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Goldberg Pre-Long Beach Auction Sale To feature The Millennia Collection

Goldberg Auctions Pre Long Beach Sale May 2008Ira and Larry Goldberg coins and collectibles are preparing for what is to be the most important auction in their over 50 years of numismatic experience. The Pre-Long Beach Auction, May 25-28, 2008 will feature The Millennia Collection, a world-class collection of ancient and world coins, on May 26th. This auction is generating intense world-wide interest, with extremely high-end, sought-after rarities in all categories of world and ancient coins, as well as in United States gold coins.

The Millennia Collection, Monday, May 26th, 2008

The Millennia Collection reflects not only over a thousand years of the world’s history, but also the Goldberg’s passion and knowledge of half a decade of numismatic experience. “We’ve never before handled a collection of this magnitude,” says Larry Goldberg. Working dedicatedly with a private collector for over five years, the Goldbergs have carefully sought and selected over a thousand coins, choosing each for its beauty and historical significance.

These magnificent coins were the basis of the recently NLG-Awarded Whitman book Money of the World – Coins That Made History. Many rarities, pedigrees, and finest-known specimens abound in this collection, with the overall quality unmatched anywhere else. The selection of coins ranges from Ancient Rome to the New World, from coins minted for the 87th Olympiad to the first dollars of the orient and the New World.

Top lots of interest include an extremely rare 42 BC About Uncirculated Gold Aureus of Brutus (possibly the finest of 8 known) a 223 AD About Uncirculated Gold Aureus depicting the Coliseum (perhaps the finer of 2 known), an NGC MS-61 AR penny of Analf V (the only specimen of the only coin known under this king, c.1029 ) a rare 1703 “VIGO” Anne 5 Guineas of Great Britain in MS-61 (perhaps the finest known of this extremely sought-after coin), a Russian 1705 Peter I Gold Ruble in NGW MS-63 (one of 2 known), a 1645 Crown of the East Indies (the first round dollar of the Orient and the finest of 6 known ), and the (1535-5) Carlos & Johanna Mexico 8 Reales, the “Discovery Dollar” of the New World (struck by Francisco del Rincon, one of only 3 known).

Serious collectors of all aspects of ancient and world coins are expected to attend. The auction of this collection is a truly special, exciting, and historic numismatic event.

Millennia Highlights:

Lot 75 Imperatorial Rome. Brutus, d. 42 BC. Gold Aureus NGC Choice AU Probably the finest of only 8 recorded specimens. Item #115729

Lot 126 Rome. Severus Alexander, 222-235 AD. Gold Aureus, struck 223 AD. Coliseum reverse NGC AU Finest of 2 known

Lot 206 AR penny of Analf V c. 1029-1034 AD NGC MS-61

Lot 276 Great Britain. Noble, ND NGC MS-65 Edward III, 1327-1377 Item # 115908

Lot 318 Great Britain. Oliver Cromwell. Proof Halfcrown, 1658 NGC MS-66 Probably the finest known Item #115951

Lot 354 Great Britain. “VIGO” Five Guineas, 1703 NGC MS-61 PL Finest Known Item #115987

Lot 413 Great Britain. Bank of England Pattern Five Shillings & Sixpence, 1811 NGC PR-67 Cameo Item #116049

Lot 477 Austria. Holy Roman Empire Gold 7 Ducats, ND (after 1511) ( Hall Mint) Maximilian I, 1490-1519. NGC MS-63 Of the highest Rarity! Item # 116765

Lot 587 German States — Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel. Loser 3-Taler, 1679 (Zellerfeld) NGC MS-63 Item # 116196

Lot 676 German States — Saxony. Guldengroschen (28.76 g), ND (1512), Hall NGC MS-63 Rare, especially in this grade. Item # 116265

Lot 710 Greece. 100 Drachmai, 1876-A (Paris) George I, 1863-1913. NGC PR-64 Only 76 specimens struck Item # 116293

Lot 808 Russia. ‘Dassier’ Ruble, 1757 NGC MS-64 Finest Known . Item # 116380

Lot 824 Spain. Gold 4 Excelentes, ND (Segovia) NGC MS-63 Very rare, esp. in this exceptionally fine quality. Item # 116391

Lot 887 China – Empire. 1 K’uping (Liang) Tael, CD 1906 (Tientsin) NGC MS-64 Very rare. Item # 116730

Lot 895 German New Guinea. 20 Marks, 1895-A (Berlin) NGC PR-67 Cameo Among Finest Known Item # 116732

Lot 909 Crown of the East Indies (the first round dollar of the Orient and the finest of 6 known) Item #116704

Lot 1045 Ecuador – Republic. 8 Escudos, 1839-MV-A (Quito) NGC MS-65 Rare in grade, and one of the finest known! Item #116547

Lot 1073 NGC graded EF-40 3 Mexico. 8 Reales, No Date-M (Mexico City, c. 1535-6 ) NGC EF-40 “Discovery Dollar” one of 3 known item #116577

Lot 1087 Mexico. 8 Reales, 1733 Mo-MF NGC MS-65 This is the finest known small crown type. Item #116590

Lot 1120 Mexico – Republic. Pattern 8 Reales, 1823-Mo-JM (Mexico City) NGC PR-63 Possibly UNIQUE, and the only known specimen in private hands. Item # 116622 Ex Porraz Collection

Pre-Long Beach, U.S. Coins: Sunday, May 25th and Tuesday, May 27th

The Ohringer Family Trust recently consigned a collection worth over $7 Million to Ira & Larry Goldberg’s May 25-28th, 2008 Pre-Long Beach Auction. “This collection contains very high-end, high-quality Proof and Mint State U.S. Gold Coins, which have been graded by third-party grading companies, mostly PCGS,” says Larry Goldberg.

Besides the Ohringer family trust, the U.S. section of the sale will offer a nice run of early coppers and colonials catalogued by McCawley -Grellman, an interesting group of U.S. territorial coins, and U.S. type coins and silver dollars.

Ohringer Trust Gold Highlights:

Lot 4407 1879 $4 Flowing Hair PCGS PR-65 Cameo Item # 132921

Lot 4456 1789/7 $10 9X4 Stars PCGS AU-55 Item# 132944

Lot 4410 1804 $5 PCGS MS-64 Item # 132923

Lot 4435 1865 $5 PCGS PR-64 Deep Cameo Item# 132938

Lot 4437 1870 $5 NGC PR-66 Cameo Item#134141

Lot 4438 1872 $5 PCGS PR-65 Item# 132939

Lot 4439 1879 $5 PCGS PR-65 Cameo Item#134156

Lot 4440 1881 $5 NGC PR-65 Cameo Item#134142

Lot 4453 1911 $5 NGC PR-68 Item# 134147

Lot 4488 1930-S $20 PCGS MS-64 Item# 132920

Lot 4490 1932 $20 NGC MS-66 Item# 134129
Other US Highlights:

Lot 4540 $2.50 Capped Bust No Stars NGC MS-62 Item # 135029

Lot 4000 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar BB-1 NGC VF-20 Item # 133903

Lot 4021 1865 Seated Liberty Dollar NGC Pr-68 Item # 135030

Lot 4133 1895 Morgan Dollar NGC Pr-66 Cameo Item #134119
Lot 4497 1836 Pattern Dollar PGCS PR-61 Item # 132914

Lot 4709 1799 $10 Capped Bust. Small obverse stars NGC MS-64 Item #135033

Lot 4730 1866 $10 Liberty. With motto PCGS PF-65 Deep Cameo Item 135025

Lot 4890 1852 U.S. Assay Office $50 Gold, 887 THOUS Item# 135049

Lot 4905 An NGC Graded Panama Pacific Set Item #135039
Pre-Long Beach Ancient and World Coins, May 27th& 28th

The Pre-Long Beach ancient and world coin and paper money section will feature many outstanding collections, with a special emphasis on coins from Germany and Mexico. The David Cassel Collection of Hesse-Cassel talers contains Cassel and Warburg coins by type and varieties. The Storm triple taler, which took him fifteen years to locate and acquire, is the crowning achievement of this collection.

The DeMar Collection of Mexican Gold Pesos contains some of the “Finest Known” examples of Mexico Gold One Peso coins, all certified/slabbed by one of three third party grading services: NGC, ICG, or PCGS. This offering includes the rare Alamos 1888 issue, the very rare Hermosillo 1876 issue, and ten very scarce issues with mintages under 500. The “Finest Known” 1898 GoR Mule is offered, as well as many examples graded MS-65 through MS-67.

The Don Bailey Collection of Mexico features many fine Maximillian coins, medals, and declarations. This auction also offers Mexican type coins, China gold from 1982 to date (including low-mintage large Pandas), a vast array of world coins dated pre-1500, world gold coins in gem condition, a selection of fine ancient coins, and a huge selection of world paper money, including many Russian notes.

Pre-Long Beach World Highlights:

Lot 1484 Ecuador. 8 Escudos, 1845-Quito MV NGC AU-58 item# 130890

Lot 2152 German States – Hesse-Cassel. 3 Talers, 1635-LH NGC EF-40 Item #131122

Lot 2164 German States- Hesse-Cassel 2 Ducats 1637-GK This coin has been traced back to the 1899 Leo Hamburger Sale, in which it realized 305 Marks, one of the highest prices realized for the coin at that time. Item # 130980

Lot 1659 Japan. Manen Oban, ND (1860-1862) Choice EF Item #132408

Lot 1357 Canada. Specimen 10 Dollars, 1912 PCGS Spec 67 Item #134790

Lot 1414 China. 1000 Yuan, 1992 Choice Brilliant Proof Item #132576

Lot 3082 Russia. Albertus Ruble, 1796 Almost Unc Item #132444

Auction Info:

Ira& Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles

Pre-Long Beach Auction #47 May 25-28, 2008 U.S. Coins and Currency, World & Ancient Coins

The Millennia Collection, May 26, 2008 A World-Class collection of over 1000 Ancient and World Coins

Beverly Hills CA and on E-bay Live

Auction and Lot Viewing Location:

Crowne Plaza Beverly Hills, Del Rey Ballroom, Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins and Collectibles

350 South Beverly Drive Suite 350 Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Each catalogue available for $15 US ($40 International). (Millennia $60 US, $90 Int for the set of 3)

View it free online at, no log-in or membership required

Call 1-800-978-2646. Outside the U.S., call 310-551-2646

About the Author

Ira and Larry Goldberg have been in the coins and collectibles business for over 35 years and are leaders in their field. Their grandfather founded the prominent Superior Stamp and Coin Company in Beverly Hills in 1931, and Goldberg Coins & Collectibles of Beverly Hills, California, has been setting records and upholding the family tradition of excellence and expertise since 1969.

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