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Fascinating Collection of Colonial “US Regulated” Gold Coins to be Sold by Heritage in Boston

EDITORS NOTE: Below is the full text of a Press Release from Heritage Galleries promoting the upcoming¬† Boston ANA sale of the Edward Roehrs Collection of U.S. Regulated Gold.¬† However what struck us the most was “What a Cool Collecting Theme !”¬† We often get so wrapped up in High Grade US coins, and the plethora of Modern issues that we overlook the incredible variety of ways one can collect coins, if you have a bit of imagination and think more “outside the box”. Our hat is off to Mr. Roehrs for helping to expand our somewhat myopic view of the numismatic landscape.

[ CoinLink News ] We are proud to present the intriguing Edward Roehrs Collection of U.S. Regulated Gold, including 73 different examples, at the Official World Coin Auction of the Boston ANA World’s Fair of Money, August 8-16, 2010.

One of the most fascinating and important episodes in America’s coinage history occurred in the early national period. Ephraim Brasher’s “EB” counterstamp, so well known thanks to the famous Brasher doubloons, was part of a much wider process in Confederation-era New York. Various jewelers were authorized to weigh and correct coin weights to ensure that the important trade with West Indies used foreign gold coins at their full value.

Thus, we find the counterstamps of Regulators Ephraim Brasher, John Burger, Joseph Richardson, Robert Cruikshank, Myer Myers, and Daniel Van Voorhis, on host coins from several countries, especially punches applied to gold plugs inserted to raise weight/gold content, including Brazil, Portugal, and England. Plus, this collection will include newly discovered goldsmiths whose products will be offered publicly for the first time.

This ingenious solution, using well-known goldsmiths to mark or plug coins, became widespread throughout the West Indies and it has been within collections of that specialty that many of these important American artifacts have long hid from view. The usual rules of numismatic value do not apply to these “Regulated” coins. Their enhanced value is created by actions that would reduce the value of other coins, such as drilling, plugging, and counterstamping. Indeed, these dynamic processes enrich their history and value, then the history of any individual regulated coin is further amended by actions taking place after regulation.

Regulated gold coins were typically found only in the most advanced collections formed in the early 20th century (and often very few examples) such as Garrett, Eliasberg, Ten Eyck, Ford, Roper, Brand, Jackman, and Newcomer. The few surviving examples often come with impressive pedigrees.

This catalog, with new research on smiths, weight standards, and provenance, will become a textbook in a field that has suffered from a lack of information. Reserve your copy now, and plan to participate in one of the most important specialized offerings of early American coins ever held.

  • France: Louis XV Louis d’or aux lunettes 1735-R. Orleans mint. EB mark in oval for Ephraim Brasher.
  • Brazil: Jose I 6400 reis 1758-R. Rio mint. EB mark in oval for Ephraim Brasher, F+G mark in oval for Lewis Fueter and G.
  • England: George III guinea 1775. Script JB monogram for John Burger.
  • Brazil: Joao V 12800 reis 1730-M. Minas Gerais mint. IR mark for Joseph Richardson, Jr.
  • Chile: Carlos III 8 escudos 1775 DA. Santiago mint. EB in oval for Ephraim Brasher.
  • Brazil: Jose I 6400 reis 1771-R. Rio mint. MM mark for Myer Myers.
  • Portugal: Joao V 6400 reis 1739. Lisbon mint. EB mark for Ephraim Brasher. F&G mark for Lewis Fueter and G.
  • Brazil: Joao V 6400 reis 1739-B. Bahia mint. F&G mark of Lewis Fueter and G.
  • Brazil: Jose I 6400 reis 1756-R. Rio mint. Marked RH for Richard Humphreys.
  • Brazil: Jose I 6400 reis 1753-B. Bahia mint. DV for Daniel Van Voorhis.
  • Brazil: Joao V 6400 reis 1737-B. Bahia mint. TP for Thomas Pons, Boston.

This auction is open for previews now at, but we will still be accepting consignments of world coins until June 12. For more information, please contact one of our consignment directors through the Heritage Consignor Hotlines: 800-872-6467 (Coins: ext. 1000) (Currency: ext. 1001). Please call today.

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