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Legend Announces Purchase and Sale of the SECOND FINEST Set of MS Seated Dollars

By Laura Sperber as Part of the Legend Numismatics Market Report

While everyone is waiting for the “big announcement” from PCGS, we have an important one of our own!

LEGEND NUMISMATICS IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE The purchase and sale of the SECOND FINEST Set of MS Seated Dollars

Having built and sold the all time finest ever collection of MS Seated Dollars left us hungry for another challange. Little did we expect the challenge would come in the form of another MS Seated Dollar set!

For the past few years Legend has been building the second finest set of MS Seated Dollars. Only the FINEST PCGS/CAC GEMS on the market were included. This collector was inspired by our #1 set and wanted to build a set as close as possible. We are extremley proud of the collection we built him. A few of the highlights of this incredible set are: 1840 PCGS MS64, 1853 PCGS MS65, 1868 PCGS MS66. The purchase price was well in excess of $1,000,000.00.

The new owner of the collection is our own limited partner, Bruce Morelan. His love for MS Seated Dollars never faded after selling his collection (which ranked as the third highest dollar value transaction for a collector assembled set-in excess of $10,000,000.00!). He and Legend will be searching hard for the few pieces were never included in the first set, and to make this second collection as complete as possible. Legend relishes the challange Bruce has given us.

As you can see, the principals of Legend deeply believe in the market and have put huge sums of money into it. Its our strong feeling that NOW is truely one of the BEST times buy properly graded, eye appealing,truely RARE coins. You can not go to major shows now and even major auctions and find anything cool in any frequency. Coins like GEM MS Seated Dollars just are not around.

We look forward to completing this set, we love the challenge. If you have or know of any FINEST KNOWN PCGS MS Seated Dollars, email or call Legend. We are also highly aggressive on ALL rare high grade PCGS/CAC coins.


As this report is written, we are already in Ft Worth preparing for the show. The Dallas area never has been a huge draw for collectors, so it will be interesting to see how many show up. What will be more interesting, will be whether there will be any neat coins for sale.

Without coins, trading is sluggish. Dealers can not move their dreck (LOW END, OVERGRADED, UGLY, etc) coins unless the prices FALL as they will have limited cash. And we predict within the next month to three months prices will fall as hard as ever on these kinds of coins.You should seriously clean up your collection now. Also, as dreck crashes in price, great coins will only rise in value. Its no secret the dreck has been holding back great coins for a few years now. After PCGS makes it historic announcement, the market will change forever. We warned you!

We will be at table 510 for the show. Stop by and see us.

The ANA will be displaying THREE Quitupple Stellas from the BRS Legacy Collection of Patterns at the show. We are proud to have exclusively built this finest EVER collection or Patterns. Check them out, these Quints are so cool!

NEWPS will be posted starting Sunday night the 28th. We will also have ROUND II of the amazing Byran Sonnier collection of colored dollars.

We look forward to seeing you!

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