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Stack’s Sells Millions at 74th Anniversary Coin and Currency Sale in Baltimore!

Last week, Stack’s celebrated its 74th anniversary with a tremendous three-day auction sale of U.S. coins, tokens, and paper money. Significant realizations abounded in every category and the sale realized a total of nearly $5 million!

1937-D_3leg_stacks_112309The auction included selections from the Alan Bleviss Collection, the Jerry Byrne, Sr. Collection, the David Hickson Collection, the Chester L. Krause Collection, the Maryland Historical Society, the Mayflower Collection, the Minot Collection, the Robert A. Vlack Collection and much more.

Session One began with U.S. tokens and, after a nice selection of high quality Hard Times Tokens, presented Part II of the Alan Bleviss Collection of Civil War Tokens. This amazing collection is one of the most extensive holdings ever assembled, and the offering here provided more than 500 tokens from over 20 states. Highlights included the rare P.L. Geissler token from Evansville, Indiana that was overstruck on a McClellan presidential token, an R-9 example in MS-62 (NGC) that sold for $11,500.

The rare Logansport, Indiana token of H.C. Eversole, also an R-9 example in MS-62 (NGC), brought $4,600, and the gem Plainfield, Indiana M. Osborn token, an R-8 in Zinc graded MS-65 by NGC, garnered $5,462.50. U.S. Medals boasted the rare 1799 George Washington Funeral Medal, a gold uniface oval medal in AU condition that sold for $17,250.

U.S. coins offered a modestly sized section of Colonial and Early American Coins that featured several fantastic pieces. One of these items was the rare 1790 Standish Barry threepence. Graded VF-30 by PCGS, this item was formerly part of the collection of the Maryland Historical Society, and sold for a hearty $43,125. Another impressive piece was the remarkable 1797 Theatre at New York token, one of just 15 collectable pieces available today. This extraordinary item was graded Proof-64 RB (PCGS) and sold for $28,750.

U.S. half cents were led off by an exceptional 1793 C-3 example in AU-55 (PCGS), an attractive olive-gold coin with a strong strike and few marks that sold for $34,500. Large cents also featured high quality coins like the beautiful 1794 S-22 in MS-63 BN (NGC), a coin that is among the 10 finest examples certified as BN by NGC, which brought $28,750.

Stack’s proudly offered the 1861 Confederate cent for sale, a prize item that was once part of both the Boyd and Ford Collections before joining that of Dave Bowers. This coin, an Original in copper-nickel, is a Choice Proof example housed in a Genuine (ANACS) holder. This piece joined a new collection after a winning sum of $112,700.

U.S. small cents featured a lovely assortment of colorful proof Indians from the David Hickson Collection, like the 1907 Proof-66 BN (NGC) toned with violet, indigo, and neon blue hues that sold for $4,025. Lincoln cents offered a wonderful gem 1909-S V.D.B. in MS-66 RD (PCGS) (CAC), a gorgeous blazing specimen that climbed to $16,100. Buffalo nickels featured the rare 1918/7-D in AU-55 (PCGS) (CAC) that sold for $25,300 and the outstanding gem 1937-D 3-Legged example graded MS-66 by NGC that brought $37,375.

Session Two began with U.S. half dimes and led the way through minor coinage with many important and exciting lots. A lovely proof 1855 Arrows dime graded Proof-64 (PCGS) sold for $14,950 and the classic 1916-D Mercury dime in MS-63 FB (NGC) for $16,100. A beautiful 1875 twenty cents, tied for finest certified by NGC in the exceptional grade of MS-67, featured lovely iridescent color at the rims and raked in an impressive $18,400.

U.S. quarters featured an array of fresh, high quality material that performed extremely well and brought strong prices. This included coins like the 1860-S in VF-30 (PCGS) that sold for $9,200. Other classic rarities included a sharply struck 1896-S rarity, a pretty example of this popular key date graded MS-62 by PCGS that sold for $13,225. Later issues included a fabulous 1916 Standing Liberty issue graded MS-65 FH by PCGS and awarded a green CAC sticker for outstanding quality. This popular key date sold for $30,762.50. A large selection of early half dollars was capped off by an 1819/8 Small 9 variety in MS-65 (PCGS) (CAC). This wonderfully toned half dollar was eagerly sought after and achieved a realization of $21,850.

Early silver dollars boasted a gorgeous 1801 BB-211 example, lightly toned with coppery-gold iridescence and exhibiting much residual lustre in the fields, graded AU-58 (PCGS) (CAC). This beauty sold for $20,700. The ever popular Morgan dollar category highlighted several distinguished pieces like the frosty 1883-S in MS-65 (NGC) that sold for $19,550 and the fantastically toned proof 1892 example in Proof-67 (PCGS) that brought $16,675.

Peace dollars were epitomized by the recently discovered 1922 High Relief Satin Proof rarity. Extensive research has demonstrated that this coin is one of the few known survivors of an experimental group of 1922 Peace dollars. This example was graded Proof-60 by NGC and sold for $44,850. Pattern coins offered many interesting pieces and highlighted here was the excessively rare 1871 J-1168 $3 die trial in Aluminum. One of only two documented examples and graded Proof-64 by PCGS, this coin climbed to $35,650.

Territorial issues led up to the undated Kellogg & Humbert gold ingot from the S.S. Central America. This 103.96 ounce bar of .896 fine gold is an impressive full bar in excellent condition that sold for $218,500!

U.S. gold issues featured fantastic rarities with specific attention to Proof issues. Gold dollars offered an astounding 1858 Proof-67 Ultra Cameo (NGC) that brought $92,000 and one of the finest known 1882 proof gold dollars graded Proof-67* Ultra Cameo (NGC) (CAC) that garnered $27,600. Quarter eagles offered spectacular coins like the 1879 Proof-65 DCAM (PCGS) (CAC) example that brought in $40,250 and the superb 1898 Proof-67 Cameo (NGC) that sold for $26,450. Indian Head issues featured a 1912 Sandblast Proof in Proof-66 (PCGS) (CAC) that reached a final price of $31,050.

The famed $4 Stella in gold made an appearance in this sale, in the form of an 1879 Flowing Hair J-1635 example. This coin presented some surface problems after having been repaired and whizzed, but collectors were still eager to own an example of this coveted issue, and the lot brought a strong $46,000. Half eagles showcased an extraordinary 1912 Proof-66 (PCGS) (CAC), a virtually perfect coin that sold for $45,425.

Among U.S. eagles were several incredible coins including a 1901 Proof-66 Ultra Cameo (NGC) (CAC) that fetched $54,625 and an exceptional 1908 Motto Sandblast Proof graded Proof-66 (PCGS) (CAC) that reached $66,125. Other fantastic lots included the stunning 1909 Proof-67 (NGC) Roman Finish coin that brought $69,000 and the 1910 graded Proof-66 (NGC) that hit $60,375.

Double eagles offered gorgeous coins of both the Liberty Head and Saint-Gaudens design. The 1907 Liberty Head in Proof-64 CAM (PCGS) (CAC) certainly turned heads. From a tiny mintage of just 78 pieces, this double eagle retained astounding eye appeal and weighed in at $43,700. Saint-Gaudens double eagles were represented by the phenomenal 1913 Sandblast Proof. This coin, a candidate for the finest known of the entire series, was graded Proof-68 by NGC and sold for an incredible $120,750.

Gold commemoratives finished out the session and boasted a pair of 1915-S Panama-Pacific $50 gold pieces of magnificent quality and appeal. The round example, graded MS-65 by PCGS, is one of the finest examples certified by PCGS and sold for $138,000. The octagonal example, also graded MS-65 by PCGS, brought $123,625.

Session Three began with silver commemoratives and progressed through modern commemoratives and bullion issues, proof sets, mint sets, and miscellanea to United States Currency. Large size federal notes included a bright 1896 $5 Educational note in Gem Uncirculated-66 (CGA) that brought $9,775, an outstanding 1891 $10 Treasury Note graded Superb Gem Uncirculated-67 PPQ (PCGS) that reached $12,650, and a very rare 1922 $100 Gold Certificate in Gem Uncirculated-65 (PCGS) that sold for $15,525.

Early American Currency delivered an excellent assortment of high quality notes. Notables here included the January 14, 1779 Resolution Three Dollars note of the Continental Congress in Gem Uncirculated-66 EPQ (PMG). A stunning note with a bright orange snake emblem, this piece sold for $2,530. Colonials boasted a beautiful South Carolina 1779 Forty Dollars Coram note graded Choice About New-58 PPQ (PCGS) that topped out at $3,220 and a very choice Virginia (James River Bank) 1773 Three Pounds in Very Fine-30 EPQ (PMG) that sold for $2,990.

Finishing out our 74th Anniversary Sale was the Robert A. Vlack Collection of Advertising Notes, which comprised over 150 lots. Highlights included baseball notes like the 1893 National League All Stars Issue advertising Fruin the Hatter in Brooklyn. In Very Fine condition, this note garnered $1,495. The 1861 Demand Note Look-Alike notes proved very popular, the most remarkable of which was the George Q. Cannon note from Great Salt Lake City, Utah Territory. This note was graded Very Fine and sold for a very strong $3,910.

For further information on participating in or consigning to an upcoming Stack’s auction, contact Stack’s at 123 W 57th Street, NY, NY 10019 or at Box 1804, Wolfeboro, NH, 03894. By phone please use 800-566-1580 or 866-811-1804. Full sales results from 74th Anniversary Sale, as well as full photos and text from previous sales, are available online at our website.


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