be focused on one thing, spending money to secure key items’.

The results from the sale this year reflected the more optimistic view of the financial markets for 2010. Across the board bidders seemed less cautious than last year and prices realised on particular items were substantially higher.

Highlights from the first day of the sale included the catalogue cover piece (pictured above), lot 128, a Roman Empire Drusus Sestertius which sold for $17,250 USD against a pre-sale estimate of $8,500 USD; and lot 251, a Constantinus II Solidus, Treveri, which achieved $34,500 USD.

As ever the Indian section was strong and attracted a lot of attention, the most interesting lot being 304, a very rare Gupta Dinar, Tiger-slayer type depicting the goddess Ganga standing on an elephant-headed fish, sold for $21,850 USD.

Bidding interest and excitement centered on the Medieval, Portuguese and Russian sections and this is demonstrated by the incredibly strong prices achieved. Highlights of the section incorporate lots 470 and 628, a Carolingian Denarius of Toulouse, and a Portuguese Sancho I Morabitino which sold for $13,800 USD and $25,000 USD respectively.

Lot 1027, a 1707 Shestak Half Tymf, was one of the most unique and interesting pieces in the sale. This coin was first recorded in 1897 where it was the only image available of this very rare coin and soon became the plate coin in all standard references. The groups research produced no other specimen of this particular coin offered at public auction and this was reflected in the realised price of $97,500 USD. (more…)

Ponterio & Associates Realizes $2.5 million+ at Official N.Y.I.N.C. Auction

Ponterio & Associates, Inc., the world and ancients auction division of Bowers and Merena Auctions, conducted its Official Auction of the January 2010 New York International Numismatic Convention (N.Y.I.N.C.) and realized more than $2.5 million. The sale was conducted in two sessions January 8-9, 2010, and offered more than 2,300 lots of important Ancient coins, International coins, paper money, orders and decorations.

ponterio_ny10_russian37.5“Bidding activity was very strong in our January 2010 N.Y.I.N.C. Auction,” observed Rick Ponterio, executive vice president of Bowers and Merena Auctions, “with many coins and notes selling for noteworthy prices. Particularly impressive results were achieved through our offering of the Chester Skotak Collection of Central American Coinage as well as in the section of the sale dedicated to Russian, Annamese and Argentine Sun Face coinage.”

Continued Ponterio: “We offered the Prize of Russian Numismatics–a 1902 37 1/2 Rubles–as lot 7389. This important coin, attributed as Fr-170, Y-B65, Bitkin-309 and Sev-578 and graded AU, realized $69,000, more than double our pre-sale estimate. Also of note is lot 7139, a very rare 1826 Great Britain 5 Pounds with a mintage of just 150 pieces. An original, unimpaired piece certified Proof-63 Deep Cameo by PCGS, the coin went to the winning bidder at $19,550.”

Additional highlights of the Ponterio & Associates January 2010 N.Y.I.N.C. Auction include:

o Lot 5041, Belize, 10 Dollars, 1.1.1974, P-36a, Superb Gem Uncirculated 67EPQ (PMG), realized $3,278
o Lot 5153, Taiwan, 50 Yen, 1921, P-1924, Very Fine, realized $2,818
o Lot 5448, India, 2 Rupees – 8 Annas, Undated (1917), P-2, Uncirculated, realized $7,705
o Lot 5457, India, 1 Rupee, Undated (circa 1928-1935), P-14b, About Uncirculated-Uncirculated, realized $8,625
o Lot 5832, Macedonia, Mende, AR Tetradrachm, circa 425 B.C., AU (NGC), realized $10,350
o Lot 5921, Rome, AE Aes Grave As, circa 280-269 B.C., Choice Extremely Fine, realized $17,250
o Lot 5942, Rome, Antonia, AV Aureus, posthumous struck circa 41-42 under Claudius, Very Fine, realized $10,350
o Lot 5959, Rome, Diocletian, AV Aureus, Nicomedia Mint, 294-295, Choice AU (NGC), realized $10,638
o Lot 7134, Great Britain, Broad of 20 Shillings, 1656, Fr-273, S-3225, KM-Pn25, AU-55 (NGC), realized $25,300
o Lot 7296, Mexico, Iturbide, Gold Medal, 1821, Grove-5 (unlisted in gold), AU-55 (NGC), realized $14,950
o Lot 7316, Peru, 8 Escudos, 1710-H, Fr-7, KM-38.2, Choice EF, realized $18,400
o Lot 7332, Romania, 20 Lei, 1868, Fr-1, KM-5, AU Details–Reverse Scratched (NGC), realized $37,375
o Lot 7356, Russia, Platinum 6 Rubles, 1830, Fr-159, C-178, Bitkin-56, Sev-599, MS-64 (NGC), realized $26,450
o Lot 7561, China, Pattern Dollar, Tientsin Mint, Undated (1907), L&M-20, K-212, MS-63 (NGC), realized $10,350 (more…)

Heritage Auctions Tops $11 million at NYINC World Coin Auction

Legendary 1936 Canadian Dot Cent brings $402,500

ha_nyinc_2010Heritage Auctions’ World Coins division kicked off 2010 with a bang over the New Year’s weekend at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan, setting an in-house record total with its $11 million+ Signature® World Coin Auction, Jan. 3-4, with the most famous Canadian coin in existence, the best of three known George V 1936 Dot Cents, leading all coins with a final price realized of $402,500. All prices include a 15% Buyer’s Premium.

“We don’t see any weakness in the World Coin market right now,” said Cristiano Bierrenbach, Director of International Sales at Heritage Auctions. “It almost seems strange to say it, but it’s true. Usually one area or another will show some kind of slowdown, but there were a record amount of bidders vying for almost every coin in this auction, especially The Canadiana Collection, as the more than 90% sell-through rate indicates.”

The Canadiana Collection did indeed top all entries into auction and set coin collectors across Canada, and the world, abuzz with its stunning array of offerings. In the process of realizing $3.85 million total, it made international news with the sale of the legendary 1936 Dot Cent, KM28, Specimen 66 Red PCGS, Ex: Belzberg, the finest of three known, as mentioned above.

Long considered essentially uncollectible since noted numismatist John Jay Pittman had held all three known examples from 1961 until his death, these coins were struck in 1937 prior to the creation of coinage dies for George VI but never released for circulation. Since first re-appearing on the market more than a decade ago, and now well-scattered, the three 1936 Dot Cents create great excitement whenever one appears on the auction block.

While it didn’t garner the same level of media attention as the Dot Cent, a simply beautiful 1934 Australian Proof Set, also featuring George V, KM-PS11, comprising KM22-27, certified and graded by PCGS, generated high interest and spirited bidding from collectors of Australian coins, ultimately bringing more than four times its low estimate of $60,000 to settle at $276,000. (more…)

Unique Item: Republic 50 Francos Gold Coin from Ecuador

50_francos_uniqueHeritage Wold Coin Auctions will be offering perhaps the most interesting and desired South American coin, the unique 50 Francos gold piece, which was unknown for almost a century until it was discovered by Robert Friedberg in the 1950’s.

It is likely that Friedberg discovered this piece amongst the Virgil Brand collection he acquired around this time. It first appeared in Gimbels (where Friedberg worked) fixed price list in 1956 for US$3500.

In 1962, it was offered in Hans Schulman’s “The Golden Sale of the Century” where it was illustrated and sold for US$7500. Finally, it was offered and sold by Christie’s in the “Escudo Sale” of March 1970 and on April 1st of the same year it was authenticated and evaluated by Schulman for $10,000. The certificate as presented to the owner of the coin, Enrique Maulme, accompanies this lot.

An apparent contradiction to the Reales/Escudos denomination of the time, the 50 Francos was actually struck not for internal circulation but for international trade.

Some researchers argue that this piece was struck at the Paris Mint, since it features the “A” mint mark, but it is our opinion that it was actually struck in Ecuador mainly due to the crudeness of the design and overall engraving quality.

Important South American numismatist Carlos Jara also argues that this piece was probably part of a small circulation issue coin while Friedberg and Krause both list it as a pattern piece.

It is unquestionable though that this piece is one of the most charismatic and intriguing coins of South America if not the world. Estimate: $400,000 – $500,000.

Ponterio & Associates to Conduct January 2010 N.Y.I.N.C. World Coin Auction

Russian, Annam and Argentine Sun Face Coinage Loom Large Among Highlights

Ponterio & Associates, Inc., the world and ancients auction division of Bowers and Merena Auctions, will commence its 2010 auction schedule as an Official Auctioneer of the New York International Numismatic Convention (N.Y.I.N.C.).

ponterio_ny10_russian37.5 The auction will be conducted January 8-9, 2010, in New York’s prestigious Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Pre-sale lot viewing will take place in the same location beginning January 6, with additional lot viewing opportunities available at the Bowers and Merena world headquarters in Irvine, California, December 21-31, 2009 (by appointment only; closed December 24-27).

“Our 2010 N.Y.I.N.C. Auction will feature more than 2,300 lots of ancient coins, world coins, paper money, and orders and decorations,” stated Rick Ponterio, executive vice president of Bowers and Merena and founder of Ponterio & Associates. “Leading the way among important consignments is the second installment of the Chester Skotak Collection of Central American Coinage. We sold the first part of this fabulous collection through our Official November 2009 Baltimore Auction, and we anticipate equally impressive results when the second portion of Mr. Skotak’s holdings comes up for auction at the N.Y.I.N.C. We also have significant consignments of Russian and Annamese coinage, as well as a noteworthy array of Argentine Sun Face Coinage.”

Continued Ponterio: “One of the most prominent coins in our upcoming N.Y.I.N.C. Auction is a 1902 Russian 37 ½ Rubles—the Prize of Russian Numismatics. Attributed alternately as Fr-170, Y-B65, Bitkin-309 and Sev-578, this is a very rare type with a mintage of only 225 pieces. A special issue that was used by the Czar for gifts on special occasions, this is the largest Russian gold coin struck in the modern era. We grade the piece attractive AU and are offering it as lot 7389.” (more…)

Ponterio & Associates Nets $2.1 Million in Official November Baltimore Auction

Offerings from Several Countries, Including China and Venezuela, Surpass Expectations

ponterio_balt_results_1109Ponterio & Associates, Inc., the world and ancients auction division of Bowers and Merena Auctions, dazzled bidders with an extensive selection of coins and paper money from around the world as part of Bowers and Merena’s Official Auction of the November 2009 Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Expo. The combined auction realized more than $8 million, with Ponterio & Associates contributing an impressive $2.1 million to the total through sale of world coins and currency.

“We conducted a fabulous auction at the Baltimore Expo this November,” stated Rick Ponterio, executive vice president of Bowers and Merena Auctions. “World coin and paper money consignments were many and diverse, and they resulted in spirited bidding from collectors who were keenly aware of the fleeting buying opportunities that many of the lots represented. Offerings from several countries still amaze me with regard to the final prices realized. In particular, pieces from China, El Salvador, Norway, Russia and Venezuela greatly exceeded our pre-sale estimates, proving that there are active communities of highly specialized bidders who are not afraid to chase down the coins and/or notes that they need to complete their collections.”

“One particular coin whose performance impressed me is the Costa Rican 1828-CRF 8 Escudos,” continued Ponterio. “Certified NGC MS-62 and cataloged as a ‘RARE type and exceptional condition,’ this piece is also pedigreed to the renowned Eliasberg Collection. We estimated the coin at $25,000-$35,000 and offered it as lot 8392. The final realized price surpassed our expectations at $37,375.” (more…)

Special Offering of NGC-Certified Coins in Maison Palombo Auction 8

ngc_french_auction_112909The November 28 auction includes a rich offering of NGC-certified European and South American coins

French dealers and auctioneers Maison Palombo offer a rich assortment of high-quality World coins in their upcoming Auction 8. The auction will be held at the Palais de la Bourse, Marseille, France, on Saturday, November 28, 2009. All 982 lots can be seen online at Palombo Auction 8.

Nearly 400 lots included in the sale have been certified by NGC, making this one of the largest offerings of certified coins in a European auction this year. Included is the continuation of the collection of Monsieur le Chanoine Léon Matagne.

Numismatic author and one of the founding members of the European Numismatic Alliance, Matagne assembled an important collection of Belgian coins and a number of elusive patterns from his collection are featured in the sale.

Several important South American coins from the Caballero de las Yndias collection are offered, and, as with previous Palombo sales, there is an extensive group of exceptional quality French coins.

Click here to view selected Highlights at NGC

Ponterio & Associates, Inc 2010 Auction Schedule Starts with New York International Numismatic Convention

ponterio_logo_bmPonterio & Associates, Inc., the world and ancients auction division of Bowers and Merena Auctions, is thrilled to announce a very full auction schedule for 2010, which includes a trip to New York and three visits to Baltimore, Md.

Things get off to an early start for Ponterio & Associates as an Official Auctioneer of the New York International Numismatic Convention, in New York, N.Y., followed by a steady pace presenting world auctions in Baltimore in conjunction with Bowers and Merena’s Official Auction of the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Expo:

Jan. 7-10, 2010 New York International Numismatic Convention Consignments Closed

March 3-7, 2010 Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Expo Consignments Due December 28, 2009

June 16-20, 2010 Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Expo Consignments Due March 31, 2010

November 3-7, 2010 Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Expo Consignments Due August 18, 2010

“We are very happy to continue our longstanding relationship with the New York International Numismatic Convention and to increase our presence at the Whitman Baltimore Expo to the full schedule of three shows each year,” said Richard Ponterio, founder and executive vice president of Ponterio & Associates. “Bowers and Merena has enjoyed a very successful relationship over many years with Whitman as the Official Baltimore Auctioneer and we are looking forward to participating with them by presenting the world and ancient auctions in conjunction with Bowers and Merena’s U.S. auctions. There is a significant world and ancient specialty section at the Baltimore Whitman show bourse, and along with our New York auction, we anticipate a significant benefit to our consignors and buyers of world and ancient coins and currency.”

Bowers and Merena Baltimore Auction to Feature over 6000 Lots of US and World Coins

Bowers and Merena Auctions, America’s leading rare coin and currency auction house, will bring more than 6,000 lots of fine coins and currency to Baltimore, Md., for the Official Auction of the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Expo scheduled for November 10-14, 2009.

1830_5_bm_102109There are nearly 2,600 U.S. lots and close to 3,500 World lots. The auction will take place at the Baltimore Convention Center and begins with lot viewing Tuesday, November 10, through Saturday, November 14, coinciding with the seven-session auction on Thursday, November 12, through Saturday, November 14. The complete auction and lot viewing schedule is available at

“Bowers and Merena has presented many successful auctions in 2009, including two earlier Official Baltimore auctions and two Official ANA auctions, and I am very pleased to finish 2009 with our largest auction of the year by number of lots crossing the block,” said Steve Deeds, president of Bowers and Merena auctions. “With more than 6,000 lots in the auction, including the incredible Globus Collection and many highlights, this is an auction that will offer something for everyone, be it U.S. or World, coins or currency.”

The spotlight lot of the auction is lot 3685, a High Condition Census 1830 BD-1 Half Eagle, a Gem example of a rare and seldom-offered issue. Cataloged as 1830 BD-1, HBCC-3156, Miller-158. Rarity-6. Large 5D. MS-65 (PCGS), this fine specimen is part of The Dr. Alfred R. Globus Collection of U.S. and World Coins. The extant population for the 1830 Five is a mere 55-75 coins (per John W. Dannreuther, 2006), the vast majority of examples having been wiped out through the widespread melting that claimed most pre-1834 U.S. gold coins. The two die marriages are fairly similar in rarity, although a slight edge goes to BD-1 with only 25-35 coins known to exist. As a fully lustrous and minimally abraded Gem, this gorgeous BD-1 example is high in the Condition Census for both the issue and the die pair, with a PCGS Populations of just one and a mere two finer, both of which grade MS-66.

Dr. Alfred R. Globus was one of America’s most renowned numismatic collectors. In addition to the 1830 Capped Bust Half Eagle, Bowers and Merena will present several hundred U.S. and World lots from his collection, including these impressive highlights: (more…)

NGC Certifies Classic South American Gold Coin Rarity

The unique Ecuador 1862 50 Francos will be auctioned in January as part of Heritage’s Signature World Coin Auction in New York.

ngc_equador_unique_101509NGC recently certified the unique Ecuador 1862 50 Francos struck in gold. This classic rarity of 19th-century South American coinage is an experimental denomination that conforms to the European coinage standards of the era. It is graded NGC AU 55.

The coin first appeared in published texts in 1956, offered by Robert Friedberg in the November issue of The Numismatist from that year. Scholars believe that he acquired the coin from the Virgil Brand estate. After four more auction appearances between 1957 and 1976, it was sold into a private collection where it has remained since.

Although originally listed in Standard Catalog of World Coins as “unique” alongside the regular issue coinage of Ecuador, it was re-catalogued as a pattern coin in 1986, and this reference number is provided on the NGC certification holder. Although its exact origin and occasion for issue are uncertain, a related 5 Francos silver coin was struck for circulation in Ecuador in 1858. That coin contained 25 grams of 900 fine silver — identical weight and fineness to the 5 Francs and other crown-sized European silver coinage.

Some speculate that the coin was produced at the Paris Mint because an “A” mintmark appears beneath the bust of Bolivar. The quality of die engraving, however, seems incompatible with the superior work of Albert Desire Barre, who engraved for the Paris mint at the time, and best evidence suggests that dies were executed in Ecuador. The coin’s obverse shows a profile bust of South American liberator Simón Bolívar, and the reverse displays the coat of arms of Ecuador, above QUITO, the capital city and location of Ecuador’s mint.

After being off the market for three and a half decades, this coin will be auctioned on January 3–4, 2010, as part of Heritage’s Signature World Coin Auction in New York.

Classic Coin Rarities From Brazil to China To anchor Heritage Long Beach World Coin Auction

Heritage to present 2,800-lot survey of global coinage, ancient and antique, Sept. 10-13 in Long beach, CA

An auction event featuring numismatic treasures spanning the four hemispheres of globe is set to take place at Heritage’s Sept. 10-13 Long Beach, CA Signature® World Coin Auction, at the Long Beach Convention Center, 100 S. Pine Avenue, Long Beach, CA.

ha_sept09_world_lb“We’ve put together a very strong, marvelously focused auction,” said Warren Tucker, Director of World Coins at Heritage Auction Galleries. “After spending a great amount of time gathering and cataloging these coins it’s very gratifying to see the great auction quality we’ve produced for this event. Even better, there are coins in here for collectors of all types and all levels.”

Leading the way for world coin aficionados is a classic and extremely rare Chinese coin, a Mint State Chihli Tael, Year 33 (1907), KM-Y74.1, L&M-438, MS63 NGC. This coin is as sculptural as they come, and carries an appeal equally strong numismatically as it artistically. As a classic and exceedingly uncommon issue of the Chinese late Empire series it is bound to be a hotly contested lot. It carries an estimate of $80,000-$120,000.

“This coin is as attractive as they come,” said Tucker. “It’s fully lustrous with a wonderful gold and gray patina along with superbly defined details on the dragon. There are a lot of collectors bound to be very excited by this coin.”

One of Latin America’s most intriguing coins, the famous Coquimbo Republic Peso 1828-TH, KM88, WR-10, Eliz-98, XF45 NGC, is certain to generate some serious bidding along with equally serious discussion as the coin presented here is an unquestionably authentic type “A” of this issue, and if you know your world coinage then you know there has long been debate over the authenticity of several examples. It carries an estimate of $30,000-$40,000.