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Quartermaster Collection of Australian Rare Gold Coins Tops $8.39 Million

An Update on the famed Quartermaster Collection of rare Australian gold coins

QM1 - Type One Ingot. Adelaide Assay Office Ingot.(Sydney, Australia, 5th May 2009). The incredible Quartermaster Collection, containing many of Australia’s most valuable and highest quality gold coins, was sold on 4th of June 2009.

Featuring many of Australia’s rarest coins, the 344 lot auction was conducted by Monetarium (Australia) Pty Ltd. The total prices realized was $10,269,084 Australian Dollars ( or $8.397 Million US ).

The collection was an anthology of Australian gold currency, spanning 1852 to 1931. Tony Richardson, a director of Monetarium Pty Ltd, said, “It’s an extraordinary achievement to have assembled such a comprehensive collection of rare coins. I doubt it will ever be seen again”.

Some of the lots that went under the hammer are unique or very few are known to exist: including the excessively rare Adelaide Assay Office Ingots & Port Phillip Patterns, one of only two 1852 Five Pounds Coins and the finest quality Type 1 & Type 2 Adelaide Pounds.

For Australia, these coins are an invaluable source of recollection for this young country’s economic independence. For years, they have been the most impressive presentation of Australia’s first currency and are some of the most prized and historically significant pieces attainable for a quality numismatic portfolio.

The collection featured a complete set of Australian Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns, which contains more unique and excessively rare coins: including the 1853 Proof/Specimen Sovereign and Half Sovereign, the 1887 & 1902 Sydney Mint (5 Pound, 2 Pound, Sovereign & Half Sovereign) Proof Sets, Proof 1920 Sydney Mint Sovereign, Proof 1893 Melbourne Mint Half Sovereign, several error coins, overdates and rare varieties.

Every coin in the collection included a record of provenance, which is an important element for many collectors of Antiquities.

Before the auction, Tony Richardson said.“We expect the Auction will generate strong interest throughout the numismatic collector market as well as with investors world wide, who are continually looking to diversify their investment portfolios into stable, tangible, but secure liquid markets. Rare coins and banknotes have been a safe haven for many investors in past tough economic times and results from recent sales seems to indicate that once more investors are seeking this security”,

Prices Realized Included:
* Undated (1852) South Australia, Adelaide Assay Office, Type 1 ingot, 15.54 grams, stamped 23 carats, ex: Virgil Brand, King Farouk and John Pittman collections, Extremely Fine, $655,698.
* Undated (1852) South Australia, Adelaide Assay Office, Type 2 ingot, 8.33 grams, stamped 22 carats, EF, $655,698.
* Australia, 1853 Port Phillip Kangaroo Assay Office quarter-ounce gold £1 coin, “finest known example,” nearly Fleur de Coin, $267,456.
* South Australia, 1852 (struck 1919) Adelaide Assay Office £5 coin, Melbourne Mint, FDC, $396,870.
* South Australia, 1852 Adelaide Assay Office, Type 1a £1 coin, “finest known example,” Nearly FDC, $276,083.
* 1853 “Sydney Mint” pattern gold sovereign of Queen Victoria, actually struck at Royal Mint in London, “only known example available to collectors,” Nearly FDC, $569,422.
* 1920 Specimen/Proof gold sovereign of King George V, Sydney Mint, “only specimen/Proof known,” FDC, $690,208.
* 1853 Sydney Mint pattern gold half sovereign of Queen Victoria, struck at Royal Mint in London, nearly FDC, $362,359.

For more details about this auction and images of the collection, please visit ).

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