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Ralph P. Muller $20 Saint Coin Collection Highlights F.U.N. Offerings

As happens every year, Heritage’s official auction of the F.U.N. convention attracts the finest consignments of great coins. Nothing exemplifies this more than The Ralph P. Muller Collection of Twenty Dollar Saints, an incredible 59 pieces from the Saint-Gaudens series of double eagles, valued in the many millions of dollars.
Every circulation strike example in the series is included, except for the uncollectable 1933. And what coins they are! His 1927-D (MS66 PCGS) is the most exciting rarity, a coin that has been called the “King of 20th Century Regular Issues.”

Other exceptional coins include: 1920-S (MS64 PCGS); 1921 (MS64 PCGS); 1927-S (MS66 PCGS); 1930-S (MS65 PCGS. CAC); 1931-D (MS66 PCGS); and 1932 (MS66 PCGS). Behind these exceptional coins are dozens of others that are merely spectacular. (At one time, Mr. Muller had named this The Ferrari Collection, and some of the inserts still bear that appellation).

Ralph P. Muller’s fascination with rare coins has lasted more than half a century, reaching back to his early youth. Working on a newspaper route, he set aside any coins that he encountered that piqued his interest. Even as a youngster, he also collected other interesting things.

As he entered adulthood and began his restaurant businesses, he would still look through the cash receipts for interesting coins. He attended coin shows and auctions and began to buy coins, always becoming better educated and more experienced.

In business for himself throughout, his numismatic purchases had to wait for the most profitable times. Having achieved financial success, he became serious about coins over the last two decades.

The double eagles of Augustus Saint-Gaudens became his greatest desire for many reasons, summarized as their being “the premier collectible series” for Mr. Muller. They are, “without question, the most beautiful American coin,” and the challenge of assembling a complete set was a constant source of motivation.

Many of the coins were obtained with the assistance of David Hunt, whom he thanks for years of effort. Mr. Muller, reflecting on his own recipe for success, offers a few thoughts to the next generation of serious collectors: patience, giving yourself enough time for quality specimens to come on the market; pacing, making sure that you don’t overextend yourself financially and diminish the pleasure; dedication, making a sincere effort to assign your collection the attention appropriate to its importance; and finally, don’t give up!

Mr. Muller has also allowed us the privilege of selling one additional non-numismatic item, being offered in our Holiday Gift catalog: a statue of Mickey Mouse cast from one hundred pounds of pure gold. But that’s another story or two.

Here are just a few of the highlights of this outstanding collection:

* 1909/8 $20 MS66 PCGS.
* 1920-S $20 MS64 PCGS.
* 1921 $20 MS64 PCGS.
* 1925-D $20 MS65 PCGS.
* 1927-D $20 MS66 PCGS.
* 1927-S $20 MS65 PCGS. CAC.
* 1929 $20 MS65 PCGS.
* 1930-S $20 MS65 PCGS. CAC.
* 1931 $20 MS65 PCGS.
* 1931-D $20 MS66 PCGS.
* 1932 $20 MS66 PCGS.
* 1908 $20 Motto PR67 NGC.
* 1912 $20 PR67 NGC.
* 1913 $20 PR67 NGC.
* 1914 $20 PR67 NGC.

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